Cardiovascular Diseases And Its Symptoms

Heart Problems

Killer No. 1 in the U.S.A. and the World. The heart is a specially designed muscle – a non-stop pump, so it can work non-stop from birth till death. It starts functioning from the mother’s womb. So, proper care should be taken by the mother during pregnancy about her health and diet.

Cardiovascular Diseases And Its Symptoms Common Heart Attack Symptoms Male And Females

  • Secondly, the parents-to-be should correct their hormones – especially sex hormones before a child is conceived. We take great care in selecting the seed to be planted so that the plant becomes strong and gives maximum yield.
  • In the same way, the father-to-be should take care of purifying and strengthening his semen. In the same way, the mother-to-be should take care of her ova.

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If her sex glands are functioning properly, she will have regular menses. This can be done very easily:

  1. Remove excess heat from your body.
  2. Drink two glasses of charged water reduced from four glasses of water.
  3. Drink at least 2 to 3 cups of green juice.
  4. Start Acupressure treatment at least 4 months before. That will correct the working of all the organs and also all the endocrine glands.

If this is done religiously, the child to be born will be healthy – no problems with retardation, deafness, or dumbness and not even blindness and the possibility of hereditary disease will be reduced to a minimum.

The case of Alexander the Great is well-known. He was born as a weakling. He became an Emperor. But at the age of only 32, he died of a Heart Attack.

To Know About:

  • How to prepare charged water;
  • How to remove excess heat;
  • How to prepare green juice.

We must know the language of our body. Whenever there is any problem in any organ of the body due to less supply of bioelectricity or gathering of excess toxins around it, that organ informs us through pain.

  • We must immediately give attention to such a notice. In the case of the Heart, such pain in the chest, the Heart is informed that it requires full rest. And if neglected there is a possibility of Heart Attack.
  • So instead of getting panicky and rushing to a cardiologist and then as advised by him going into the Intensive Care Unit of a Hospital, one can go home and take complete bed rest for 72 to 96 hours.
  • During the rest, one should forget worries, watch comedy shows on TV, read comics, laugh heartily, eat a light diet (if possible only fruits and green juices – green salads) listen to soft music, pray to God, and take the treatment for the Heart.
  • And to one’s astonishment, the Heart will start functioning normally. It may be noted that the pills given in the Hospital contain 50% painkiller and 50% sleeping medicine.
  • They also give medicine to thin the blood – which can be easily done by drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water + fruit juices daily. The best medicine for the Heart is complete rest-“SHAVASAN” – lying down like a corpse.

Once, when I was attending a marriage, I saw my relative perspiring profusely – he had also trouble chatting with me. I immediately checked his heart.

  • That point was very tender and painful when pressed. I virtually ordered my relative to go home and take complete bed rest and treatment for the heart which included Acupressure and drinking of charged water.
  • After four days, he went to a cardiologist. After a thorough examination, he told my relative that he had passed through a massive heart attack and heart thereafter was functioning normally. Even after 15 years, my relative is hale and hearty at the age of 75 years.

Cholesterol and the blockade in the arteries of the Heart:

  • Surprisingly, more importance is given to the heart- than to the lungs and liver. Lungs work to purify the blood and the liver neutralizes the toxins.
  • Moreover, to produce bile, the liver uses cholesterol.

So, in case of any problem with high cholesterol, along with a change in the diet (light diet), one must pay attention to activate the liver and do the following:

  1. Gall Bladder and Liver.
  2. Eat 2 pieces of black pepper or clove after each meal.
  3. Eat 1 teaspoon mixture of 50% powder of dried coriander seeds and 50% powder of dried cumin seeds (known in India as Dhania – Jira (-). This is an anti-oxidant and can be taken throughout life.
  4. Eat a mixture of 50% powder of Cinnamon + 50% pure honey – twice a day for 45 to 60 days.
  5. Take Blue light on the liver-stomach area for 4 to 6 minutes twice a day for 12/15 days.

And see the wonderful result just in 15 to 30 days. This treatment is so useful that even if angioplasty or even bypass surgery is advised based on angiography; it will not be required.

  • But along with the above-mentioned treatment, one must take treatment for the heart also. It may be noted that this treatment is tried in the hospitals of Canada and England and wonderful results are obtained.
  • Even in case bypass surgery is again advised, such operations can be averted. After the birth of a child, proper check-up (which is possible through Acupressure without cost) of its body.
  • Should be made within three months and if necessary, correct the working of all the endocrine glands and other organs including the heart.
  • In case any problem is found, even a hole in the heart, it can be corrected e.g., Once a baby was not developing and so was checked by a cardiologist. He found a hole in its heart.
  • As an operation to correct the hole could not be done before the age of twelve, she was asked to see the doctor later on. The mother brought the baby to me.

She was advised to take the treatment mentioned for the heart and just within six months, the baby started growing satisfactorily.

  • At the age of twelve, she was again examined by the same cardiologist and he was surprised to observe that there was no more hole in her heart. And so, the operation was not necessary.
  • Thus, all types of Heart problems can be corrected – better if detected at an early age. The cure will be faster.

Varicose Veins :

  • One must understand that the heart is a pump – working non-stop and so it must be maintained in a proper condition so that pure blood can be sent to all the parts of the body and impure blood is collected back.
  • Now, in the case of a weak heart, if such impure blood cannot be collected properly, the remaining impure blood in the legs and thighs turns into blue varicose veins. And so to cure them, one must take the treatment for the heart.

Pace Maker And Improper Heart Beats

Now for the working of a pump, electricity is required. In our body, electricity is produced in the human atomic reactor of the brain. This bioelectricity activates all the organs of the body and also all the endocrine glands and the heart.

  • So long as the heart gets this electricity, it will function properly. We are well aware that in the case of irregular beats of the heart – denoting heart trouble, a pacemaker is placed under the skin near the heart.
  • Such a pacemaker, through its installed battery, sends electric current to the heart and keeps it functioning normally. Now in Acupressure, you get the same effect as a pacemaker when you press Heart.
  • Thus, when you practice pressing your both palms daily and also pressing the point of the heart, you can avoid any problems with the heart.

Enlarged Heart:

  • Sometimes, the doctors inform the patients that their hearts are enlarged. Nothing to worry about the same. The heart is like a rubber balloon.
  • If it is pressed from the bottom, it will look like being enlarged. In the same way, if the Solar Plexus has shifted upwards, it lifts the diaphragm upwards and that will lift the heart upwards.
  • In such cases, just correct the Solar Plexus and the heart will come to its normal position.

Hearts Problems The Solar Plexus Has Shifted Upwards It Lifts The Upwords And That Will Lift The Heart Upwards

Palpitation or pain in the chest:

  • Such signs denote that the heart requires rest. So, take complete bed rest for 72 to 96 hours. Take the treatment for the Heart.
  • Also, press on the back of the arm as shown in the fig. for 1 minute three times a day and the heart will start functioning normally.

Hearts Problems Back Of The Arm

Improper Circulation Of Blood:

  • This is due to less working of the Adrenal and Thyroid or Parathyroid glands. These glands can be easily activated through Acupressure.
  • I have observed in many cases the problems of the heart, The root cause is less functioning of the Thyroid or Parathyroid, Sex glands, and Adrenal glands, and when corrected, the heart starts functioning normally.
  • It is, therefore, most necessary that the heart functions soundly and properly, these vital endocrine glands should function properly.

Root Causes Of Heart Problems

While treating the problems of the heart, one must remove or cure the root causes that lead to the weakening of the heart, and an increase in the level of cholesterol – which in turn leads to the blockade of arteries and clotting in the blood.

1. Neglect before conceiving and during pregnancy :

  • At the beginning of this chapter, care about the heart before conceiving and during pregnancy is already mentioned.
  • The parents to be, should observe such care and avoid any negligence.

2. After the birth of a child, if proper nutrition, breathing exercises light physical exercises, or outdoor sports and enough rest and acupressure are taken.

  • The heart will function properly till the last minute of life.
  • There will not be any adverse effect on it even of aging.

3. The heart problem is created by the neglect of sex glands which are called Mooladhar Chakra by the great Indian Rishis.

  • The vital semen and ova need to be preserved properly till the age of at least 24 in the males and 21 in the females – when they can marry.
  • And if after marriage both remain faithful to each other – even the frequency of intercourse will be less and they will be able to enjoy a happy, blissful marital life.
  • I have come across hundreds of cases of weak heart problems because the male patients had indulged in masturbation and female patients had the problem of white discharge.
  • Due to such unnatural ejaculation of vital life-enduring substances, excess heat is created in the body. In turn, semen and ova become thin and discharged as nocturnal emissions, and if at that time proper care is not taken.
  • It develops into the uncontrollable discharge of Albumin in the urine. In all such cases, after marriage, there is premature ejaculation and so less satisfaction.

Which in turn leads to an increase in the frequency of intercourse – leading to washing out of vital life force. That is why there are more cases of heart attack in males between the ages of 35 to 40 years this is also confirmed by the WHO.

  • This deficiency can be corrected by taking treatment as mentioned under “Men’s Problems” in my book “Health in Your Hands” and restraint in sex.
  • Improper diet – carelessness – more use of oily-fried eatables and a sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of the increase in the level of cholesterol.
  • Today Fast food + ice creams are encouraged + eating between meals has increased and as such the burden on the digestive system – which includes more burden on the liver has increased.
  • A sluggish liver cannot produce enough bile so enough cholesterol is not consumed by the the liver. This in turn leads to an increase in the level of LDL cholesterol.

So, in order to maintain good condition of the heart, a balanced diet should be taken. One must also avoid eating or drinking which are harmful to oneself.

  • You can easily find out what eatables or drinks are suitable for you or not – as mentioned in my book “Health in Your Hands” under easy way to find out what food or drink is suitable to oneself”.
  • Over and above eating a balanced diet, it is necessary to do some light exercise even outdoor sports.

5. Further, it has been found that improper and excessive use of painkillers leads to the weakening of the heart example Rheumatoid Arthritis. And when such drugs are taken with improper diagnosis, the side effects are quite serious.

6. In serious diseases like Venereal Diseases, Cancer, HIV orbAIDS, impurity of blood, or anemic conditions such as in Thalassemia; Heart is first to be affected.

  • And as such without any negligence, immediate care should be taken to cure these problems.
  • All types of CURES, are possible “Health in Your Hands”.

Signal For Heart Problem:

  • When you the Heart and if there is even slight pain, it denotes some developing problems of the heart and so without neglect, immediate care should be taken for the heart and removal of root causes.
  • In case, there is severe pain in the heart, it denotes an impending heart attack. So immediately take full bed rest for 72 to 96 hours and start Acupressure treatment for the Heart.

Treatment For Any Type Of Heart Problem

Check the Solar Plexus. If it is not in order, correct it. It could be gas trouble. Drink a quarter glass of Soda adding a little black salt to it.

  • It can be a muscular pain starting from the vertebrae to the spinal column. In such a case, give treatment for 3 to 5 minutes on the point in the middle of the back of the left hand.
  • Later on, rub eucalyptus oil or pain balm on the chest as well as around the vertebrae of the spinal column.

Hearts Problems Left Hand

Hearts Problems Right Hand

If however, there is pain it means that the cause of the trouble is in the heart. Immediately take bed rest for 72 to 96 hours and start the following treatment:

  • Give treatment for two minutes on each point twice a day.
  • Give treatment on all the other points on each palm for 5 minutes twice a day.
  • Drink lukewarm concentrated gold or silver or copper or iron charged water (2 glasses reduced from 8 glasses of water), 2 glasses per day for 1 month. Then daily 2 glasses of such charged water are reduced from 4 glasses for a further 60 days.
  • Eat one pomegranate a day. Either eat or drink its juice. Within just 30 days, the level of cholesterol will be normal. For the prevention of any heart problems, you are advised to eat one pomegranate for 30 days every year.
  • Read history. Even though Mughal Emperors were debaucherous, none got a heart attack; because they had a practice of eating pomegranate or drinking its fresh juice during the season.
  • Practise Pranayam – breathing exercises as much as possible.
  • Remove tension – as mentioned in my book “Health in Your Hands.”

During the rest, think over your lifestyle. You will be able to trace the root cause. Such a root cause must be removed. Otherwise, there can be another heart attack.

  • Afterward, lead a normal life, practice Pranayam, and do jogging for at least 3 minutes a day. Continue the treatment once a day.
  • It has been observed that masturbation in early youth is also one of the root causes of heart attacks between the ages of 35 to 50 years. With such previous history, please read the Chapter “Men’s Problems” and control your sexual desire accordingly.
  • Make a mixture of powders of 100 grams of dried coriander seeds + 100 grams of dried cumin seed Keep it in a bottle.
  • Eat one teaspoon of this powder in the morning and evening for 60 days. This is an anti-oxidant and helps in clearing the blockade, if any. It also controls cholesterol.
  • Eat a mixture of half a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon + half a teaspoon of pure honey twice a day for 45 to 60 days.

This method was tried on patients of heart in hospitals in Canada and England. As this mixture activates the liver, the results were surprisingly beneficial.

  • With the treatment taken as per (i) and (j) regularly, one could control the level of cholesterol and thus the heart problem.
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of green juice (fresh) adding 1 tablespoon of honey in each cup. That can make you EVERGREEN.
  • Learn Acupressure. That will help you to cure Heart problems anywhere, For example, My daughter was flying from the U.S.A. to India. She saw the lady sitting beside her feeling very uneasy and heavily perspiring.

My daughter immediately pressed the heart. She found that point was tender.

  • She started giving lady treatment on the brain.
  • Within 5 minutes, the lady got relief and could sleep well and she landed safely in Mumbai to join her doctor husband.
  • Do not worry or panic even when you find pain in the chest or the heart and are advised angiography and then angioplasty or even Heart bypass surgery.
  • Try the above treatment for 15 to 30 days and see the wonderful results. Thus, you will observe that if you just spare 10 minutes a day to press both palms – each palm for 5 minutes – you will not get a heart problem.
  • Death is definite and it will come to each one of us some day and at that time the heart will stop. Till then let the heart function properly and give us good health and happiness.

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