Signs of Ailment Reflection of RG And GL

Signs Of Ailment Reflection

External Signs

When we consume Ganoderma, toxins will start to be expelled from our bodies. This is only the reflection of the discharge of toxins from our body and is called a sign of ailment reflection.


1. Eyes Will Become Reddish

  • If the liver has got high amount of toxins, our eyes either one or both will become reddish and it is an indication that the body is discharging the toxins from our lever.
  • Eyes have a close relationship with the condition of the liver. We can understand that Reishi is acting on the liver to set it right by discharging the toxins from it.

2. Blurry Eyesight

Such blurring eyesight will usually occur in the mornings. It is an indication that Reishi is regulating the liver.

3. Disposal Of Wastes From Eyes

  • Since the function of detoxification of the liver is in progress, the functioning of the liver will be irregular.
  • Discharge of waste from the eyes indicates an excessive amount of acidity in the body.
  • Discharge of tears from the eyes is an indication that they are emotionally related to the liver. That is why emotional disturbances, especially anger affect the eyes.


As per physiology, the nose has a close affiliation with the lungs and throat.

  1. If excessive toxins are in the lungs, it will create a nasal block.
  2. When toxins are discharged, the acidity of the body will increase. That is why the body becomes heated, but this need not be construed as fever.
  3. Mucus will be discharged from the lungs and throat and cough will also be associated with it.
  4. The throat will become dry and itchy.

We have to understand that the above reflections indicate that toxins are being discharged from our bodies. Generally, we have to consume more amount of water, when the ailment reflection is there.


Related To The Function Of The Digestive System.

Pale Lips

Pale lips are an indication that the digestive system is weak and gas is in the stomach.

  1. Reishi identifies the disorders of the stomach of the patients having such ailment reflections, removes toxins from the stomach and regulates the digestive system.
  2. If excess toxins are in the stomach, not only the lips become pale, but the lips will also become dry and cracky.

Signs Of Ailment Reflection Of RG And GL Human Vital Signs

Mouth And Tongue

The ailment reflections will show the connection between heart and blood circulation.

  1. Swollen tongue, gums and other related problems are indications that there are problems in our hearts.
  2. Moreover, due to the increased deposit of fat substances in the blood vessels, there is also the possibility of offering a block in blood circulation.
  3. If the ulcer is on the tongue, mouth or gum, it is an indication that excess acidity is in our body.
  4. If the mouth emits bad breath, it is an indication that there are digestive disorders in the stomach and toxins are being removed from the stomach.


Ear Is Closely Associated With Our Kidneys.

  1. If an excess amount of toxins is in our kidneys, will make our ears blocked.
  2. If the kidneys are weak and their functions are irregular, excessive sound will be created in our ears and our feet will have more pain.

But after we walk for some distance, the pain will recede.


Skin is the biggest part of our human body. It is only through our skin that the toxins get out of our bodies.

  1. If Uric Acid is in excess in our body, our sweating will be salty When the toxins are removed by Ganoderma from our skin, bad odour will come from our skin.
  2. When the toxins not soluble in water are discharged from our skin, rashes and boils will appear on our skin.
  3. When water-soluble toxins are removed from our skin, the skin will become blistered and watery.

Joints Hands And Feet

Hot Sensation

Indications of injury on the joints or gout.

Non-Hot Sensation

Indications of rheumatic pains.

Pain On Shoulders

Due to the thickening of blood vessels, the system of metabolism is not functioning properly This is an indication of the advanced stage of the disorder.

Shivering Of Hand

It is an indication that the blood circulation in the upper part of the body is irregular.

Numbness On Left Hand And Arm

This is an indication of a weak heart. if the pain moves to the arm and stays there, a heart attack may happen at any time.

Numbness In The Foot

This is an indication that the blood circulation in the lower part of the body is irregular.

Pain In The Soles

This is an indication that our kidneys have become weak and the capacity of their function has decreased.

Painful Heels

This is an indication of a weak sex function.

Hot Sensation In The Soles

This is an indication that the kidneys are not functioning properly due to a weak sex function.

Interna Signs Head

Generally, all reactions that occur in the head are related to the blood circulation system, heart and brain nerves.

Pain On The Front Side Of The Head

This is the indication of neurosis due to mental burden and too much thinking.

Pain On The Rear Side Of The Head

The pain in the upper part is the indication of high blood pressure and pain in the lower part is the indication of either high or low blood pressure.

Headache And Gas Emitted Out Of Earlobe

This is an indication of a migraine.

Boils On Head

This is the indication for the removal of toxins and sometimes due to migraine.


This is the indication of an insufficient supply of blood or irregular blood circulation.


Due to the disorder of the throat and lungs, the blood vomited will be thick red. Tuberculosis is an example of this.

  1. If excess toxins and ulcers are in the stomach, dark blood will be vomited.
  2. If thick saliva is discharged, it is an indication of the disposal of toxins from the throat due to infection or cancer.
  3. If the tongue is stressed and tensed, it is an indication of heart disease.


Frequent urination is an indication that the kidney has an excessive amount of toxic waste.

  1. If the urine is chalky, it is an indication of the presence of a stone in the kidney.
  2. If the urine is oily, it is an indication that lipid waste is in the kidney.
  3. If the urine is thick and brownish, it indicates that the process of removal of toxins from the kidney is on.
  4. If blood is oozing along with urine, it is an indication that either there are kidney stones or the kidney is injured.


Diarrhoea and frequent discharge of motion an indications that many toxins are in the stomach.

  1. If diarrhoea occurs immediately after the use of Ganoderma, it is an indication that there is abnormal growth of cells in the colon.
  2. Constipation is an indication of the cleansing of toxins from the small intestines.
  3. If faeces with blood are discharged, it is an indication that piles or cancer problems is in the intestine.
  4. If the ulcer problem is in the intestines or stomach, dark blood will be discharged along with the motion.
  5. Discharge of dark faeces is an indication that the intestine is disposing of toxic waste.

Emotional Reaction

Feeling Of Sudden Shock

This is an indication of the weak functioning of the kidney and weak sex function.

Bad Tempered

This is an indication that the function of the liver is weak and the sex desire is also weak.


This is an indication of improper lung functioning.


This is an indication that the function of the heart is weak, the condition of the brain nerve system is poor and the blood circulation is improper.

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