Minimal Intervention Dentistry Question And Answers

Minimal Intervention Dentistry Short Essays

Question 1. Minimum Intervention dentistry.


Minimum Intervention dentistry:

  • It is defined as a philosophy of professional care which deals with the first occurrence, earliest detection, and earliest cure of the disease on micro levels, followed by minimally invasive treatment to repair irreversible dosage caused by that disease

Dental Materials Used:

  • GIC
  • Resin-based composites
  • Dentin bonding agents
  • Combination of composites and GIC

Treatment Options:

  • ART
  • Sandwich technique
  • Chemomechanical caries removal
  • Tunnel preparation

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  • Pit and fissure sealant
  • Box and slot preparation
  • Tooth preparation using laser

Minimal Intervention Dentistry The ART technique of tooth restoration

  1. (A) Carious lesion in posterior tooth
  2. (B) Excavation of caries using hand instruments
  3. (C) Restoration of the tooth using glass ionomer cement

Minimal Intervention Dentistry Tunnel preparation

Minimal Intervention Dentistry Box and slotpreparation. These involve the margin ridges but not the occlusial pits and fissures

Minimal Intervention Dentistry

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