Psychological Disorders And Treatment Techniques

Psychological Problems

Our mind has a great effect on the body. However, all the endocrine glands act as buffers and try to absorb the shock of such bad effects.

  • During my long years of practice, I have observed that in all these psychological problems one or more endocrine glands are damaged and when you press on their points you will find them to be tender.
  • And so when you give treatment to these endocrine glands, surprisingly the psychological problem is corrected. It may be true that everyday problems of life may still persist, but the patient gets enough strength to face them and fight them.
  • So when any patient comes to you with such psychological problems, check their endocrine glands. The details about the effects of malfunctioning or overworking of the endocrine glands are given.
  • As these endocrine glands play a very important part not only in our body but also in our mind for developing our character, it is advisable often as possible till all the details are properly settled in your mind.
  • If these details are followed strictly then any practitioner of Acupressure can become a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist.
  • It may be noted that the treatment of Acupressure on the relative points of the endocrine glands has been found very effective in getting rid of bad habits like drug dependence and masturbation both in males and females.

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Case Studies:

1. “A young man of about 23 years was brought to me. He had become a drug addict and was also a chain smoker. His family had spent lots of money on his treatment.

But the problem was becoming worse day by day. The young man had started stealing from the house to satisfy his drug habit and he also threatened his mother. On examination, a point on the head that controls all drug addiction was found to be tender.

Psychological Problems Head Which Controls All Drugs Addiction Were Found To Be Tender

  • The young man also confided that he regularly indulged in masturbation. His brother was a good, successful actor. And so he suffered from an inferiority complex. In the first instance, this was a psychological case.
  • The patient was advised of treatment. His mother cooperated by giving the boy charged water + green juice mixed with a healthy drink and fruit juices. She was not to be strict with her son, but show love and affection.
  • Within 40/45 days of the beginning of the treatment, not only did the drug addiction stop but the patient also got rid of smoking and masturbation, and became confident of himself.”

2. A 16-year-old boy wrote to me that he was a chain smoker and wanted to quit the habit. I replied about the treatment to be taken. Accordingly, he started the treatment as mentioned in my book, and within 40 days he stopped smoking.

3. One of the Airport Managers of Indian Airlines was posted in Karachi. From his personal satisfying experience, he had become an ardent follower of Acupressure.

  • Now, he found surprisingly that even in Karachi (Pakistan), there were lots of cocktail parties being held. And in these parties, many people would get heavily drunk and they would not be able to stand steadily.
  • At that time, this officer gave the treatment of rubbing the tip of the nose of these drunk persons who vomited within 3 minutes, became sober, and went home on their scooters or two-wheelers.

Psychological Problems Masturbation

4. A girl of 17 years complained that she was not able to co-ordinate the activities of both sides, i.e. right and left hands and feet, of the body.

  • As a result, she had great difficulty in walking. She had this problem since childhood and though she tried every treatment, none was found effective.
  • On examination, the base of the thumbs was found to be tender. She was advised to take treatment for the problems of the brain as mentioned later in this book. And within 10 days, she reported 80% improvement, and within a month, she became normal.

5. A woman of about 35 years complained that she would feel that her fingers and hands had become dirty and she would wash them about 50 times in a day.

  • On examination, point no. 28 of the Adrenal gland was found to be tender. While inquiring about the past history of her case, she informed me that 10 years before, she was shocked to get the news of the sudden death of her beloved mother.
  • As she was very much dependent on her mother, she could not cope with the situation arising after her mother’s death. Since then her queer habit had started. She was advised treatment and in 15 days, she was happy to report that she had become normal.

6. A mother came with her eight-year-old son. The boy had become naughty, and disobedient and had started stealing from the house. This, she said, happened since last fortnight.

  • On examination, other endocrine glands were found to be tender. The mother was asked to give treatment and not to scold the boy.
  • Within a week, the mother was happy to see her son completely normal.

7. A married woman of 32 years was having several fits of hysteria and her distressed husband thought of giving her divorce. But before this extreme step was taken she approached me.

  • On examination, found to be tender. Most of the time her husband had to go out of town. He could give little time to his wife.
  • Because of this she had become frigid and lost interest in marital life. The husband was also called for and I observed that his tender and had very little half-white moons.
  • The husband later confessed that he suffered from premature ejaculation which left his wife sexually dissatisfied. Both the husband and the wife were asked to take treatment for six months. Now, they are considered to be an ideal ‘Made for each other’ couple.
  • Thus, you will observe that in all these and hundreds of other similar cases, the patients come to me as a last resort.
  • In all these cases, the root cause found was the malfunctioning of one or more endocrine glands and when treatment was taken, the results were amazing.
  • In the case of retarded children, when their Pituitary and Pineal glands are overworking, their body develops fully, sometimes becoming bulky and there is an early awakening of sexual desires.
  • The parents are confused and greatly worried and become disheartened seeing new problems being created every day by their child. In all these cases, the treatment of brain problems plus giving blue light produced wonderful results.

8. Once a mother brought her 12-year-old son, who looked like 18. When I asked him his name, I got the reply on my cheek resounding slap. As the boy was not taking blue light when awake the whole day, it was decided to give blue light when he slept.

  • The mother and son visited me after a month. There was a complete transformation in the boy. The boy shook hands with me. There was a smile on his face of understanding.
  • The parents were happy because their son had now started taking an interest in playing games and painting. So, whenever you come across psychological problems, check the endocrine glands and you will find out the root cause.
  • While treating such patients, blue light + biochemical medicines blended with Acupressure treatment will give amazing and desired results.


  • The females are immediately disturbed, because of the tenderness of the heart, and develop many problems considered to be psychological.
  • However, any of these problems of timidness, fear, loss of interest in sex, or hysteria are due to the damage to their endocrine glands and as they are not rectified, these problems worsen as days pass by.
  • Therefore, as mentioned earlier, treatment on these endocrine glands + charged water give wondrous and marvelous results.

Psychological Disorders And Treatment Techniques Diagnosing Psychiatric Disorders

Prevention Of Psychological Problems

If any girl is taught to take Acupressure treatment from the age of at least 8/10 years, not only she will have proper development of her body but also of her mind. She will be able to cope with all the problems of life.

  • She will not have psychological problems and will become capable of being an understanding wife and a good mother, besides being a dutiful citizen.
  • In the same way, the boys should also be taught the method of Acupressure from an early age of 8/10 years. This will not only build their bodies but also make them of sound and noble character.
  • Then the aim of education “A sound mind in a healthy body” will be achieved. Moreover, these children can be saved from any type of delinquency like smoking, drug addiction, or even sex.
  • Today, the problem of pedophilia, i.e. sexual attraction to children (of either sex) by older men, which affects the development of sexuality in children, is worsening and has become a mega issue seriously damaging the very foundation of our society.
  • On the other hand, to control HIV/AIDS, condoms are freely available to youngsters. But this is not the solution to the problem.
  • This will only lead to premature sex indulgence. The right solution is to control the sexual desires which is possible only by Acupressure.
  • In the same way, if we want to stop and prevent crimes, wars, atrocities, etc. we will have to go back to Nature and accept its Health Science of Acupressure.
  • If the proper survey is made, it will be surprising to observe that most of the political and social leaders of the World suffer from malfunctioning endocrine glands and the liver; So they mislead their nation and disturb the world.
  • Therefore, if the Pituitary, Pineal, and Adrenal glands are properly controlled, and the liver is made to function properly, we shall be able to control our nature and our habits. We will be more tolerant and face the battle of life bravely and calmly.

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