Hiv Or Aids Disease Symptoms And Treatment


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is popularly known as AIDS. It is the most serious stage after one gets HIV infection. However, that stage does not come overnight.

  • It has been found that after one gets an HIV infection, it takes 2 to 12 years before this stage is reached – when rare illness of opportunistic diseases like Pneumocystis Carinii pneumonia – called PCP and Kaposi’s sarcoma, etc.
  • occur in the body. If untreated, or if the symptoms of the diseases are not diagnosed in time, these diseases prove fatal in 10 to 30% of the cases.
  • As AIDS is not cured by antibiotics and other drugs available to the present medical science, the doctors are baffled and so the world is terrorized by this dreaded epidemic.
  • According to the statistics, in 1993, 1.5 million people in the U.S.A. we afflicted by AIDS, plus 1 to 2 million people were feared to have HIV infection which is the causative agent.

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HIV Or AIDS HIV Infection Which Is The Causative Agents

This disease is spreading to other countries of the world. The spread of this disease has created another big problem how to provide medical care to the increasing number of infected people.

  • Many doctors refuse to treat such patients. Thus, AIDS has become a big dilemma and threat to mankind. It is surprising to note that like cancer, AIDS has not been understood properly and so proper treatment is not being given.
  • It is accepted that this disease develops after getting a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection, which attacks the white cells of the blood, and in the fight against HIV, more and more white cells are destroyed, thus damaging the immune system of the body.
  • When such white cells become less than 200, AIDS is confirmed and no cure for the same has been found so far. At this stage, the patient gets infectious illness of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) and Kaposi’s sarcoma, etc. Slowly and steadily, it becomes fatal.

How does one get an HIV Infection?

  • To understand this problem, one must study how one gets HIV infection and how such infection develops into AIDS. It is now accepted that one gets such HIV infection through the body liquids of the affected person, i.e. blood, semen, and saliva.
  • It is not contagious and so one does not get it, by shaking hands or kissing the patient. And so there is no chance of being infected by HIV.
  • While treating these patients affected with HIV infection and AIDS. One gets such HIV infection through:

HIV Infection Blood Transfusion:

  • All the blood collecting agencies of the world must take precautions to test the donor’s blood.
  • Only in emergency cases and when all other treatments have failed, should surgery be resorted to. This will minimize the need for blood transfusion.

HIV Infection Use of needles:

  • All medical practitioners using needles for giving injections MUST ensure the use of disposable needles. They should sterilize the needle before reuse.
  • Because drug addicts often use the same needle, HIV is widely prevalent among them.
  • A cure for drug addiction, as mentioned below has been found effective and should be widely propagated.

Hiv Or Aids Disease Symptoms And Treatment HIV Or Aids

How to stop Drug Addiction?

Continue the treatment for two minutes three times a day on the point shown 3″ above ear lobes on both sides of the head.

  • Give general treatment together with two minutes of treatment each on endocrine glands at least thrice a day.
  • Give two glasses of gold or silver or copper or iron charged water reduced from six glasses for one month. Then give two glasses of this water reduced from four glasses for a further two months.
  • The craving for drugs will be greatly reduced within 15/20 days. Only then can the patient be asked to stop the drugs. Meanwhile, the quantity of drug intake may be reduced progressively.
  • Give the patient two to three cups of green juices and one to two glasses of fruit juices daily.
  • During the three-month treatment, give blue light on the head and the spinal cord for five minutes each twice a day.

HIV Or AIDS Ear Lobes On The Both Sides Of The Head

“One young man, aged 22, had been taking drugs for about six years. He also had the habit of masturbation. He started the Acupressure treatment.

  • After 20 days, he stopped taking drugs. Within 45 days, not only did he become free from addiction, but his masturbating habit had considerably decreased. He became an ardent follower of Acupressure.
  • Strict warnings must be given to drug addicts that they will not be given any health care if they get HIV infection. All the governments should agree to severely punish all the persons found to be dealing drugs.
  • The very root cause has to be eliminated. Thus, one of the main causes of AIDS can be controlled.

Sex Abuse

Another cause of HIV infection is Sex Abuse. It must be noted that sex is a fragile toy. If the child does not take care of it while playing with it, the toy will break and the child will cry to escape the punishment.

  • Society of gay people – homosexuals and heterosexuals behave like children playing with this fragile toy of sex.
  • These people should be strictly warned, that they should change their sexplay – stop oral sex and anal sex – so that HIV infection does not spread any more.
  • Moreover, they should be given a warning that they will not get any health care. Society cannot pay for their sexual abuse. It is high time we investigated why one becomes homosexual. Wherever possible, preventive measures should be taken.
  • Secondly, all heterosexuals with HIV infection should be sterilized, so that they do not spread this disease to their children through their wives. These people should get the HIV Test done periodically and MUST have safe sex till they are declared negative.

Wives of these heterosexuals must be given rights to get

  1. Immediate divorce and
  2. Proper compensation, if it is found that they got HIV from their husbands.

Any pregnant lady, suspecting HIV should get the HIV Test done and terminate pregnancy, if found to be positive. The couple suffering from HIV can adopt children – but should not be allowed to produce children with HIV.

Understanding AIDS

To understand this disease more easily, let us consider our body as a fort-a castle – with seven gates – which are the endocrine glands. Blood and saliva are the pipelines. Now, the HIV infection is an unknown enemy. It gets into the bloodstream damaging the supply line of nutrition and the central powerhouse (the brain).

  • By the time the enemy is known, the damage is too much, but not beyond cure. At this stage, under the popular treatment, the bombardment of antibiotics and heavy drugs is made inside the fort. Consequently, there are fires (ulcers in the stomach, mouth, etc.).
  • Even the pipelines are damaged and so the necessary supply of nutrition starts getting depleted. Consequently, the defense immune system of the body becomes weak. A vicious cycle starts.
  • The first gate to be damaged is the Thyroid or Parathyroid (depleting the supply of calcium), and the second one will be Sex-Gonads or glands, in the case of sex abuse (affecting phosphorus supply).
  • The third gate to be damaged will be the Lymph gland, as it is taxed from two fronts, on the one hand, it has to fight the toxin of HIV infection, on the other hand, it has to work more to remove excess dead cells dying daily.

Thus the immune system becomes weak. But as the vicious cycle continues with more and more bombardment of heavier, powerful antibiotic drugs that are administered it only damages more and more houses inside.

  • The fort – (more organs are damaged, setting in of more and more infectious diseases) slowly and steadily, the other gates become weak.
  • Even the people in the fort get annoyed with such bombardment and may stop their cooperation, i.e. internal immune system stops functioning.
  • It is a well-known fact of science that when the internal force is reduced to air from a tin box outside force (air) will crush it. In the same way, infectious diseases attack the body from all the gates.
  • The weakened defense force cannot fight on all gates. One by one, the gates are lost and eventually the battle is lost- as the vital pipelines are cut off.
  • Most people with Kaff temperament get infected with PCP and some people with Pitta temperament get infected with Kaposi’s sarcoma.
  • The best way to win this battle against HIV infection and prevent the development of AIDS is to empower the gates (activate the endocrine glands) and protect the pipelines (purify the blood).
  • Activate the defense immune system and proper lights to be arranged in all the dark corners (activate all the organs) of the fort, so that this enemy cannot hide. It has to run away.

Development Of AIDS From HIV Infection

Here such patients can be divided into two categories:

1. HIV Infection due to sex abuse: In this case, the Thyroid or Parathyroid, Sex glands (Gonads), Adrenal gland Lymph glands, and liver are already damaged.

  • Moreover, these patients do not change their lifestyles so, when drugs are administered blindly, excess heat is created.
  • This leads to ulcers, and more damage to the liver, reducing its capacity to create more bile to control acidity and the bacteria and a vicious cycle develops in such a way that with every extra dose of more powerful drugs.
  • And antibiotics, more and more infectious diseases develop and within two years or less, the AIDS stage is reached.

2. HIV Infection is the result of casual, unsafe sex or blood transfusion in a normally healthy person: Here it takes from three years to twelve years before the AIDS stage is reached.

  • Now let us see how AIDS develops. When one gets HIV infection, the immune system of the body puts up a spirited fight. The first gland to be affected is Thyroid or Parathyroid, which leads to the deficiency of calcium and iodine in the body.
  • As all the endocrine glands are interconnected, the next gland to be damaged is the Sex gland or Gonad, which controls the digestion of phosphorous in the body.
  • When these two glands do not function properly, the internal heat of the body is reduced, reducing the hunger which leads to the creation of excess water in the body-leading to frequent colds and sinus for which antibiotics or drugs are administered.
  • This consequently leads to the production of more H+ in the body. Consequently, the liver is damaged. This leads to Candidiasis. The mouth and esophagus are the most common sites in such HIV patients.
  • This leads to ulcers in the mouth and rectum leading to chronic mucocutaneous or disseminated herpes or complex virus infection.
  • Sometimes, the body tries to remove excess heat by creating loose motions which is considered chronic Cryptosporidiosis, an intestinal infection. As the body is not supplemented with proper nutrition, the vital supply of nutrition is damaged.
  • Later on, the Adrenal gland is damaged, and it damages proper oxygenation in the body. Together with this, sinus cold affects the lungs, and this leads to cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, causing more severe effects.

As the lungs are damaged, proper supply of purified blood to the brain. is affected and damages the vital

  1. Pineal gland – which leads to Cryptococcosis, a fungal infection attacking the lungs, which may spread to the brain leading to Meningitis.
  2. Damage to the Pituitary leading to damage to the optic nerve – Toxoplasmosis, damaging eyesight. Meanwhile, the lifestyle is not changed, nor the endocrine glands (which create hormones – which work as antibiotics) are activated.

lymph gland has to overwork; it has to work to remove the daily dead cells and also to remove more and more white cells dying in the fight against HIV infection. As the Lymph gland is tired and functions less, more and more toxins gather in the body damaging the kidneys.

  • During this process, a period of three to twelve years, as the drugs or antibiotics are not effective, not only does the body not create resistance against them, but also it helps the infection to flourish.
  • Consequently, the tired endocrine glands stop functioning, and the whole immune system stops functioning. Thus, AIDS starts, and most of the patients -80% PCP owing to a gathering of more mucus in the lungs.
  • And the rest are infected by Kaposi’s sarcoma – the eruption of excess heat from the body. And even at this stage as no effective medicines are given, the rare infectious diseases become fatal.
  • It’s a fact that HIV/AIDS is not properly understood. Even though the vital endocrine glands play an important role in the immune defense system of our body, it is a pity that their functioning is not properly understood and so it has not been possible to control them.
  • Moreover, as this HIV infection affects the white cells in the blood, and therefore, necessary steps should be taken to detoxify and purify the blood, but unfortunately, this is not done.
  • And so, more and more unwise use of powerful drugs (steroids) and antibiotics, acts only to lead the HIV patient to become the victim of AIDS.

One must know that heavy dosages of antibiotics or other drugs have not been effective so far and it is high time that alternative medicines were tried.

  • Even the experts on AIDS have admitted that in some cases, the treatment of alternative medicines has been found effective.
  • There are several instances, around California where patients who after trying the popular allopathic treatment unsuccessfully, have tried alternative medicines, natural cures Chinese drugs, etc., and the positive HIV Test has become negative.
  • Surprisingly, Acupressure can play a great role in the early detection and then prevention of HIV infection developing into AIDS by curing it within eight to twelve weeks; and then CURING even 50 to 70% of patients of AIDS.


Acupressure can play an important role in the early detection of HIV infection. In blood cancer, the degeneration of the blood is a slow process and only after the other digestive organs and endocrine glands are damaged, the spleen the producer of blood is affected.

  • So there is pain on its left palm or sole, along with pain also.
  • Now, in the case of HIV infection, it affects the blood – so even when a person looks healthy, one would find pain – hurting on the point of the spleen and may be on the point of the lymph gland which has to overwork to fight out infection.
  • Thus, when there is a hurting – uneasy pain point of the spleen, and Thyroid or Parathyroid it can be an indication of HIV infection.
  • In cases where HIV has advanced, there will be pain even in the lymph gland. In case of doubt, check the family- husband-wife and all children below 20 years of age.
  • In the case of HIV patients with sexual abuse, there would be pain even on point of (Gonads). Sex glands and on point of Adrenal (showing excess heat in the body). In case, these patients have diabetes. the disease develops rapidly.

Diagnosis Cure:

  • Once HIV infection is located, the treatment must be started immediately. The whole body has to be treated and not the symptoms. One important thing the patient MUST follow is to stop the root causes by which one gets HIV infection.
  • For example, when a plane is ready for take-off, all other systems are closed, till it is airborne, in the same way, one must stop all the activities that would burden the organs, especially the digestive organs and endocrine glands.

Treatment will be as follows:

  1. Stop taking all cooked foods, as well as milk, tea, coffee, and tobacco, thus preventing toxins from coming into the body. Also stop taking salt, meat, fats, and liquor.
  2. To empower the life battery and functioning of all organs of the body, drink four glasses of gold silver copper, or iron-charged water, reduced from 16 glasses of water. (Method to prepare such water is given.
  3. This water works as an antibiotic – (without any side effects) and peps up all the organs.
  4. To detoxify the body, a change in the diet is utmost necessary.
    • Give two to three glasses of fresh fruit juice. (pineapple juice is found to be very effective.)
    • Give three to four cups of green juice – extract of leafy vegetables – sprouted Chinese green peas, etc. cereals, radish-carrots + ginger + Amla (concentrated Vitamin C). In one cup of such juice add 1 tablespoonful of pure honey.
    • The patient can eat as much green salad and as many fruits as he desires.
    • Give daily enema of lukewarm water adding to it 2 teaspoonfuls of coffee powder and castor oil for 15/20 days. This will purify the anus and the large intestines.
    • Give an extract of

21 leaves of bitter neem tree with stem.
21 leaves with the stem of holy basil (Tulsi).
21 leaves of Bilipatra (Eagle Mar)
daily with honey, first thing in the morning.

This has been found very effective in purifying the blood. Where fresh leaves are not available, one can take five drops of extract (tincture) of these three types of leaves (a Homoeopathic medicine) twice a day.

  • Stimulating all the organs and endocrine glands by giving 5+5 minutes pressure on points of both the palms and then one to two minutes pressure on all the points which are painful and on all the points of all the endocrine glands thrice a day.
  • In the case of female patients, vaginal douche has to be given twice for the first 15 days and then once a day.
  • Abstinence from sex for 60 days.
  • The body can be supplemented with biochemical salts of (mixture of) pills or powder

Cal. Phos – 30 x (1 oz)
Kali Phos – 30 x (1 oz)
Kali Mur – 30 x (1 oz)
Ferrum Phos – 30 x (1 oz)
Kali Iodide – 30 x (1 oz)

(If Kali Iodide is not available in powder or pill form, add its tincture in another pill or powder. Give two grains of powder or six pills – thrice daily). No eatables for 15 minutes before and after taking this medicine.

  • In the case of patients who have already developed AIDS, treatment to remove excess heat as mentioned below is to be given:
  • First treatment for 15 days should be given then the treatment should be stopped for 10 days and then again the treatment be given for 15 days.
  • This will control fever, if any. In the case of fever, give as much warm water to drink and for treatment for fever. Deep breathing – Pranayam, with Linga Mudra and Pran Mudra for PCP.
  • Sheetli and Varuna Mudra for patients of Kaposi’s sarcoma. The blue light on the whole body + urine therapy should also be tried for quicker results.
  • Thus, within eight to twelve weeks, the HIV infection will come under control and the ELISA TEST will become negative. Thus HIV can be prevented from turning into AIDS. Moreover, the same treatment could be more effective, even, for patients with AIDS.

Treatment For Aids

Now AIDS patients have two main diseases: PCP and Kaposi’s sarcoma.


The above treatment is very effective.

  1. To remove Eosinophilia from the blood, they should take the following for 15 to 20 days.
  2. After sunrise, take half a teaspoon of half-ground Bishop seeds, soak them in lemon drops for at least two hours, and eat the same before sunset.
  3. Lie down on the back. Ask someone to pour one or two tablespoonfuls of honey in the mouth in such a way that it goes directly into the throat.
  4. They should first take red or orange light for two to four minutes on the chest – both lungs and back. Then blue light should be given for five to ten minutes twice a day. Stop taking light, when heat is felt.
  5. They should do Sun Mudra, and Linga (Shiv) Mudra. and the Pran Mudra.
  6. Do the following twice a day when under an attack of breathlessness:

Press hard on the back, of the points shown for ten seconds and pause. Repeat for a few minutes.

HIV Or AIDS Press Hard On Back On The Points

At the same time, ask the patient to rub from the middle of the chest to the sides for two to five minutes. Also, give treatment for one minute on the point shown below the neck.

HIV Or AIDS To Rub From The Middle Of The Chest To The Sides For Two To Five Minutes

  • This pressing and rubbing on the chest is also very useful and effective at the time of attack of asthma. It may be noted that during this treatment, cold will increase. That is a positive sign of recovery.
  • In that case, drink hot or lukewarm water, reduce food, or take more fruits or green juices enabling the body to throw out the excess water and toxins from the system.


Press on the points on the back and rub on the chest. Also, do Sun Pranayam.

Kaposi’s sarcoma:

1. Remove heat as mentioned below:

  • To remove the excess heat from the body:
  • Take one teaspoonful of Haritki Churna (Harde Powder Powder of Terminalia Chebula Retz) + 1/2 teaspoonful of sugar first thing in the morning for eight to ten days continuously, then twice a week. This will also keep the bowels clean.
  • Take the powder of 15 black pepper (fat) + 2 teaspoonfuls of crystal sugar. Soak them in 1 glass of water overnight. Blend it and drink it all first thing in the morning for 15 days.
  • After 15 days, add 5 almonds in blending and drink for a further 10 days. This is very useful even for jaundice, psoriasis, sunstroke, etc.

Kaposi’s sarcoma After 25 days:

  • Take five black peppers + 10/12 black raisins + 1 teaspoonful of Saunf. Soak them in one glass of water in the evening. The next day, blend them and drink them in the afternoon. It’s a useful drink in summer.
  • Take an equal quantity of cumin seed powder, black pepper, amla powder, crystal sugar, and ginger powder. Grind them together and keep them in a bottle. Take one teaspoonful of this powder with water in the morning and evening.

2. Apply green juice and pulp of vegetables on the skin and give blue light on the same for five to ten minutes twice a day.

  • During this treatment drugs are to be stopped gradually for four to six days, and four pills of Thuja 200 – (a Homoeopathic medicine) are to be taken once a day for three days. This will counter the side effects of the drugs taken previously.
  • It may be noted that this treatment is harmless (no side effects), does not cost much, and could be easily taken by the patient or can be given to the patient by his or her relatives at home.
  • I have heard of wonderful results in all types of cancer or HIV and have found that this treatment is effective in at least 60 to 75% patients of with AIDS.

Kaposi’s sarcoma Prevention:

The first cause of HIV infection, i.e. through blood can be prevented by medical people. And patients with drug addiction can be given treatment and warning. Thus, this cause can be also eliminated.

Another cause is sex abuse:

It may be possible to treat homosexuals and heterosexuals as patients. And if proper treatment is given to them, they may become normal.

Another cause is sex abuse Safe Sex:

When a male is aroused by sexual desire, he is not able to use his discretion to use condoms and have safe sex. The following treatment will enable the person to have self-control and safe sex.

Another cause is sex abuse Control:

  • Take a rubber ball of about 2″ in diameter – like a tennis ball. Place it under the seat between the anus and testicles when loose clothes are worn. Sit on the ball for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
  • This method can be tried by women and is very effective in leucorrhoea.

HIV Or AIDS Leucorrhaea

How to increase spermatozoa in the semen?

  1. Abstain from sex.
  2. Keep control as mentioned above.
  3. Drink two glasses of gold or silver or copper or iron-charged water reduced from four glasses.
  4. After 15 days of the above treatment, take one dry fig and one dry date. Cut them into small pieces and soak them in one cup of water. Next day morning, drink this water, chew the small pieces of fig, and date.

And drink one cup of hot milk with one teaspoonful of crystal sugar and one cardamom. Within three to six months, the sperm will increase to a normal level.

  • The above treatment can also be taken by childless couples. After four to six months of treatment and in more than 75% of cases, they will be blessed with a child.
  • If the growing youths are taught the treatment of acupressure from the age of ten to twelve, they will be able to control themselves and refrain from sex and drug delinquency. Moreover, they can be taught the above method of self-control.
  • It is high time to pause and think. Sex is a great pleasure, but care should be taken in its indulgence. In nature, it comes naturally. Animals have self-sex control.
  • In our world, on one hand, sex is exploited and then a complaint is made of sexual abuse. In the case of diabetes, self-control is advised. Excessive use of sugar or sweets for diabetic patients is dangerous. Then, why not there be self-restraint for sex?
  • It may be noted that popular medical treatment has failed to prevent the causes of diabetes, cancer, and AIDS. Let’s go back to Mother Nature and try natural therapies.
  • The results will be wonderful and there will be health and happiness in the world. If mankind desires to survive the dreaded diseases, one must go back to nature and accept its health sciences.

Man must realize, reconsider the whole aspect, and make amends to his wife and children who have been forcibly made victims of HIV infection and AIDS.

  • It should be accepted that sex abuse is a disease like drug addiction and proper treatment for the same must be started at once on a war footing.
  • It may be noted that in underdeveloped countries, sex is one of the major attractions for pleasure. Sex is being provoked more and more through cinema, magazines, and TV.
  • It is possible that if all the people are medically examined, it may be found that HIV has reached alarming levels. And if proper steps are not taken at the earliest, it will spread like wildfire and can become a great danger to life on the earth.

I, therefore, suggest the following:

  1. A team of young volunteers from student universities + trained nurses + dedicated social workers + retired professors and teachers are to be created and trained in Acupressure.
  2. Such training can be completed in 12/16 hours by reading my book “Health in Your Hands” at least twice and making note of what they have not understood. Such training camps can be arranged at a few important centers in each country.
  3. After training in Acupressure is completed, free health camps should be arranged in the maximum number of centers and it must be made compulsory for all the families to come forward for a check-up.
  4. They will be checked up thoroughly and proper guidance about the treatment will be given to them for not only HIV but also for all types of diseases.
  5. A small booklet about HIV should be prepared in local languages and given to each family.
  6. All the females engaged in commercial sex should be checked up and proper treatment should be suggested. They should be taught how to use vaginal douche every day.
  7. All the females found to have such infection should be given treatment and shown the use of vaginal douche.
  8. All the youths should be made aware of the dangers of free sex and its adverse consequences. They should be taught to control their sexual desire which is possible. After the age of 21 condoms should be made freely available.

The volunteers should visit each family in pairs examine all the members and teach them how to take Acupressure treatment at home.

  1. In this work, the help of local nurses should be taken. They will be able to show and teach the use of vaginal douche to women.
  2. The affected patients should be convinced and persuaded to come to the health centers every 15 days. At these health centers, provisions should be made to supply charged water.
  3. All positive patients of HIV must be strictly warned about the grave consequences and be given thorough treatment for two/three months till their infection is cured.
  4. The affected children should be given treatment for three months. The state should provide them with fresh fruits and black raisins which are a must to combat their Thalassemia.
  5. Retired professors and teachers should be included in the training camp and later on they should be given the charge of health centers where training can be imparted.
  6. Thus, if such action is taken on a war footing, not only HIV but even cancer, cataracts, asthma, diabetes, and other diseases will be cured and controlled. In short, within only 24/45 months, health can be guaranteed to all.

The cost involved is very negligible. Benevolent organizations and social organizations like Rotary, Lions, and Giants International clubs can assist. Even the health department of all the Governments can contribute.

  1. On my part, I am willing to train 300 to 1000 volunteers at each centre, to supervise such health camps and give them expert guidance whenever necessary, free of charge.
  2. In this prestigious project, the local newspapers and magazines can play an important role. Wherever possible, the use of the powerful medium of TV, seminars, and demonstrations should be made. Video cassettes can be prepared for the laymen.

How To Prevent Disaster After Marriage

The physical aspect of a marriage is

  1. Satisfaction in sex
  2. To have healthy children.

Now certificates about physical fitness and that the boy or girl has NO HIV are not possible. After marriage, one comes to know about any deficiency and as regards HIV, one comes to know of it after they have children and these children are having problems.

  • Only then if the couple goes to an Acupressurist, will he or she be able to find out about HIV while going through the root cause. Meanwhile, the couple may have more than one child.
  • Even when they come to know about the deficiency of semen or come to know about HIV, it is very difficult to abstain from sex, which is very necessary for the cure of these problems.
  • I have been very much perturbed to observe that every week, I come across more than 100 cases of problems in children and women; where these problems are related to V. D., deficiency in semen, and HIV.
  • It is a pity that society has not paid attention to this growing problem. Even I have found HIV among college-going boys and girls. Acupressure can prevent such problems.
  • One must know about this Health Science, at least those youths who would be going for marriage. First, they should use this therapy and cure their health problem if any.

Before engagement and marriage, one should take the following precautions:

  • Now if the half-moons are not visible in any of the fingers except the thumb or the first finger called the index finger, OR these white moons are not milky white but look dull like water in the nails of the boy.
  • Then it denotes that he may have some sex deficiency due to masturbation. In the case white spots are coming out of these white moons, it indicates that still masturbation is continued.
  • Now if the same thing is observed in the girl, it denotes that she may have the problem of white discharge, known as Leucorrhoea.
  • She may have problems in conceiving or the children to be born would be weak and she may not be able to satisfy her husband and be able to accept the extra liability of the marriage.

Pain On The Spleen

The left palm. one would find pain on this point if:

  1. One has Malaria for more than 20 days. There I will get a doctor’s certificate and this fact would be known to neighbors and could be easily verified.
  2. If one has Cancer in the blood – which is obvious and therefore, one should not consider this proposal.
  3. One may have Thalassemia – Here medical certificate is available. This disease is curable and so if otherwise desirable, treatment for the same should be taken before marriage and proper care should be taken before planning for a child and also during pregnancy.
  4. Otherwise, it could be due to HIV infection. It is not detected in ordinary blood Tests or even in ELISA Tests. Only in the Western Block Test, it can be detected. A cure for this dreaded problem has been given before.

Engagement or marriage can be entered into only after one is satisfied that this disease is cured. So, do not hurry for engagement or marriage.

  • In case the engagement is already entered into, and otherwise, marriage should be postponed for a year and proper treatment should be started at once.
  • Moreover, nowadays, many youths who have gone abroad for studies and settled there, come back to their home country with a desire to get a bride.
  • As there is sexual freedom and easy life in these foreign countries, these youths may have acquired HIV. Please take proper care in such cases.
  • This HIV is a silent killer. After marriage, the other partner is likely to acquire HIV in the first intercourse and then the children born thereafter will be having HIV.
  • During the last three years, I have come across hundreds of such cases, where just after a year or two, the wife came to her parents with a child and both are found to be infected with HIV.
  • Of course, such a woman can get a divorce. But even though she may be cured of her HIV, she would find it extremely difficult to get a husband; as society knows that she had HIV. And what about the innocent child?
  • It is high time, the medical world, the social workers, and the Governments of all the countries of the world paid proper attention to this grave problem, which is getting bigger and bigger every day.
  • If we desire that our future generation should be HEALTHY and HAPPY, we must take immediate remedial steps on a war footing against HIV or AIDS.

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