Dreaded Diseases And Its Examples

Dreaded Disease Meaning

The diseases, that develop and reach such a stage that the patient cannot be saved, are considered to be dreaded, for example – Cancer. The first thing about such diseases is that when such a disease is in the preliminary stage, its diagnosis is not made, sometimes it is not even possible.

  • It is admitted by popular medical therapy that Cancer is detected only when it has developed up to 30% or more. Later on, chemotherapy is given to the patient.
  • Consequently, heat increases very much in the body. The liver and gall bladder get damaged to the extent that the patient gets jaundiced and cannot be saved.
  • Medical experts take solace in that they have cured Cancer (Dr. Dagli in his booklet “Cancer”), but the patient has died of jaundice. The patient and his relatives are interested in the complete cure.
  • It makes no difference to them what disease the patient has died of. Many times the disease is suppressed with antibiotics or powerful drugs but after a few days, maybe a few months or years, there is a relapse and the patient cannot be saved.
  • The main object of any medical treatment should be to save lives. The object of any medical practitioner is as per Materia Medica – “utmost interest of the patient”.

Dreaded Disease Meaning

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Examples Of Dreaded Diseases :

A Patient Is Not A Guinea Pig On Whom Experiments Could Be Made. Moreover, All Medical Practitioners Are Health Scientists.

  • Therefore they should be ready to accept any truth coming from any other direction, maybe from the other medical therapies dealing with different methods of treatment and healing. However, habits and prejudices die hard.
  • In his conquest of nature, man has forgotten the kind of mother nature. The great inventors, discoverers scientists, astronomers, and astronauts admit that the knowledge so far acquired by human beings is just a drop in the ocean.
  • Experts of popular health science have admitted in their books, viz. “Diseases of Nervous System” by Dr. Lord Brain and Dr. John Walton and “Clinical Neuro-Anatomy” by Dr. Richard Snail, (prescribed in medical colleges for the degree of M.D.).
  • That they are not aware of the workings of some of the organs of the brain and they have little knowledge about endocrine glands and do not know how to control them.
  • They maintain that if the pancreas functions less, a person gets diabetes. But what if the pancreas works more? The over-functioning of the pancreas leads to a deficiency of glucose in the brain.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid often leads to migraine, a recurrent throbbing headache that affects one side of the head. To subdue the same, painkillers are administered which in the long run lead to acidity and ulcers in the intestines and mouth.

Dreaded Disease Meaning

The experts have admitted the great importance of proper functioning of all these endocrine glands and also that these important glands sometimes work less and sometimes more.

  • They are also aware that unless all the endocrine glands function properly, an imbalance is created in hormones which consequently leads to many problems; which later on can become fatal. example., AIDS.
  • More importance is given to the germs that cause diseases, and less to the power of the body which, if empowered, can create antibodies and get itself cured.
  • Milk is considered difficult to digest. But when bacteria turn it into curds it becomes more digestible. And when this curd is churned and turned into buttermilk, it is accepted as very useful for digestion and the removal of excess heat from the body.
  • Surprisingly, the function of very important organs of the body like the Liver and the Gall bladder is not understood by them. These twins work like a radiator in a car.
  • They neutralize the acidity from the food which goes into the small intestines. However, when excess heat is created in the body, they are damaged.
  • The liquid stored in the Gall bladder dries up and becomes crystal which leads to jaundice considered to be surgical and in spite of curing the liver and Gall bladder, unnecessarily an operation of the Gall bladder is done and it is removed from the body.

Dreaded Disease Example

Consequently, The Patient Suffers, For The Remaining Life, With Acidity And A Burning Sensation. The Body Is Not Treated But The Symptoms Of Different Organs Are Treated.

  • Without going deeper into the root causes, these symptoms are suppressed and so the drugs create side effects which sometimes prove fatal.
  • Somehow, the very basis of the body syndrome is not understood. It is an accepted fact that during masturbation sexual intercourse semen is ejected by the male and this important semen is not stored in any gland in the body.
  • This semen contains spermatozoa which, when it enters the female’s egg (ova) in the uterus, fertilizes the egg and a child is conceived. A virile person is capable of becoming a father even at the age of 80 or more.
  • It is important to know how the semen is produced in the body. It may be noted that out of about 40 kilos of food we digest, only one liter of blood is formed and out of one liter of blood.

Dreaded Diseases And Its Examples Dreaded Diseases

Dreaded Disease Example

A few drops of semen are formed in 49 days in a sequence of seven steps After sperms are created, it takes another 74 days to get them multiplied significantly as shown.

Dreaded Diseases Reproduction Of Sperms

  1. Liquid
  2. Blood
  3. Fat
  4. Muscles
  5. Bones
  6. Bone marrow
  7. Semen.

Now, this semen starts being produced in the body from the birth. It is stored throughout the body and its level is reflected in the nails.

Dreaded Illness Meaning

Dreaded Diseases Half White Moons In The Nails

This semen is converted from blood through a combined process of proper functioning of all the endocrine glands the electric process plus the heat process in the body. This semen is not produced in any laboratory.

  • This semen or ova, creates a syndrome of the body. And at the age of about twelve when the sex glands become more active, and due to the heat process in the body.
  • This semen gets matured and half-moons in the nails become more and more milky white and spread in all the nails of the hands and toes.
  • This semen forms the syndrome of the body and so, the more powerful the semen, the more powerful is this syndrome. And in turn, this syndrome protects the body against the diseases.
  • It is very surprising to observe that the popular medical therapy has not understood these facts about the syndrome. Thus modern medical practitioners are not able to understand AIDS.
  • It is an accepted fact that if the disease itself is not properly understood and diagnosed, it cannot be cured. And so, these diseases are considered to be dreadful.

Dreaded Illness Meaning

Heavy bombardment of antibiotics and powerful drugs like steroids – the main weapons of this popular medical therapy – failed to cure these diseases.

  • The doctors get into a panic mode and resort to frighten the world branding these as ‘fatal, dreadful diseases’. In fact, such heavy dosages of antibiotics and drugs only aggravate the problems and make the diseases fatal.
  • As these diseases develop, the patient suffers more agony and in spite of the great advancement in medical technology and science, the patient cannot be saved and he dies a premature and unnatural death.
  • In the same way, even the Common cold is not totally understood and the World Health Organisation, Geneva, declared that a “Cure for Cancer may be available by the end of 21st century; but cure for the Common cold may not be possible even by the end of 21st century”.
  • It looks odd that even the functioning of the body is not properly understood. Only a few years ago, they accepted Acupuncture but not its basis, the electricity of the body.
  • Thus the therapy of Acupressure or reflexology which is based on this Bioelectricity is not given recognition.

Further, the concept that “our body creates antibodies to fight out-throw out the foreign matters, toxins, germs of disease from its system” is accepted by all medical therapies.

Dreaded Illness Meaning

  • However, under popular medical therapy, very little chance is given to the body to do so. Right from the early stage, the bombardment of antibiotics and heavy dosages of drugs are administered, thereby producing many side- -effects.
  • Even the internal immune system becomes lethargic and does not extend proper cooperation in the process of healing.
  • On the contrary, it creates resistance against these antibiotic drugs and so in case of relapse of the disease, it is necessary to give more powerful antibiotics or heavier doses of drugs.
  • It is an irony, that life-saving costly injections are prepared in Japan from urine, but this Urine Therapy is not advised to the people.
  • It is our common experience that sometimes we breathe through the right nostril and sometimes through the left nostril. There is an automatic change in our breathing. Why? It has not been understood by even the experts of popular medical therapy.

Even The Concept Of The Solar Plexus Is Not Accepted Or Understood By Them. And So, Unnecessary Operations Of Hiatus Hernia And Piles Are Performed.

  • They are not able to prevent loose motions due to the downward shifting of the solar plexus. By just correcting the solar plexus, all these problems can be cured.
  • It will be a great surprise for the world to note that Yogis and Rishis in India were fully aware of the human body, its endocrine glands, the syndrome of the body, the solar plexus, and Bioelectricity even 5,000 years ago.
  • They were even able to control the organs and endocrine glands through internal Acupressure and breathing exercises.
  • They were disciples of nature and found out that the Creator of the universe has put this wonderful therapy not only in the human body but in the bodies of all living animals with five senses touch, taste, vision, hearing, and smell.

Dreaded Illness Meaning

Even cats and dogs are aware of this health science of nature so if they have any problem, they lick and rub their paws.

  • If mankind wants to survive these dreaded diseases, eradicate Cancer and cataracts, be healthy, and enjoy the great happiness provided to us by nature, then we have no other alternative but to surrender our prejudices to nature and abide by its abundant TEACHINGS.
  • In this book, I will explain the Common cold, Asthma, Allergy, Cataract, Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney problems, Heart problems, and Brain problems.
  • Thalassaemia and HIV or AIDS are easily detectable, even preventable, and curable. We can defeat these dragons of dreaded diseases – We can CURE all types of serious diseases.

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