Detection Of Serious Health Diseases

Detection Of Serious Diseases

Today, detection – Diagnosis such has become complicated and costly. When the family physician has doubts about some serious problem, he refers the patient to an expert. However, before coming to any diagnosis, he asks for various tests of urine, stool, blood, blood sugar, X-ray, Sonography, Cardiogram, CT Scanning, and even MRI, etc.

  • And many times, in spite of all these tests, the opinions of different experts differ so proper treatment cannot be given to the patient.
  • In the case of a serious problem, the Diagnosis must be as quick as possible, so proper treatment can be started immediately. Here, Acupressure has an edge over all the therapies.

The Diagnosis is instant and proper and that too without going into details about the past history or any tests. In the case of any serious problem, one or more endocrine glands are damaged.

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It is, therefore, utmost necessary, to study again and again about endocrine glands and the effects of malfunctioning of these vital endocrine glands.

  • In all such cases, the Thyroid or Parathyroid gland will be tender. find out the degree of the problem.
  • Now in the case of pain, indicates Hypothyroidism, the treatment of which is just the same as that of Cancer.
  • As all the endocrine glands are interconnected, check up other endocrine glands. And this will give a vital clue to the problem.
  • Afterward, check the corresponding points of the organs which indicate a problem. In Acupressure, one need not worry about the names of the diseases.
  • The most important is to find out the endocrine glands that are disturbed and also the organs from which this problem has started and so are badly damaged.

Now, let us study separately about the main serious problems.

1. Heart Problem:

In the case of any pain in the chest, the patient will come running to you. After having a handshake, and giving a look at his face, hold the left palm in your hands and give pressure on the Heart.

    • If there is pain even on pressing slightly, it indicates a Heart Problem or Heart Attack. Then ask the patient to go home immediately by the first available transport.
    • But see that the patient does not drive the car himself. Ask the patient to have complete bed rest for 72 to 96 hours and do the treatment. Assure him not to worry.
    • In all such cases, the heart requires complete rest. Within 3 to 5 days, the pain will subside, so ask the patient to see you after 4 to 5 days.
    • Ask the patient to have 2 glasses of liquid diet-charged water reduced from 4 glasses, fruit juices (preferably pomegranate juice), and pressing of both the palms and point no. 36 of heart twice a day.
    • In the second sitting, try to find out the root cause of such a Heart problem. if it is paining then the problem is malfunctioning of the Thyroid or Parathyroid.

2. Then check and if these points are paining it denotes weakened Sex glands. At that time, observe the nails and your findings will be confirmed.

3. In the case of advanced-stage Cancer, V.D., and HIV or AIDS you will observe pain in the Heart. So, check these points and advise treatment accordingly.

4. It will be surprising to note that in about 80% of such cases of pain in the chest or in the case of an enlarged heart when pressed even harder, there is no pain in the heart. That means that it is NOT a Heart Attack. In that case, check up the Solar Plexus and correct it.

5. It could be a muscular pain starting from vertebrae 6 to 8 of the Spinal Cord. In that case, suggest treatment on the point on the back of the hand.

  • Later on, ask the patient to rub Eucalyptus oil or pain balm on the chest as well as around vertebrae no. 4 to 8 of the Spinal Cord.
  • Even a feeling of slight pain in the Heart is a premonition of coming heart trouble.
  • So the best cure in such cases is to start pressing for 1 to 2 minutes 3 times a day and take bedrest for 24/48 hours.

Detection Of Serious Diseases A Muscular Pain Starting From Vertebrae 6 to 8 Of The Spinal Card

Heart Problem Case Studies:

1. Once during a marriage function, I observed profuse sweat on the face of my relative with whom I was talking. He was also finding difficulty in speaking which is indicative of breathlessness.

  • Immediately, I pressed his and pain was observed. I virtually ordered him to go home and take bedrest and treatment.
  • After 72 hours, he showed himself, to a Cardiologist, who after a thorough examination of the cardiogram, declared that he had passed through a Heart Attack.
  • After that, he is following my book and has no problem even after 10 years.

2. Once I had to go to a hospital to see a 68-year-old relative who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for heart trouble.

  • I examined his and observed that it was not paining even when pressed hard.
  • I then corrected his Solar Plexus, which had shifted upwards causing trouble to the heart. I advised my relative to ask for a discharge and go home. He did so and even after 14 years now, he enjoys good health.

3. “Once we had gone on a pilgrimage with our 35-year-old nephew. The temple was on a hill about 3,000 ft. above sea level. We had to climb and walk for 2 miles to get there.

  • As such pilgrimage was being done after 2 years, we hired a Doli’ (a sitting square hanging on a 3″ thick wooden stick arrangement which is carried by 2 people on their shoulders.) Our nephew preferred to climb.
  • After just a quarter mile of climbing, we were resting in a place. After ten minutes our nephew came panting and sat opposite me. I saw him going blank and falling down from his seat.
  • I immediately grabbed him and with the help of our dolmen, laid him on the ground. He had become unconscious. I immediately started giving him treatment and then the earlobes.
  • Within 3 minutes, he opened his eyes and drank water. Then we called for another ‘Doli’ and forced him to sit into it and then completed our pilgrimage.
  • In the evening, at our native place Bhavnagar, (30 miles from the place of pilgrimage) he was examined by a Cardiologist, who was surprised to observe that my nephew had survived a massive heart attack.
  • He started taking treatment and during the last 12 years, he has no problem whatsoever about the heart and enjoys robust health”.

4. “A 3-year-old, girl, was finding difficulty in breathing, so she was examined by a Cardiologist. On further examination, a hole was found in her heart.

  • It was decided that when she reached the age of 12 years, an operation would be performed to correct the hole in the heart. She was brought to me.
  • advised her mother to proper treatment of the heart and also all the endocrine glands + drinking charged water. Within three months, she started responding properly and continued treatment.
  • When she was 12 years old, she was again examined by the same Cardiologist. He was surprised to observe that the hole in the heart had healed and there was no necessity for any operation”.
  • You may kindly assure the patients that they should not worry about a heart problem. With rest and proper treatment not only of the heart but also of the root cause, the heart will function properly and stop only at the time of death.

Nervous Tension Or Depression

This is the curse of the modern development of life-which requires everyone to be on a roller-coaster ride. The simple, ordinary people have to face many sudden dramatic changes in life.

  • This results in a little tension in the beginning which goes on accumulating and results in severe nervous tension, leading to depression. Only Acupressure has an unfailing system of measuring such tension.
  • First ask the patient to remove shoes and socks, and to lie down on a flat bench or table. Then go towards the legs and press the base of the middle toe of the right leg and then the left leg.
  • The patient may even cry out in agony-this indicates the tension and find out the degree of the problem. If such a degree is more than 70, then there is a lot of mounted tension and the patient may collapse and have a nervous breakdown.

Nervous Tension Or Depression Treatment:

  • Secondly, take the five toes of one leg in one hand and the five toes of the other leg in the other hand. Try to bend them backward, you will find them stiff as per the degree of tension.
  • Then in order to give instant relief, force these 10 toes backward as much as possible, hold them in that position for fifteen seconds, and release them – repeat again.
  • The patient will feel relieved of his or her tension in two minutes. Ask the patient to get it done accordingly twice at home by another person and all tension will be reduced within a week.
  • Then ask the patient to do so every evening or at least two to three times a week. He will enjoy a tension-free life like a bird. And so if this depression is due to excess tension, it will be cured.
  • For long-term cure refer to my book, “Health in Your Hands” and suggest treatment accordingly.

Detection Of Serious Diseases The Patient To Remove Shoes And Shocks And To Lie Down On A Flat Bench Or Table


Generally, the patient is aware of this problem of Diabetes. When such a patient comes to you and asks cure for Diabetes, tell him or her not to speak anything more. Then press the Lymph gland and carefully observe the degree of pain. Then press the Pancreas. If it is not hurting then this Diabetes is less than 200-2% and will not be found in the urine.

  • If it is paining then such blood sugar is definitely more than 200. Depending upon the degree of pain you will be able to tell the exact percentages of such blood sugar.
  • The patient will then have full confidence in you. You may note that such readings of glucose/sugar in the blood may only vary by 2%. Thus you can find out the degree of Diabetes the patient has.
  • Assure the patient, that such Diabetes will be brought under control, within 30 to 40 days with the treatment mentioned in this book.

Detection Of Serious Diseases Diabetes

How To Carry Out A Sugar Test:

In case of any doubt about this problem of Diabetes, you need not ask the patient to get such Glucose or Sugar Test of Urine and Blood.

  • If it is not hurting, even when pressed hard, then the sugar level in the blood is normal.
  • When you press a little hard and there is slight hurting, it denotes that the sugar/glucose level in the blood is more than normal.

Study the following charts:

Detection Of Serious Diseases Degree Of Pressure chart 1

  • Thus you are able to find out the sugar level in the blood, for example. if you press lightly the Lymph gland and if there is hurting, it denotes that the sugar level is higher than 200.
  • In that case, when you press the Pancreas on any palm, there will be hurting. This denotes that the sugar is not only in the blood but also in the urine.

Detection Of Serious Diseases Degree Of Pressure Chart 2

  • With experience, you will be able to find out exactly the level of sugar in the blood. I have found that this reading hardly varies + or – 2% than the test made in a laboratory.
  • In order to get confidence about this reading, in the case of a Diabetic patient, ask him not to tell you the sugar level, check the patient, find out the sugar level, and then compare it with the patient’s report.
  • Any person or patient can use this method.

Diabetes Case Studies:

  • “A small girl of 6 years was brought to me. She had more than 3.50% blood sugar. She inherited it from her mother. Her father had V.D. and her mother had an infection in the uterus.
  • All three of them were put under treatment. Within 45 days, all were cured of their sufferings. Assure the patient that with Acupressure treatment.
  • The Pancreas can be reactivated and so once the Diabetes comes under control, then with proper care about chewing and diet, the patient will not get Diabetes again”.

Detection Of Serious Health Diseases intergrated Workflows


I have discussed this problem at length under the common cold. When a patient comes to you and if on pressing the lungs there is no pain, then it is not Asthma but ‘cold due to excess heat’.

  • Only in the case of such a complaint of more than 10 years, the lungs get damaged and so there may be little pain when pressed.
  • But at the same time, there will be more pain which indicates that it is not Asthma. In the case of real Asthma, there will be pain, when pressed on the stomach and also the throat.
  • You may assure the patient not to worry and continue treatment for 30 to 60 days. Whatever type of Asthma, it may be, it will be cured within 45 to 60 days.
  • Also tell the patient that aggravation of the symptoms is a good sign of this treatment being effective and after 10/12 days, the patient will feel good relief and this problem will get cured shortly and permanently.


  • If with the treatment for Asthma, such breathlessness does not come under control, it could be due to blockage in the arteries of the heart.
  • With proper treatment of the heart, such blocked arteries open up and any bypass surgery could be avoided.

Serious Problem Of Eyes:

Any normal complaint about the eyes will be traced to pain on point no. 35 of the eyes. However, if there is any problem like the damage to the optic nerve which in turn damages the retina.

  • If there is any developing problem of cataract or glaucoma, check up point for the optic nerve. This point is shown on the back of the palms.
  • Now in the case you find pain on the point of the optic nerve, check up the Pituitary gland. It will also be found to be paining.
  • So proper treatment, as suggested in my book, should be started immediately. Also, check up, and if it is hurting it could be HIV.

Detection Of Serious Diseases Back Of The Right Palm Showing Points Of Optic Nerve

High Blood Pressure:

  • In such cases, there will be pain which in turn damages other endocrine glands. So treatment on all endocrine glands + charged water reduced from 4 glasses to 2 glasses are necessary.
  • Now, when you find such symptoms of High BP, try to find out the root cause, because High BP is a symptom and not a disease. It could be high tension, even V.D. or Cancer of the prostate OR uterus, HIV infection, etc. And so correct the same as a long-term treatment.

Low Blood Pressure:

  • This denotes that the vital energy of the body is being wasted. First, check up on the Pancreas. Its overworking is a major factor for Low B.P.
  • Then check Indulgence in the case of males or excessive sex, masturbation in the Leucorrhoea in the case of females could be the root cause.
  • Also, check the Solar Plexus, and if necessary, correct it. Lastly, check up on the Adrenal glands. If it is functioning less, it leads to less oxygenation and consequently to Low B.P.

Arthritis Rheumatism Rheumatoid Arthritis Paralysis i.e. Stroke:

  • Generally, this is a disease of old age indicating deficiency of calcium and phosphorus and so when pressed, there will be pain However, in most cases, such pain is due to the damage to the Sciatic Nerve, so check it first.
  • Now in patients below the 50-55 age group, the root cause is found in the malfunctioning of the Heart and so when pressed, there will be pain and so along with the treatment of Arthritis, treatment for the Heart should also be prescribed.
  • In all such cases of Arthritis and Rheumatism, check up about the tension as mentioned earlier. Because High tension plus Arthritis leads to Paralysis or Stroke.
  • Timely check-ups and immediate treatment can thus prevent Stroke or Paralysis. Further, it is found that in the case of pain in different parts of the body and in all joints.
  • It could be due to HIV so check up. Because this disease is not traceable in most cases it is treated for Arthritis and the painkillers or steroids aggravate HIV into AIDS.


First, understand this dreaded disease. It will be surprising to note that detection of Cancer is possible in its initial stage in the body. At that time when pressed, there will be pain in the Lymph gland. However, before coming to any conclusion about Cancer, find out whether

  1. The patient has no infection. Many times the female patient may have pus in the urine and the male patient may have Venereal Disease.
  2. The patient may have boils, infection in cuts, and injury.
  3. The patient could be Diabetic.

When these possibilities are checked up, only then such a point pain no. 16 denotes the degeneration popularly called Cancer.

To detect Cancer in the different parts or organs of the body:

  • Another pointer for detection is the organ where Cancer is developing is damaged and there is pain in the corresponding point on the palms and soles.
  • For example, in the case of Cancer of the breast, there is pain in the middle point on the back of the palm, or in the case of Cancer in the colon, there is pain in the corresponding.
  • Now, if these signals are ignored, the declining process starts disturbing other glands and reaches a dangerous point where these endocrine glands become tired and stop secreting hormones.
  • During that time, more and more wastes or toxins accumulate forming a duct and multiplying, and thus a fast malignant growth starts in that part of the body damaging the very metabolism of the body.
  • Thus you will observe that Cancer can be detected at a very early stage, and it can be controlled very easily.
  • Moreover, you will observe that if regular Acupressure treatment is taken daily or at least 3 times a week, the lethargic spleen or the lymph gland can be reactivated, and factors leading to Cancer can be checked. Thus Acupressure can prevent Cancer.

To detect Cancer of the Uterus:

  • It is more common in females who do not take proper care of internal hygiene. It is due to the continuous irregularity of menstruation, continuous Leucorrhoea, etc.
  • This type of Cancer can be easily detected. In the case of any doubt, both the sides of the wrists of both hands.
  • If there is pain on pressing these points and also the lymph gland, it denotes degeneration.

Detection Of Serious Diseases Detect Cancer Of The Uterus

To detect Cancer of the Breasts:

  • Just press on the circle in the back of the right palm for the right breast and the left palm for the left breast.
  • If there is NO PAIN when pressed, it means there is NO CANCER in the breasts. Even if there is pain on these points, but no pain on the point no. 16 of the Lymph gland at that time, it denotes that there is NO CANCER.
  • And just by giving treatment on these points on the back of the palms, minor problems like accumulation of milk in the breast, etc. will be cured.
  • Only pain on the circle on the Back of Left Palm back of the left palm and also on the Lymph gland denotes Cancer degeneration in the right breast.
  • In the same way, Cancer in the left breast can be detected by pressing the circle on the back of the left palm and the Lymph gland. At that time, it is possible that when pressed, there will be pain in the Sex glands.

Severe pain on those points on the back side of the palms and when pressed, denotes that Cancer has spread more. Hundreds of cases can be quoted.

  • In all such cases, Diagnosis is impeccable and So with the treatment mentioned in this book, fantastic results are obtained. At our Centre, we can give assurance of cure to all those patients suffering from Cancer.
  • Please inform the patients that all types of Cancer are curable and it is the easiest disease to be cured. I am of the firm opinion, based on my experience of thousands of successful cures for these Cancer patients, that Cancer can even be eradicated.
  • If all the people of the World practice Acupressure regularly, such serious problems will not develop.

Detection Of Serious Diseases Back Of Left Palm

Detection Of Serious Diseases Back Of Right Palm


It is a dreaded disease found in children. In acute cases, total blood has to be changed every 15 to 30 days. Patients suffering from Thalassaemia major, are given repeated blood transfusions.

  • Despite the best treatment and blood transfusions, chances of recovery are considered to be very limited. On examination of such children.
  • It has been found, that their endocrine glands are severely damaged and even all the organs of the digestive system are found to be sluggish.
  • So in the case of any doubt about any child patient, who will be looking pale, check up the spleen. If it is hurting, check up on the gall bladder and liver, which also will be tender.
  • Then check the stomach. When you find tenderness on all these points of the organs of the digestive system it indicates Thalassemia. In that case, will be very tender, denoting a deficiency of calcium.
  • The next point to be found tender will be denoting deficiency of phosphorus. And because of damage to these organs and the endocrine glands.
  • you will find the Adrenal glands to be tender. In the advanced stages, you will find even the Pancreas and the Lymph gland to be tender. Many times such children get Diabetes.

Also, press the middle of the nail on the small finger and there will be pain which denotes worms in the intestines making these children more anaemic.

  • Once you find that the child has Thalassemia or if you have doubt about it, call the parents and check them.
  • Except in a few cases, the blood groups of the mother and the father do not match which is the root cause of these children inheriting Thalassemia from their parents.
  • After the check-up, you will find the root cause in the mother and the father and so your diagnosis of Thalassemia gets confirmed. Also, call for the patient’s brothers and sisters and check them.
  • Because, if this Thalassemia is due to HIV, V.D., or Gynaecological problems other members of the family may suffer from similar problems. In all such cases, assure the parents that this dreaded disease is also CURABLE.

Thalassemia Case Study:

  • One child had Thalassemia major and every 20/25 days blood was given to him. Treatment of Acupressure was started.
  • Within two months, the progress was so remarkable that further blood transfusions were not required. Similarly, hundreds of successful cases can be quoted.

Kidney Problem Pyelitis Stone

In the case of any swelling in the body or legs, And in most of these cases, you will find that point to be tender. and you will be able to find out the damage to the kidneys, i.e. Pyelitis or inflammation of the part of the kidney.

  • Tenderness on the right hand denotes that the right kidney is damaged. Such tenderness in the left hand indicates damage to the left kidney.
  • At that time, when you press on and if there is a little severe pain, it indicates that there is a stone or a condition that obstructs the free flow of urine.
  • Now, in case there is no pain in the Kidneys and despite it there is retention of water in the body, then check up the Pineal gland. You will get the root cause.
  • During the last 18 years, many patients who were on Dialysis and even those who were later on advised transplantation of the kidney have approached me. In all such cases, I have observed that the damage to the kidneys was not more than 60%.
  • However, on examination, it was found that in the case of the male patients, the root cause was venereal disease or Cancer of the Prostate, and in the case of the female patients, it was Cancer of the Uterus.

In all these cases, with proper treatment, not only the transplantation of the kidney was prevented but also Dialysis was stopped.

  • Within 30 to 45 days of treatment the same doctors who had prescribed Dialysis and advised transplantation of kidney agreed that the kidneys of the patient were functioning satisfactorily.
  • Even in the cases of skin problems, check up the kidneys and if necessary, advise cure of it. It may be noted that with such a cure, not only do the kidneys start functioning normally.
  • But even a stone formed (due to calcification, i.e. malfunctioning of the Thyroid or Parathyroid glands) is removed in 80% of the cases. You can assure the patient not to worry about the failure of the kidneys.

Kidney Problem Pyelitis Stone Case Studies:

1. A gentleman approached me for prolonged trouble with stones. He had five operations to remove stones. On examination, I found that his Thyroid or Parathyroid gland was malfunctioning and so instead of Calcium being digested it was forming stones.

  • Then that gentleman told me that my Diagnosis was perfect because, after several costly tests, the expert had given the same opinion. He took proper treatment.
  • And since then, even after eight years, he has had no complaints about stones. Every winter he drinks ‘Black Tea’ for twelve days, as per the advice given by me.

2. “A lady was asked to go for transplantation of kidney by

  • Just ten days before the kidney transplantation operation, she came to me. On examination, the damage to the kidney was found to be not more than 55%.
  • The root cause was Cancer in the Uterus. She was advised to postpone the operation for one month. She took proper treatment at home. After a month.
  • when she went to the hospital, the expert was surprised to observe that both her kidneys were functioning properly and there was no necessity of transplantation of kidney or even Dialysis”.
  • More than 400 successful cases can be quoted, where such dialysis is stopped and in more than 200 cases, such operation for kidney transplantation has been prevented.

A reputed hospital in Mumbai. As her mother’s kidney was found to be suitable, the date of the operation was fixed.

  • I have therefore to appeal to all the patients suspecting- suffering from kidney problems and all the medical practitioners advising dialysis or transplantation of kidney; treatment for Pyelitis (an advanced stage of damage to the kidney) just for fifteen days and see the fantastic results.
  • Sometimes, it is found that even in HIV, the kidneys are damaged. and verify the root cause.

Problems Of The Brain

Problems Of The Brain Case Studies:

1. A young lady of 24 years came to me for continued severe headaches. On examining her, I found that it was the beginning of a tumor in the brain. It was not easy for her to accept such a diagnosis.

  • So the next day, she went for a CT Scan, and on getting the report after 2 days, she came immediately to me and thanked me for the exact diagnosis made without any test. She had developed faith and so she started treatment as suggested.
  • After 2 months of treatment and on getting a green signal from me, she went to the same hospital for another CT Scan and she was given a report that she was totally cured of the tumor in the brain.

2. “Similarly, a lady was having pain in her legs and not able to control her steps (a lack of balance) while walking. As the sciatic nerve was found to be damaged, four sittings were given.

  • Her pain subsided, but she could not control her steps. So on further examination, it was found that the root cause was in the brain. I pressed her thumbs on the Pituitary the Pineal gland and the point of controller.
  • They were found to be tender. Thus there was the beginning of a tumour in the brain. With proper treatment of 72 days, she is now able to walk briskly and run”.
  • Thus it is observed that in the case of any problem in the brain, instant Diagnosis is possible with Acupressure.
  • Now thumb represents the head and so in the case of pain when pressed, it denotes trouble in the head. It could be a headache. In most cases, it could be congested cold due to heat.

Detection Of Serious Diseases Thumb Represents The Head And So In The Case Of Pain On Points

But when the patient has long-standing complaints or symptoms denoting damage in the brain, after pressing. After that, in the base of the thumb.

  • If the flow of electricity or cerebrospinal fluid is being hampered, you will find pain on point in the base of the thumb and with the same treatment for 3 to 6 days.
  • And drinking of charged water which has been reduced to 2 glasses from 4 glasses this complaint will disappear. In case of any doubt, the Lymph gland. If there is pain, it denotes a problem in the brain (popularly known as a brain tumor).

Detection Of Serious Diseases Brain Tumour

Problems Of The Brain Meningitis:

At the same time, severe pain denotes congestion of water in the brain and if there is a high fever, along with intense headache and loss of appetite, it denotes Meningitis.

Meningitis Addiction:

  • Further, if found tender, it denotes seriousness, as the Pituitary gland is damaged. At that time, check up. Tenderness or pain on that point shows that control over the organs has become sluggish.
  • Even may be due to addiction or habitual taking of drugs or the side effects of heavy doses of antibiotics.

Muscular Dystrophy

Now, when you observe such pain on all points and there is pain in the calves of the legs, it could be Muscular Dystrophy. Then go into details. Even in the case of retarded children, you will find pain, when pressed on these points.

  • It may be noted that Polio and Parkinson’s disease are due to damage in the brain, so check these points. Do not scare the patient. Assure the patient that these diseases are curable but the curing process will be slow.
  • With proper treatment and brainwashing given to the patient, unbelievable results are obtained.

Muscular Dystrophy Case Studies:

1. “A mother brought a good-looking son of 4/2 years. For fifteen months, he had severe pain in both the calves of legs, sometimes even in the head.

  • And since the last 4 months, he had trouble climbing even one step. A thorough examination revealed that it was a case of Muscular Dystrophy and proper treatment was started.
  • After three months the mother came to me complaining that it is very difficult to control her son. They were staying on the sixth floor. The boy would go down by the lift and climb up the steps again several times a day”.

2. “A gentleman of 52 years old, approached me for his complaint about Muscular Dystrophy (Muscle Weakness), which he got around the age of seventeen.

  • He had been in touch with all the leading hospitals and health institutions for treating this dreaded disease. He was asked to undertake Acupressure treatment.
  • After about 4 months, he was able to get up from his chair without support, could limp and afterward was able to drive the car. As this was an old problem 95 to 100% cure could not be achieved.
  • But he was happy to have 80% improvement and to be free from dependence on others”.

Parkinson’s Disease

When dealing with patients with Parkinson’s Disease, check about Nervous Tension and advise treatment accordingly.

Parkinson’s Disease Case Study:

“A leading pediatrician and surgeon had the problem of Parkinson’s disease. I advised him on the proper treatment for the problem of the brain and showed him the method to remove tension. As a result, his shivering stopped and he became fit to perform operations.”


It is advisable and study HIV. Once one gets an HIV infection, just because it is not understood properly, it develops silently and the first victim is the life partner or husband, and then all the children are born afterward.

  • The treatment of the popular therapy of Allopathy only worsens the matter. It will be surprising to observe that the Diagnosis of HIV is very simple and easy.
  • In the case of any doubt while examining a child patient or a female patient, without hesitation call the family, i.e. father – mother, and other children.
  • First, verify that they have had not any Malaria fever in the near past (30 days). Of course, in that case, there will be obvious symptoms. Then press the spleen.
  • Now if there is pain, it is a clear indication of HIV infection. Such pain is also observed in the case of Cancer of the blood or Thalassemia, but in that case, the symptoms are very obvious.
  • Moreover, in that case, the family is not affected. Now, when you find such pain just check up on other members of the family.
  • In case of such an HIV infection, you will observe that all the members of that family have pain. Thus you become confident to declare the problem as HIV infection which I call an ‘impurity in blood.’

Now, if the patient has acquired such HIV infection casually, he will be looking healthy and there will not be pain on any other points except.

  • But if it is due to sexual relations, there will also be pain. Now, if this HIV infection has developed into AIDS, you will observe pain.
  • In the case of females, if this problem has developed, you will find pain,  (the Lymph gland) and there would be degeneration in the Uterus.
  • In the case of children over and above pain on the Spleen, you will find pain in all organs of the digestive system, i.e. in the advanced stage in short the symptoms are that of Thalassemia.
  • This is a delicate problem and therefore do not go into the cause of how the patient got the HIV infection. Let them think for themselves. It is not always due to having sexual relations with an HIV-affected person.

Assure the family that this is only a paper Dragon, and with proper Acupressure treatment for about 50 to 60 days, the problem will be cured.

  • Only in the case of advanced cases of AIDS, it may take 75 to 90 days, but it will be cured. However, it must be specifically noted that if the stage of AIDS has reached over 80%.
  • Then the chance of survival may be less. But with the treatment, agony, severe pain, and burning sensation will definitely come under control.
  • Thus you will observe that Diagnosis is possible of all the serious and dreaded diseases. Lastly, remember and always keep in mind the Motto -Any feeling of pain.
  • when pressed on the points of any functioning organ or endocrine glands, denotes PROBLEM. One need not worry about the names of such diseases.
  • Just find out the location of such pain and its degree and intensity and advise treatment for the same as per my book “Health in Yours Hands.

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