Reishi Essence Of Mashroom

Using Reishi In The Prevention Of Sickness

In contemporary living, meat constitutes a major part of our diet and with the abundant supply of frozen, processed food products compounded by chemical additives such as emulsifiers and preservatives.

  • A large proportion of the population is constantly in the state of “:pre-illness.” Once that illness manifests, recovery can be slow and difficult.
  • Under these circumstances, it is wise to prevent any deterioration in health rather than seek a cure after illness prevails.
  • Fortunately, Reishi is such a superb medication because of its extensive properties which are both curative and preventive.
  • It produces exceptional results when used by one who is prone to illness in the pre-illness stage.

When you take an anti-cold tablet for a cold it may stop running nose, or stuffy nose, but may induce drowsiness. The effect is relief of cold and the side effect is drowsiness.

  1. When you take ampicillin capsules, for respiratory diseases like bronchitis, the effect is the relief of bronchitis and the side effect is diarrhea.
  2. But Reishi does not produce side effects.
  3. However, it produces reactions, which is called ailment reflection.
  4. Reactions are transient in nature.

For example, when your hall is cleansed of dust, you may react with sneezing, coughing, etc. This is not a disease but a reaction to dust.

  1. Similarly, when toxins are removed from cells, the body reacts by the same symptoms of the disease.
  2. This is known as the Healing Process or Ailment reflection.
  3. If the reaction is tolerable, continue the dose. If intolerable reduce the dose.
  4. Let the body adjust to the dose. Later you may increase the dose.

Reishi King Of Herbs

38000 varieties of mushrooms are there in all.

  • 2000 varieties are edible for human consumption.
  • 200 varieties have medicinal property
  • 6 varieties alone have superior therapeutic value.
  • DXN Gano has all the therapeutic values of these 6 varieties.
  • Reishi is capable of identifying and relieving diseases.

Reishi can penetrate into all the cells of the body and remove the toxins deposited thereon.

Reishi Ganoderma 200 Active Elements

Reishi King Of Herbs Active Elements

How Reishi Works

Reishi is not a medicine that cures any disease directly.

The Important Functions Of Reishi Are :

  • Cleanses cells of toxins
  • Strengthens cell membranes so that toxins will find it difficult to enter cells.
  • It functions in both ways one by removing toxins from the cell and the other by preventing further entry of toxins into the body.
  • Hence Reishi is not disease-specific, it is cell-specific; enters into all cells and cleanses Toxins.
  • The cells thus freed from toxins improve their immunity power which helps to relieve diseases.
  • Hence it is classified as an Adaptogen in the modern medical field.
  • It functions on all parts of the body.
  • It does not create any side effects.
  • Has an overall normalizing effect.
  • Dose not only acts on diseases at sites but in cells of the whole body.
  • Non Toxic
  • No side effects but only reactions Re-actions are just responses to the removal of toxins and are transient in nature.
  • Reactions occur due to the dissolution and discharge of stored toxins.
  • Overall Normalising Effect.

Focus And Achieving Of Gano Therapy

Strengthen the natural healing process of the body.

  • Increase oxygen Supply
  • De- Toxification
  • Scanning the body.
  • Cleansing-de-Toxiflcation of the cells.
  • Regulating body function.
  • Building Resistance of the body against diseases. Regenerating body cells.

Reishi Essence Of Mashroom


Reishi King Of Herbs Essence Of Mushroom


  • Lanstan -impedes allergy.
  • Immunity is nature’s gift to fight infections. When the Immune System Weakens, diseases take over.
  • Due to the enhancement of the System, the body is able to get the diseases treated by itself.
  • Researchers have found that E S. P is effective in suppressing cancer cells from spreading.
  • Increases the power of the pancreas and regulates the sugar level of the body.
  • Improves the count of Red and White Blood cell


  • Naturally secreted at nerve cells.
  • Is a sleep-promoting substance in the body.
  • This is not found in any other herb.
  • An additional quantity of adenosine in Reishi enables GQS (Good Quality Sleep).
  • Is a potent regulator of cellular function.
  • Maintains the balance between tissue energy supply and demand.
  • Helps to increase the amount of blood current and improves blood supply to the organs of the body.


  • 112 types are found. Contains ganoderic acids.
  • Animal studies have revealed that it caps mast cells from releasing histamines.
  • Therefore reduces the chances of allergy and is considered a boon for asthmatic people.
  • Ganoderic acids seem to lower blood pressure
  • Found to be reducing LDL fat (Low Density Lipoprotein)
  • LDL fats are responsible for increasing cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Improves the production of interferon and develops the power of immunity.

Organic Germanium

  1. Prevents cell decay and ensures a longer lifespan.
  2. Good for Epilepsy.
  3. Heart Problems.
  4. Hastens the healing process of wounds.
  5. Good for post-operative treatment.

Ganoderic Essence

  1. Overcomes skin diseases
  2. Beautifies skin
  3. Useful for open wounds
  4. Topical application

Ganocelium GL

  • Brain Tonic
  • Improves Memory power.
  • Gives Peace of Mind.
  • Prevents Tumor-Boon for cancer patients.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Cleanses Toxin.
  • Improves nerve function.

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