Different Health Issues Occurs In Men Symptoms And Treatment

Men Problems

Acupressure plays a very useful part in solving men’s problems. Because in most cases, young patients between the ages of 13 to 20 or even mature adults do not talk about their sex problems like masturbation, emission of semen in erotic dreams, i.e. wet dreams, premature ejaculation or general disease, and HIV or AIDS.

  • They try to mislead the practitioner regarding symptoms like loss of appetite, memory loss, early tiredness, general debility, etc., or burning sensation in the body.
  • Now, in all such cases, the root cause could be a disturbance in the Sex glands called Gonads. It can be detected very easily in the following manner.

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Early Detection: Health In Your Hands

1. Feel the palms: If they are cooler, then they denote less vitality.

2. Check the nails for the white moons. If white spots are noticed on these moons, it indicates the emission of vital life force, i.e. semen from the body.

  • (In the case of children, if you observe such white spots, it denotes discharge of saliva from the mouth during sleep or sucking of their thumb or fingers.)
  • Now, these white spots also indicate the emission of semen in an unnatural way, i.e. masturbation or emission in erotic wet dreams.

Sex Problems:

  • In case there are no such white spots on the nails, but the moons have reduced and are looking pale like water, it denotes emission naturally but indicates excessive sex.
  • The patient may have practiced masturbation earlier, come out of that bad habit, but have over-sex in married life or have physical relations outside marriage.
  • In the advanced stage, such a water-like moon will be observed in the thumb or only in the thumb and the first finger and not in the other fingers.

3. In such cases, Pain on these points will confirm problems regarding sex, like improper functioning of the Sex glands and imbalance of hormones.

In all these cases, when pressed Thyroid/Parathyroid, there will be pain – which indicates deficiency which indicates deficiency of calcium, and weakened willpower.

4. Venereal Diseases:

  • Now, in the case of patients above 16/18 years of age, when you observe pain in the penis and it indicates venereal disease, the cause of having unprotected sex with prostitutes, and degeneration of the prostate gland, due to bacterial infection and can be either acute or chronic.
  • In the case of Venereal Disease, the patient would have regular or casual burning sensation while urinating. Take the patient in confidence and he will admit his mistakes. Assure him that the disease is also curable.

5. HIV or AIDS:

  • Sometimes when you hold such a patient’s hands you will find them warm and will observe the nails with big white moons. There may be hurting pain. This is an indication of HIV infection because such infection affects the blood and damages the spleen.
  • In such cases, call all the members of his family. Surprisingly, the patient’s wife will have pain, when pressed and in advanced cases.
  • Over and above such indications of disease or disorder there will also be symptoms of Thalassemia which will be observed in all their children (up to the age of 15) who may have been born after such HIV infection.

Different Health Issues Occurs In Men Symptoms And Treatment Actue HIV Infection

Case Studies:

I will quote here a few incidents:

1. A patient came to me at our Centre and complained about a burning sensation while passing urine.

  • On examination, were found to be tender. And negligible white moons only on thumbs and first finger were observed.
  • When asked, he confessed to having regular sexual relations with prostitutes and also confessed to having a deep scar on his penis. So without any physical examination, a diagnosis of venereal disease was possible.

2. A young man came to me and complained about having a loss of appetite. I held his palms in my hand and they were cold.

  • white spots were observed on his nails, and on further examination, he felt pain when pressed.
  • When asked, he admitted to having been masturbating for the last four years and now had emissions in wet dreams.

3. A young lady of about 24 years brought her 2-year-old baby, to have frequent colds. On examination, the baby was found to have symptoms of Thalassemia.

  • There was a feeling of pain. To find out the root cause, I examined the baby’s mother who was looking healthy, but I observed that there was greater pain and slight pain.
  • I called her husband and on examining him found that he had pain. He had acquired HIV infection from sexual relations with prostitutes and unwittingly passed it on to his wife and the result was such that both mother and the baby were infected with HIV.
  • It may be noted that the creation of semen and its storage continues in the body till the age of 12/14 and then its fermentation-heat-process develops into syndrome of the body, more white and prominent milky half moons on the fingernails indicate virile-strong syndrome.
  • The ejaculation of semen before marriage at the age of 24 years or more, through masturbation, leads to damage to Gonads, which in turn leads to excess heat in the body and thins the vital semen.
  • Later on, the semen is ejaculated during erotic wet dreams, and in an advanced stage, it starts coming out and is known as the passing of Albumin in urine.
  • Moreover, such emission in an unnatural manner gives pleasure or relief of tension in the beginning but turns into a guilty feeling and this in turn damages the vital organs of the digestive system.
  • Loss of appetite, less assimilation of food, and less creation of new blood – all this in turn leads to anemia and disturbance to the Adrenal and other endocrine glands which leads to depression and negative thinking, even that of committing suicide.
  • It may be noted that damage to the Adrenal gland leads to an inferiority complex.

4. A young patient complained about continuous stammering, especially at the time of the interview. He and found to be tender. He had developed an inferiority complex – which was due to occasional stammering.

  • The root cause was masturbation, a habit he had developed since his teenage days. He knew well that he should not waste his semen but, he could not control the emission.
  • This fear damaged his Adrenal gland which led to occasional and later turned to continuous stammering. He started proper treatment and he gained confidence – after which there was no more stammering and stuttering.
  • Later, he was selected for an important high-salaried job.

Root Cause Of Thalassaemia Weak Children

Recently, I was startled to observe an increasing number of cases of Thalassemia minor. The root cause of this problem is a hereditary disorder of the blood due to defects in the synthesis of hemoglobin, which is sometimes fatal in children.

  • The affected red cells cannot function normally, leading to anemia. Moreover, I have found that the root cause is HIV infection inherited by the husband and then passed on to his wife and children.
  • Moreover, many couples have admitted that as they were having hormonal trouble before and after marriage, they were advised total restraint from sex for 2/3 years. But they could not control themselves and as a result, weak children with Thalassemia minor were born.
  • In cases where the wife is also suffering from sex problems bleeding, leucorrhoea, i.e. a whitish yellowish discharge, or infection of the lower reproductive tract, the chances of getting weak children increase manifold when the husband is also afflicted with sex problems.

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