Diabetes Symptoms And Causes


According to the medical world, Diabetes is more dangerous than even cancer, in the case of which comparatively fewer people suffer from it and further, it remains local.

  • Only in the case of blood cancer, it affects different organs. While in the case of Diabetes, it affects the organs of the body one by one and quite a number of people suffer from this dreaded disease.
  • Once Diabetes sets in the body, the patient’s life becomes miserable, as he has to avoid the pleasant taste of sweets and has to take care of his diet throughout life. Moreover, this disease is considered to be hereditary.
  • When Diabetes crosses the level of 2%, it starts damaging many organs like kidneys, brain, heart, and retina and does not allow the injuries to heal up fast.
  • Moreover, if one of the parents is a diabetic, when the child is conceived the child to be born surely has some trouble from the birth- retardation, blindness, deafness and so dumbness, juvenile diabetes, etc.
  • It is, therefore, absolutely necessary to know about this dreaded disease, Diabetes.

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Glucose Or Sugar:

  • Our body requires glucose for energy. Nature has put such glucose in fruits, cereals, milk, honey, etc. and so if these foods are consumed in their natural way, their fructose is easily digested when mixed with saliva.
  • Therefore, in order to PREVENT Diabetes, it is most necessary to chew every bite at least 15 times. This habit of chewing should be formed and taught to children from an early age.
  • If such a habit of chewing is formed, one can enjoy sweet items of food throughout life without worrying about Diabetes.

How Diabetes Sets in:

  • In our body, the Pancreas, one of the endocrine glands, produces insulin that digests the glucose/sugar from the food or drinks we take. Such digested glucose gets mixed in the blood.
  • Now, when blood goes to the brain, there is a special process of manufacturing cerebrospinal fluid – an extract from the blood.
  • During such extraction, glucose is also extracted and mixed with cerebrospinal fluid. It has been found out that –

100 ml of Cerebrospinal fluid contains:

  • Protein – 15 to 45 mg
  • Glucose – 40 to 50 mg
  • Chloride – 7.20 to 7.5 mg
  • Cells – 0.5 to 1 lymphocytic, etc.

In about every 51/2 hours, 125 ml of cerebrospinal fluid is produced, i.e. about 545 ml of cerebrospinal fluid, and 200 to 250 ml of glucose is produced in 24 hours.

  • Now this cerebrospinal fluid circulates in the body through the central nervous system and gives necessary energy – created from glucose to the main functioning organs.
  • Now due to tension or high blood pressure (which is a symptom of something seriously wrong in the body), this process of extracting glucose from the blood is weakened or damaged.
  • So instead of extracting all the glucose from the blood leaving only 75 to 1.2% glucose in the blood (which is considered to be a normal level in the blood – in fasting test).
  • Less glucose is extracted and so the blood which goes back into circulation contains more glucose or sugar and increases the level of glucose.
  • And when blood is tested this unextracted glucose is found in such testing, for example., 1.5 to 5.00% and even up to 6% in some cases.
  • Thus when the level of glucose at the time of the fasting test goes over 1.2% and remains so continuously for a long period, it is said that Diabetes has set in and the patient is called a Diabetic.
  • In further research, it has been found that when the percentage of glucose increases by more than 2%, it damages the kidneys, and glucose is then found in the urine of the patient.

Second Root Cause Of Diabetes:

  • When more sugar is consumed regularly and Pancreas has to overwork for a longer period, this endocrine gland gets tired and works less, so less insulin is produced.
  • Thus, sugar or glucose is not properly digested and its level in the blood increases. This extra glucose in the blood is not being extracted in the brain and thus the level of sugar increases in the blood.
  • As under the popular therapies, Pancreas cannot be reactivated, the patient is told to take proper care of diabetes throughout life and to forgo the pleasure of sweet taste.
  • The patient is kept on drugs at first and for careless patients or in the case of gynecological problems or some other serious problems in the body, when the level of sugar remains high despite pills for Diabetes, the patient has to take injections of insulin.

Third Root Cause Of Diabetes:

  • When unnecessary heat increases in the body (called Rin Ayurveda), it affects the Pancreas resulting in less production of insulin leading to Diabetes. At that time, one gets excessively thirsty. These facts are not understood.
  • In India, such diabetic patients are given bitter powder that increases more desire for sweets and if control is kept on the intake of sweets, Diabetes comes under control, but not cured.

How To Find Out About Diabetes

When any person gets:

  1. More and more tired.
  2. Gets excessive thirst.
  3. Calf muscles are constantly paining.

one needs to check up on his Diabetes. The doctors advise getting sugar tests for blood and urine regularly.

  • According to Acupressure, such tests can be done at home without any cost.
  • Press on point no. 16 of the Lymph gland. If it is not hurting, when pressed, the sugar level in the blood is normal. So, try to find out the other root cause for the above symptoms.
  • When you press a little hard and there is slight hurting, it denotes that the sugar or glucose level in your blood is more than normal.
  • With practice, one can easily find out the sugar level in the blood with the help of this chart.

Diabetes Unit Of Pressure Chart 1

When on slight pressure say on unit 1 this chart if there is pain, it denotes that the sugar level is around 200 and when pressed, there will be pain (of the Pancreas).

  • At that time, if a urine test is done, sugar will be found.
  • When there is pain on point no. 16 and also, the sugar level is more than 200, and with the help of the following chart, one can find out approximately the sugar level in blood.

Diabetes Unit Of Pressure Chart 2

At our Free Centre at Arya Samaj, Linking Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400 054, whenever any patient informs me about Diabetes, I tell the patient not to tell me how much the sugar level is. and tell them the present level of glucose in their blood.

  • Accordingly, such reading has been within a range of plus or minus 2%. The patients are just surprised. After trying the method on thousands of patients with Diabetes, the above charts are prepared.
  • With experience, one will be able to find out almost accurately the level of glucose in the blood without any test.

How To Find Out About Diabetes Cure:

Do not panic, when you get Diabetes, one by one all the main three factors/root causes of the diabetes can be removed and Diabetes can be CURED within 35 to 40 days.

How To Remove Tension:

  • To stop worrying and to be free from tension do as mentioned below:
  • Write down on paper all your problems which worry you very much. Then you will realize that most of the problems are not worth worrying about but are just imaginary discard them.
  • Try to tackle the problems which you can.
  • As regards the remaining problems write them down on a piece of paper and keep it at the feet of the Deity, whom you worship. Have TRUST.
  • The Great Power will do what is good for you (it may not be whatever you have asked for) and you will be happy about the results just in a few weeks or months.

How To Find Out About Tension

In the morning and evening lie down flat on your back. Ask someone to press on the base of the middle toe on both legs. If there is a painful sensation, it denotes nervous tension. If the pain is unbearable, it means that the person is on the verge of collapse and needs immediate attention.

Diabetes How To Find Out About Tension

How To Find Out About Tension Cure:

While the patient is lying on the back, bend all the toes of both legs backward. This may hurt, but give a little more pressure and bend these toes as much as possible. Repeat this three times till the tension is cured.

  • Clasp your hands tightly, interlocking the fingers. Then with the left-hand fingers press on the back of the right palm and then with the right-hand fingers press on the back of the left palm. Repeat for about 1 to 2 minutes -3 to 4 times a day.
  • Whenever possible, lie down flat on the back relaxing all the muscles of the body – keep the eyes and mind closed for 15 minutes each time like a corpse. You will get much relief.

Diabetes Tension Is Cured

How To Activate Pancreas

  1. Give acupressure treatment – pressing intermittently not only the Pancreas but also on the points of all the endocrine glands.
  2. Drink 2 glasses of gold or silver or copper or iron charged water reduced from 4 glasses of water every day.

How to reduce excess heat and reactivate proper production of insulin:

  • First thing in the morning, drink a cup (2 ounces) of fresh juice of green coriander leaves. Avoid any food or drink for the next 15/20 minutes.
  • Or in case green coriander leaves are not available take 2 ladies’ fingers cut them in half soak them in half a cup of water. Keep it overnight, squeeze them in the morning-strain this water.
  • The sticky water covers the inside wall of the stomach and prevents sugar from being sucked from the stomach. And thus helps in curing Diabetes.
  • During the day, drink 2 to 3 cups of green juice adding in each cup 1 teaspoon of a mixture of 300 grams of Amla powder (a fruit grown in India has 16 times more vitamin ‘C’ than 16 lemons) + 100 grams of dry ginger powder.
  • The net effect of all these treatments will be that within 10/12 days, Diabetes will be arrested. Now go on reducing the intake of tablets.
  • Pills of insulin injections in such a way as to stop all the other medication within 10 days. Continue the treatment for 35 to 40 days and Diabetes will be cured permanently unless contracted again by reckless diet and improper lifestyle.

How To Activate Pancreas Case Study:

  • A Government officer had 4.5% glucose in the blood. He started taking the above treatment. Then within ten days, the level of glucose came down to 3.5%.
  • He started reducing insulin and stopped it within the next 10 days and continued the treatment. On the 36th day, he got a full medical check-up done to find that the sugar level was normal in fasting as well as post-lunch tests.
  • Before the treatment, he was not able to walk. Now he walks 6 to 8 kilometres at a stretch.


After Diabetes is cured, eat any type of food you can digest – you can take some sweets or ice cream, but chew properly and avoid over-eating. Continue Acupressure and drink 2 cups of green juice. Do some exercise daily. Swimming and walking are good exercises. Lead a normal life and forget worrying about Diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes:

  • When the mother or father has serious problems of Diabetes or Venereal disease Cancer Gynaecological problems thalassemia HIV or AIDS, etc. the child in the womb is affected.
  • And so, they may be born with Diabetes. As such, parents having any of the above problems should get their children checked up as early as possible, for Diabetes.
  • And if Diabetes is detected the above-mentioned treatment has to be started. Along with this treatment, it is most necessary to keep the child.
  • Away from any tension and proper treatment be given for any other serious problem, if any. Please note that Juvenile Diabetes can easily be cured.

Diet Case study:

One gentleman phoned me from Kolkata about the cure for Diabetes for his 8-year-old daughter, who was found to have 5.5% sugar in her blood. I suggested the cure – to read my book and follow it.

  • After four weeks the happy father informed me that the level of glucose had come down to 1.5%.
  • The girl was then sent to school. She was absent for 30 days and so had to work hard to cope with the lost studies – that created tension and the glucose level went up to 2.1%.
  • I asked the father to stop sending her to school and allow the girl to relax. And within just 3 weeks, this juvenile Diabetic was cured.
  • Then, I asked the parents to inform me if they had observed pain on point nos. 37-16-11 to 15 and they admitted that they had. This was an indication of HIV or AIDS.
  • They were also asked to take treatment and desist from having another child for at least two years. As a result, they are extremely happy today.
  • This incident clearly shows the effect of tension on the sugar level.

Diet Glucose:

  • It is a vital source of energy in the body. It is also the only source of energy for the brain. It is observed many people observe strict diet restrictions create starvation of glucose.
  • That leads to low blood pressure, dullness, and loss of interest in all activities of life, including sex. Sugar/glucose should be consumed in its natural form, chewed properly, and digested.

Diet Honey:

In many cases, honey is given to Diabetic patients without any bad effects or increase in the sugar level. Mankind need not worry about Diabetes, which can be easily defeated in a month. Let man enjoy sweet taste and enjoy life to the utmost.

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