Different Health Issues Occurs In Women Symptoms And Treatment

Women’s Problems

The difference between a female and a male is about their sex and tenderness of mind. It is observed that most of the problems in women start from the irregularity of menses, which denotes hormonal imbalance.

  • By nature, females are gentle and tender in mind, more emotional and sentimental. So during childhood and till the start of menstruation, they could have hurt feelings, damaging their endocrine glands.
  • Now, due to ignorance about the same, and as the endocrine glands are not correct, there is a hormonal imbalance that becomes obvious at the time of the start of menses.

Irregularity about menses means

    • Early or late cycle with pain,
    • Less or more flow,
    • The flow may not be red in color and could be easily washable.

It may be noted that a regular cycle means regularity of menstruation without pain on the 28th/29th days as it is connected with the monthly cycle of the moon.

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  • There should be even menstrual flow for 3/4 days and this flow should be red in colour and easily washable. It is also important to know that the monthly cycle varies from individual to individual.
  • The disturbance of hormonal imbalance leads to many physical as well as psychological problems for women.
  • In India and many less advanced countries, women are shy to talk about the irregularity of menses and problems connected with sex.

Therefore, when any female patient comes to you, you have to:

  1. First, observe her nails and the white half-moons in the nails.
  2. In case, these females have nail polish, carefully observe around the mouth. The disturbance in hormonal imbalance, in a little advanced stage, is very obvious. You will observe the growth of hair around the mouth, above the upper lip.
  3. Hold the palms of the patient in your hands. If you feel that the palms are cool, then it denotes more bleeding and less vitality.
  4. These observations will be confirmed when you press the wrists. There will be hurting pain on these points. Thus you are very easily able to diagnose the hormonal imbalance in such patients.
  5. In the case of excessive bleeding during menses, the face and eyes will be pale and the palms cooler. There may be fluffiness in the body.
  6. In cases of advanced stage, the patient could be very anemic. This will be confirmed by pressing on point no. 37 of the spleen. Moreover, check for worms.
  7. In the case the patient is suffering from Leucorrhoea, you will observe white spots on the half-moons of the nails.
  8. In the case of scanty or less menses, there may be pimples on the face and the palms may be warm. Adrenal gland. You will find pain which denotes excess heat in the body.

Womens Problems Irregularity Of Menses And Problems

It may be noted that less menstrual flow leads to problems of excess heat in the body, which in turn leads to pimples, constipation, chronic cold due to heat, and even skin problems.

  • While more menstrual flow or excessive bleeding leads to a lessening of heat from the blood, lower vitality, loss of appetite, timidness, and less desire for sex.
  • Anemia is one of the root causes of obesity and could lead to leucorrhoea, i.e. abnormal whitish discharge. If this is not controlled, later on, it could lead to wasting of the body – even infection of the lower reproductive tract uterus.

Backache :

Many times, the root cause of backache is the irregularity of menses.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Moreover, disturbance in the hormonal balance of Sex glands creates difficulty in conceiving a child and even leads to miscarriage. So in all these problems, the root cause is the disturbance of Sex glands and also the excess heat in the body.


  • In acupressure, such a test of Mammography is very easy and simple but SURE.
  • Now, when you observe painful hurting on the Sex glands, other endocrine glands, and lymph glands, check up the circle in the middle of the back of your palms.
  • Pain on the back of the right palm denotes a problem in the right breast. In the same way, pain on the back of the left palm denotes a problem in the left breast.
  • At this time, check up the lymph gland. If there is acute pain, it indicates degeneration. This can be confirmed by Biopsy if you so desire.

Womens Problems Back Of Left Palm

Womens Problems Back Of Right Palm

Now if there is no pain but only on the back of the palms, the problem is not serious as there is no malignant growth and can be cured within 15 to 30 days.

Degeneration In Uterus

Now, when there is painful hurting and also it clearly indicates degeneration, i.e. the deterioration and loss of specialized function of the cells of a tissue or organ (otherwise known as Cancer).

  • This degeneration is detected even at a very early stage even if it is less than 10%. In case the degree of pain is acute, it indicates advanced stage – even malignant growth. This can be confirmed easily by Biopsy.
  • Do not upset the patient in any manner. Assure the patient that all types of degeneration are curable within 45 to 60 days by proper treatment.


Now, in the cases of complaints about infertility, there could be acute pain. But in all such cases, call the patient’s husband. I have observed that in more than 80% of cases, the problem lies with the husband.

Case Studies:

1. A young lady of about 27 years of age, looking healthy, was complaining about frequent itching in the vagina. On examination, were found to be tender without any signs of degeneration.

    • She was suspected to have inherited this problem from her husband. In most such cases, except those countries which may have sexual freedom, such a problem is created by the husband.
    • So her husband was called. On inquiry, he confessed to having Venereal Disease which he got through sexual relations with prostitutes before marriage. Thus the lady had developed this disease after marriage.

2. In another case, a married lady of 32 years, came to our Centre again after two years. On her first visit, she was found to have degeneration in Uterus.

    • She took treatment for 45 days and was cured. She was found to have the same complaint and an additional problem of degeneration in her blood.
    • On inquiry, she informed me that her husband was away in Dubai and would come home for a month after every six months. That indicated the husband was involved in an extramarital affair and suffering from V.D. which was the root cause of the lady’s agony.
    • During the past three years, I have started calling the husbands along with their wives (the patients) and insisted on examining them in case of such doubts.
    • In more than 1,000 cases of the degeneration of the Uterus, the root cause was found in the husbands who were either suffering from venereal diseases or had HIV infection.
    • In a few of the cases, where the husbands were frank, they confessed their ignorance about the sexual facts of life.

3. A boy of 8 years, was brought to me by his mother. She said that her son was indulging in masturbation. When the foreskin (prepuce) was drawn back, there was a scar of about an inch on the glans of the penis.

    • On examination, the points of the Pineal gland and Sex glands, the Thyroid, Parathyroid were found to be tender. The mother was examined. Even though she looked healthy, she had degeneration of Uterus.
    • Her husband was called and on examination, his points of Sex glands and even lymph glands were found to be tender. In the beginning, he refused.
    • But on prodding he admitted having done excessive masturbation before marriage and having sexual relations with prostitutes whenever he had to go out of town.
    • The result was he had acquired V.D. The three were put under treatment. Within 15 days, the boy stopped masturbating and the scar on the glans of the penis was healed within one month.
    • The couple was asked to have restraint on sexual relations and to use contraceptives if control was not possible. Within 2 months, they became a happy, healthy couple.

4. A lady of about 26 years, came to our Centre and complained about having 3 miscarriages. On examination, she was found to be very tender.

    • She was given proper treatment and advised not to have a child for at least two years. She and her husband co-operated. They took proper treatment and also drank charged water.
    • They planned for a child, as per my book. And after about four years, this happy couple came to our Centre with a healthy young baby boy.

5. “A lady of about 22 years came to me with her mother-in-law. She complained about having no issues even after 4 years of marriage. Her palm was cool and the nails lacked half-moons.

    • There was hurting and even slight pain. On inquiry, she confessed about having irregular menses from the beginning and discharge of white fluid, for the last 5 years.
    • She was given proper treatment and advised not to have children for at least 2 years. Later on, the young lady reported being free of her complaints.”

6. “In the case of another married lady of 26 years, she looked pale and her, nails showed half-moons only on thumb and first finger. There was acute pain.

    • She confessed about Leucorrhoea and that she had a miscarriage six months back. If she had given birth to a baby, under such a condition, the baby would have been very weak and may have had some hereditary problem.
    • She was advised proper treatment and asked to desist from having children for at least 2 years.” It must be informed to the patients that there are no shortcuts in Nature.
    • Mother nature is very kind and so with proper treatment taken over six to twelve months, any woman will become capable of conceiving.
    • When such advice has to be given to a lady patient, it is always in her interest to call the husband. Get him checked and advise him to cooperate and take proper treatment even though no problem is found with him.
    • Such a treatment will correct his hormonal balance. It will make him more virile and after 12/15 months, such a couple will have a better chance of becoming parents.

Serious Effects Of Leucorrhoea

“A child of about 3 years was brought to me. On examination, it was diagnosed that the young boy was suffering from Thalassemia minor. The boy’s mother was then examined. She had an advanced stage of degeneration.

  • She was asked to come again with her other two children and husband. On their examination, both the pale children were found to have Thalassemia minor and also worms in the intestines.
  • The husband was suffering from sexual weakness and admitted to having masturbated before marriage. The wife (the mother of the children) admitted to having irregular menses and leucorrhoea. The whole family was put on proper treatment and cured successfully.”
  • Thus it will be observed that negligence and ignorance about irregular menses and Leucorrhoea can lead to serious consequences. I am very sorry to say that even educated ladies neglect this problem of irregular menses which is very widespread.
  • On discussion with many such patients, including educated ones, it was revealed shockingly that all these women accepted such complaints of irregular menses as being natural.
  • Such problems were accepted as a regular consequence of being a woman. It is high time that proper awareness is created in girls and women about such irregularity.
  • It is a very important problem not only in India but also in all the developing countries. For better and healthy progress of girls or women, it is vital that they take hygienic care of their periods and have regular menses.
  • Proper menses denote hormonal balance. If there is no proper hormonal balance in the couple, the baby to be born will be weak and will have health problems.
  • Hence, there is higher infant mortality in India and other developing countries. It may be noted, that with early treatment, such problems can be prevented and cured with minimum cost.


For women in the mid-forties, this problem starts because of the hormonal changes. Around this age, the cycle of menstruation comes to a stop. There is a change in the balance of sex hormones in the body.

  • Even such a problem is observed for women who have undergone an operation to remove an ovary and stop menstruation. After menstruation ceases, the women are no longer able to give birth to children.
  • Some women may experience emotional disturbances. In all such problems, just these points will be found to be rendering pain.
  • Suggest cure and women who are dull, timid, and of worrying type will become normal within 30 to 40 days. During such treatment, it is advisable for the women to drink 2 glasses of charged water reduced from 4 glasses.
  • Such treatment can also prevent Osteoporosis, even cure it.

Excess Weight:

In the case of females, damage to the endocrine glands of the Thyroid or Parathyroid is very common. Moreover, their Sex glands are damaged during pregnancy or delivery because of worry. And so when these two endocrine glands do not function properly, these women start putting on weight more around the waist.

  • Because of damage to these two endocrine glands, sometimes even the Pineal gland is damaged and so there is more retention of water in the body, which is also one of the reasons for excess weight.
  • When such patients come, their obese figure obviously shows their problem which can be confirmed by pressing At this time of checking, it is advisable to check other endocrine glands too.
  • So you can locate any further damage, if any. For sure, first, it is necessary to treat these two endocrine glands for 15/20 days and only then start dieting and treatment on not only these two endocrine glands but also the other endocrine glands.
  • I have treated many cases, where the weight loss was from 2/3 kgs to 10 kgs per month. Once the weight has reached normal then ask the patients to continue Acupressure treatment and they will be able to maintain their weight and pleasing figure.


  • Women are gentle and tender by nature, and so their endocrine glands easily get damaged. And if these endocrine glands are not rectified, it leads not only to physical problems but also to many psychological problems.
  • And so it is advisable, to check one by all endocrine glands of all the patients irrespective of their age.
  • It has been observed that because of the damage to one or more endocrine glands, a psychological problem is created, which has not been understood properly.

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