Allergies And Its Cures


When a cold continues even after taking regular treatment over a period of 2 to 5 years, it is termed as ‘cold’ due to Allergy and when there is congestion, it is termed as Bronchial Allergy.

  • In spite of research, this Allergy is not understood and so it is not cured. As a result, the patient has to suffer for an entire life and be in perpetual fear of catching Allergy any time.
  • It is true that painful tests are taken to find out the cause which creates Allergy. Then Anti-allergic injections are prepared and given to the patients.
  • The Allergy seems to be cured for a short while but appears again and makes the life of the patient more miserable. Although Allergy is not fatal, it is considered to be dreaded.
  • The basic fact is that common cold is not understood and neither is Allergy. Most of the common cold, as you will observe under Chapter 3 titled ‘Common Cold’ is due to excess heat in the body.
  • Now when such a common cold continues, the endocrine glands of the Thyroid and Parathyroid are the first to be disturbed. As no treatment is taken to correct the function of this gland, it starts functioning less efficiently.

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This endocrine gland controls the digestion of calcium and so when this endocrine gland does not work efficiently slowly, but steadily a deficiency of calcium is created in the body.

  • Disturbance in the Thyroid or Parathyroid gland leads to disturbance of the Adrenal gland, which controls the ‘fire’ element of the body, i.e. spleen, liver, and gall bladder and it also controls proper oxygenation.
  • Thus, less functioning of these vital endocrine glands reduces the resistance power of the body. This vicious cycle continues.
  • The drugs consumed to cure the common cold only increase heat in the body which in turn damages the liver radiator of the body.
  • Moreover, due to the continuation of cold for a period of two to three years, even the lungs lose their capacity to throw out toxins gathered from the blood.
  • The net result is that the body develops Allergy for something. The overburdened nerves develop irritation against certain things like perfumes, pollen, dust, etc.
  • And so when the patients come in contact with that particular thing; the nerves get excited. The Allergy on the front and back of the right palm sends signals.
  • One to the liver to slow down its functioning so the excess heat can be produced and the other an SOS to the brain to defend against this enemy.

The body knows only one language of defense – it creates Heat. The Brain produces more H+ i.e. Histamine. After a while, the brain comes to know that the Allergy point had sent a wrong signal and realizes that nothing has gone into the system of the body.

  • And so, in order to remove the excess heat from the body it creates cold by taking one atom of oxygen from the air we breathe and mixing it with two atoms of Hydrogen, i.e.  H2O = water.
  • This results in sneezing, watering of the nose and eyes, coughing, vomiting, etc. This fight in the body between the excess heat and cold results in breathlessness, depression, etc.
  • This is not understood and so instead of helping to remove the excess heat and increasing the power of resistance of the body by reducing the deficiency of calcium, drugs like anti-histamine are given to curb the Allergy.
  • For the time being, this process of removing the excess heat from the body is arrested. But very soon, the body starts this process of throwing out the excess heat- which is considered to be another attack of Allergy.
  • The vicious cycle continues. And so, even the Adrenal gland is more damaged – which damages oxygenation in the body-creates more breathlessness and creates more and more weakness in the body-leading to more depression.
  • The power of resistance of the body becomes so low that the patient develops an Allergy even to microscopic dust. Now, once we have understood about Allergy, ‘cure’ is very easy.

For immediate cure; give treatment on the front and back of the palm on the right hand the right palm.

Allergy Right Palm

Start taking Cal. Phos 6 or 12 i.e. 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening – This will reduce the deficiency of calcium.

  • Take Kali Phos 200-8 pills on the first day and then once a week. Then take Kali Phos 12-3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening.
  • This Biochemic medicine will soothe the excited nerves, and the Allergy will be under control. During this treatment, drinking charged water of 2 glasses reduced from 4 glasses is also advisable.

To Remove The Allergy Permanently The Patient Must Do The Following:

  • Treatment to remove the excess heat from the body.
  • Drink 2 to 3 cups of green juice adding in it 1 teaspoon of Health Drink + 1 tablespoon of honey. This will supplement Vitamin “C” and digestive power and increase the power of resistance of the body.
  • Drink 2 glasses of charged water reduced from 4 glasses. This will empower the brain and the resistance power.
  • And also take the following Bio-chemic salts:
    • Cal. Phos. 6 or 12 – 3 pills in the morning and evening for 45 days.
    • Kali Phos 200 -8 pills once a week.
    • Kali Phos 12 or 30 – 3 pills in the morning and evening.
    • Treatment of Acupressure is a MUST.
    • It is very likely that during this treatment, cold- sneezing may increase which brings out the suppressed cold so you need not worry. At that time, take the treatment for Tonsils.
    • Also, take the treatment.
  • Take Blue Light on the chest and back for 5 to 7 minutes twice a day. That will empower the weakened lungs. It is also advised to do breathing exercises.
  • In case of breathlessness, do the following:
  • Ask the patient to lie down on the back between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and open his or her mouth wide open. Pour 1 tablespoon of honey directly into the throat in such a way that honey does not touch the tongue.
  • Thus, just in 45 days, the body would have built up enough resistance power – removed the deficiency of calcium, and empowered all the endocrine glands. So the patient will become free from Allergies and its fear.

Allergies And Its Cures

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