Dentinal Hypersensitivity Question And Answers

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Long Essays

Question 1. Management of dentin hypersensitivity


Management of dentin hypersensitivity:

1. Home care with dentrifices

  • Strontium chloride
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Fluoride

2. In-office treatment

  • Varnishes
  • Corticosteroids
  • Treatment of dentinal tubules
  • Burnishing of dentin
  • Silver nitrate
  • Zinc Chloride
  • Iontophoresis
  • Fluoride compounds
  • Potassium oxalate
  • Dentin bonding agents
  • Restorative resins
  • Laser

3. Patient education

  • Dietary counseling
  • Tooth brushing technique
  • Plaque control

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Short Essays

Question 1. Theories of Hypersensitivity.


Theories of Hypersensitivity:

1. Neural Theory

  • States that hypersensitivity occurs due to the activation of nerve ending lying within the dentinal tubules
  • Rejected because
    • Dentinal nerves do not extend beyond the inner dentin
    • A newly erupted tooth does not poses such nerve endings yet it is sensitive
    • Application of local anesthesia to exposed dentin does not eliminate dentin sensitivity

2. Odontoblastic Transduction theory

  • Assume that the odontoblast extend to the periphery
  • Stimuli excite the odontoblastic process, this comes into close apposition to nerve endings and transmits excitation to it,
  • Rejected because
    • Absence of synaptic relationship between odontoblast and pulpal nerves
    • There is no neurotransmitter vesicles in the odontoblastic process
    • The membrane potential of odontoblast is too low to permit transduction
    • The odontoblastic process is restricted to the inner third of dentinal tubules

3. Hydrodynamic theory

  • Proposes that a stimulus causes displacement of the fluid that exists in the dentinal tubules
  • This activates the nerve endings present in the dentin or pulp

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  • Accepted because
    • When dentin is exposed, fluid can be seen
    • Profuse branching of tubules at DEJ is present to induce sensitivity

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Theories of dentin hypersensitivity

  1. Neural theory: Stimulus applied to dentin causes direct excitation of the nerve fibers
  2. Odontoblastic transduction theory: Stimulus is transmitted along the odontoblast and passes to the sensory nerve, endings through synapse
  3. Hydrodynamic theory: Stimulus causes displacement of fluid present in dentinal tubules which further excite nerve fibers

Dentinal Hypersensitivity Viva Voce

  1. The hydrodynamic theory is an accepted theory of dentinal hypersensitivity.

Dentinal Hypersensitivity

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