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Common Cold

Common Cold – Coughing – Fever – Tonsils – Sinus Allergy And Asthma:

  • Even though these are not dreaded diseases, they are not properly understood and treated so they have become the biggest enemies of mankind. They are responsible for the highest loss of working hours.
  • Though they are not deadly unless they develop into pneumonia, they make you most miserable. We have to properly understand our body in order to ascertain the root cause of the common cold.
  • We are all aware that our body consists of about 72% of water. Heat and cold have the same effect on the water inside our body as on the water outside.
  • Our body has an air conditioner as well as a heater. In summer, even when the outside temperature is 110°F or in winter it is 20 or 30°F below zero; our body maintains the same temperature of 98.4°F (about 37°C).
  • The water in our body gets heated during the day due to activity and due to outside temperature, while during the night, it cools down, creating moisture in the lungs or head.
  • In nature, it is thrown out in the form of dew. In the case of our body, it is thrown out by sneezing or running of the nose. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, sneezing in the morning is considered to be a good sign of health.
  • In our head, brain cells create H+ which in turn is transformed into electricity. The excess of such H+ is thrown out of our system through exhaling of the air and some through perspiration.

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But for any reason, if there is an excess of such H+, it damages the brain cells. To throw it out, through the electric process in our body, one atom of oxygen is taken from the air we breathe in and mixed with two atoms of H.

  • This combination becomes H2O, i.e. water. And in turn, this water is thrown out of our system. This water, gathered in our head, drips down resulting in a running nose and watering of the eyes, etc.
  • When this water drips down further, it affects the throat and develops into tonsilitis. At this time, if the lungs are examined, they will be clear.
  • Now, in a healthy person, the body tries to throw out such excess heat twice a year through sneezing and running nose, which is known as the common cold. This phenomenon lasts for three to four days each time.
  • We need not worry about such cold or try to stop it. It is jokingly remarked that in common colds if you take medicines you will get cured within six days but if you do not take medicines, you will be alright within four days.
  • When an attempt is made to subdue this cold, this toxic water dries down temporarily. And when our body becomes normal, again it tries to throw out this water from the system.
  • We again subdue it by taking heavier doses. But the process continues and so later on it is declared as an allergy. During these attacks of cold, the first endocrine gland to be disturbed is the thyroid or parathyroid.
  • During long-term colds, as the working of this important gland is impaired, it digests less calcium and so a deficiency of calcium is created in the body and so in cases of allergy.
  • When a biochemical salt of calcium known as calvaria phos is administered to the patient, this allergy is cured.

When the common cold is subdued, semi-liquid mucus is formed and it is gathered into pockets around the nose and head known as sinuses.

  • Sometimes, puncturing is done and such mucus is removed from the sinus pockets. But as the root cause is not removed, the mucus occurs again and the patient gets sinusitis.
  • When this problem continues, along with thyroid or parathyroid, even the sex glands are damaged. This important gland controls the heat of the body.
  • As it is disturbed, control in the production of phosphorus in the body weakens and in turn because of less supply of phosphorus, less heat is produced.
  • This leads to less evaporation of water from the body. Consequently, there is an increase in the content of water in the body putting more pressure on the lungs and it turns into symptoms of asthma.
  • In more than 80 percent of patients with asthma, their problem is due to the “excess heat in the body” and the administering of more antibiotics and powerful drugs.
  • Only creates more and more heat in the body and subjects these patients to a life of misery because acidity and ulcers develop. Another root cause of such “cold due to heat” is sluggish liver.
  • This vital organ is often damaged by unwise use of drugs to remove “worms” from intestines. These drugs do remove worms, but damage the liver and even gall bladder in the process.
  • Unless proper steps to cure, and revitalize the liver are taken the patient complains of indigestion and acidity. Due to sluggish liver, less bile is produced; consequently, the acidic food of the stomach is not neutralized in the intestines.

This leads to more acidity called “Pitta” in the intestines, further leading to the warming of the air in the stomach. This heated air occupies the empty spaces in the head and the face.

  • Now during the day, whenever this heated air is cooled due to cold wind, an overhead fan, or sitting in an air-conditioned room, it turns into moisture and becomes water.
  • This cooled water contracts the nerves, leading to headaches and sinus troubles. When accumulates, the cold starts coming down. It irritates the throat and the nose.
  • This in turn also leads to tonsilitis and causes sneezing and running of water through the nose and the eyes. In such a cold, the chest is clear.
  • Now in case of such colds- tonsils-sinus-Asthma, any pain reliever or antibiotics upsets the stomach, increases the excess heat in the body, and in the long run leads to ulcers and hyperacidity.
  • It is also observed that this type of cold aggravates in summer and autumn.

Another cause of cold is the effect of the moon on the body:

  • The moon is the satellite of our earth, and it being very near has a great effect on the water on the earth.
  • The obvious proof of this is that the time of the ebb and flow of the tide changes daily along with the moon days and when there is a change in the shape of the moon.

Common Cold Rotation Of The Moon Round The Earth

From the about the rotation of the moon around the earth, you will observe that on the 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th 15th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th, and 30th of moon days, the earth and our body come directly against the moon.

  • At that time, the level of water in the sea and our body rises. Now to curb the bad effect of such a rise in the level of water in our body, in the Indian religions, particularly, in Jainism, people are advised on these moon- days:
    • To observe complete fast (not to drink even boiled water, if possible) or drink only boiled water before sunset.
    • To eat only once a day and drink only boiled water before sunset.
    • To eat only twice a day and drink only boiled water before sunset.
    • At least to avoid eating green vegetables (as they contain about 90% water)
  • And thus control the level of water in the body, thereby, reducing the chances of suffering from cold. In the Hindu religion, one is advised to fast on the 11th and 26th of the moon days.
  • People suffering from chronic colds sinus trouble or allergies to colds should try to observe as many of the above restrictions as possible.
  • Moreover, these restrictions can be observed on a national scale in countries like the U.K. and Japan where the climate has more moisture and people have cold throughout the year.
  • It will also be observed that on the full moon day or no moon day, the effect of the moon is the most powerful. At that time due to aggravation of the water substance in the body.
  • The heat in the body decreases and thereby the air content increases, which travels to the head and causes mental disturbances.
  • Recently a scientist in Chicago (U.S.A.) has confirmed the existence of such an effect of the moon on mental diseases. Consequently, more suicides are committed during these days.

Real Common Cold

The water in the blood and the body is controlled by the heat of the body which in turn depends upon the digestive power. So, whenever the digestive system weakens, the internal temperature goes down.

  • This reduces the evaporation of water and consequently the gathering of excess water in the body. In turn, this excess water reduces the heat, and the process of turning liquid food into blood slows down.
  • There is more phlegm and it goes up and there is congestion in the chest, lungs, and throat. This if not controlled, develops into bronchitis, which the body tries to remove by coughing.
  • But when such congestion is not removed, there is fever and tonsilitis. This cold due to excess water is further aggravated by the consumption of cold drinks, heavy foods, sweets, sour things like curds, buttermilk, lemon juice, etc.
  • And exposing the body to cold winds or coldness through air-conditioning. All these add to the prolonging and aggravating of the real cold.

The best way to remove this real cold is to

  1. Fast and drink boiled water.
  2. Keep the bowels clean and avoid constipation.
  3. Take only light food and more green salads, green juices, etc.
  4. In case of congestion in the throat and chest, drink at least one glass of hot water with a little salt and a teaspoon of turmeric powder added to it.
  5. Gargle with lukewarm water with salt and turmeric powder added to it.
  6. Rub the chest.
  7. Put a hot dry pack on the chest.
  8. One need not worry about fever. It is a good sign that the body is trying to dry up congestion and remove it. The only thing is that one must be careful to control the temperature and not allow it to rise more than 103°F.
  9. Such temperature can be controlled by putting a cold pack on the stomach and head and as per the treatment given below:
  10. The body should be empowered.
  11. And with Acupressure treatment.

Common Cold Rub The Chest


In case of a real cold, when you press the stomach and the lungs, they will be found to be tender. And if congestion has affected the throat, there will be pain in the throat also.

In case of “cold due to heat”, you will feel pain, when pressed, and in case of excess heat also. Moreover, owing to the congestion of water in the head, and throat you will observe pain in the throat.

Cure for “cold due to excess heat”:

1. The best way to remove this excess heat from the body is to take Harde Powder (powder of Terminalia Chebula Refz), an Ayurvedic medicine.

  • In about one teaspoon of this powder add a teaspoon of ground sugar and take it first thing in the morning with hot to lukewarm water. This may cause one or two loose motions.
  • This treatment is to be continued for eight to ten days and then twice or thrice a week for a further three to four weeks or till completely cured.
  • If such powder is not available, drink two to three glasses of water one glass of fruit juice, or one cup of green juice first thing in the morning after cleaning the mouth.

2. All points connected with the cold are to be pressed, and in case of sinusitis, the tips of all the fingers.

3. The points of the adrenal gland, liver, gall bladder, stomach, and solar plexus.

4. In case of chronic complaints, it is necessary to empower the digestive system and so it is useful to take the following medicine for six weeks.

  • Nux Vomica 200 x 6 to 8 pills once a week.
  • Nux Vomica 12 or 30 x 3 to 4 pills twice a day (This is a homeopathic preparation.)

5. Check up on the worms in the intestines and remove them in the following method:

When pressed on the point on the outer side in the middle of the smallest toe or last finger of any of the legs or palms, if pain is observed, it is an indication of the presence of worms.

Common Cold How To Detect Worms

This is a common problem with the children. Whenever children complain :

  1. If pain around the stomach,
  2. Their hunger is reduced
  3. Growth has stopped

Look pale (their eyes will look whitish) then first of all try and find out about worms. In the case of worms, the children even get ear infections, and in that case,  the Lymph gland will be found to be tender and paining.

Cure :

Cina 200 Homoeopathic medicine

Children under 6 – 4 pills

Under 10 – 6 pills

Over 10 and Adults – 8 pills

Once a day for four days preferably before going to bed. Then stop the medicine for four days.

  • After four days, repeat the medicine for four days. On the 13th day, give some powerful laxatives so that it causes 3 to 4 loose motions. From the 14th day give Cina 12 or 30, three pills once a day for 30 days.
  • If allopathic medicine is taken for worms, supplement it with medicine for the liver, because such medicines for worms damage the liver. Also empower the liver, and gall bladder by giving treatment.
  • Also, give treatment for a minute each on the points of both the small fingers or small toes.
  • This treatment for worms has been found useful in Athlete’s feet, a fungal infection of the skin of the foot, esp. between the toes and on the soles.

To remove the excess heat from the body

  • Take powder of 15 black pepper +2 teaspoons of sugar. Soak them in 11/2 glasses of water. Blend them in the morning and sip all as the first thing in the morning for 10 days.
  • After 10 days, add five almonds in soak and drink it for 10 days. This is very useful even in jaundice, psoriasis, sunstroke, and Kaposi’s sarcoma.
  • Take five black peppers + 10 to 12 black dried raisins + 1 teaspoon of sand; soak them in one glass of water in the evening. The next day, blend them and drink them in the afternoon. It is a useful tasty drink in summer.
  • Take an equal quantity (about 50 grams each) of
    • cumin seed (RT)
    • Black pepper
    • Saunf
    • Amla
    • Ginger
    • Crystal sugar.
    • Grind them into powder and keep them in a bottle. Take one teaspoon of this powder with the water any time in the morning and evening.

Tonsils :

  • Mix 3 to 4 drops of Glycerine Tannic Acid (available with the chemist) with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Apply it on the inner – both sides of the throat and then gargle with lukewarm salted water. Do this two or three times a day. Within two to three days, these and even septic tonsils will get cured.

Asthma Breathlessness or Suffocation

In most cases, the root cause is “cold due to heat” and so by taking the treatment mentioned above, this disease can be controlled and cured. In such cases, the lungs would be clear and when pressed there would not be any pain on the lungs.

In case the real cold continues over a long period, the power of the lungs becomes weak and the patient gets asthma. It may be noted that this is a curable disease. The following treatment, over and above the treatment suggested previously for real cold, will be found to be useful.

  • Treatment and tips of fingers and toes.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of powder of cumin seed in one teaspoon of Health powder and take it twice a day with lukewarm water. If possible, also add 1/2 teaspoon of “Mahasudarshan” powder (An Ayurvedic bitter powder) to the above.
  • Drink two glasses of Gold or Silver or Copper or Iron charged water reduced from eight glasses of water. This is a very effective tonic for the lungs.
  • Take a red light on the chest and back for two to three minutes, once a day (10 days only). This melts the mucus inside. Then take blue light for five to seven minutes twice a day till the disease is totally cured.
  • This blue light gives power to the lungs to throw out the congestion.
  • Ask the patient to lie down on the back and open a full mouth. Pour one tablespoon of pure honey directly into the throat so that it does not touch the tongue. This helps to clear all the congestion in the throat – windpipe and gullet.
  • Perform sun pranayam as much as possible and Ling (Shiv) mudra. Do the following twice a day and also when under an attack.
  • Press hard on the back of the neck and on the back of the points for 10 seconds and pause. Repeat for 2 to 5 minutes.

Common Cold Press Hard On The Back Of Neck And On Back On The Points

At the same time ask the patient to rub from the middle of the chest to the sides for a few minutes. Also, give treatment for a minute on the point shown below the neck.

Common Cold To Rub From The Middle Of The Chest To The Sides For A Few Minutes


In cases of continued cold, Asthma, TB, etc. the percentage of eosinophilia in the blood is more. In addition to taking the treatment, it is advisable to take the following for 15-20 days.

  • After sunrise, take a half tablespoon of ground Bishops seeds, soak them in lemon drops, and keep them for at least 2 hours before eating them, the latest before sunset.
  • It should be noted that when you start the treatment, the body will be empowered and will start throwing out all the subdued cold toxins from the body and it will look as if the cold has aggravated.
  • This is a sign of recovery. And so, one need not worry. But during these two to three days, avoid food, milk, and its products. Eat fruits and drink only lukewarm charged water and heated green juices.
  • One need not worry if one’s temperature rises. Just keep the fever under control and do not allow it to go over 103°F.
  • Once this real cold or cold due to heat and asthma are controlled and cured, with the regular treatment of Acupressure and control of diet, these diseases will remain under control.
  • As explained before, it is possible that one would get a common cold for 3/4 days twice a year. This is a useful process whereby excess heat is thrown out from one’s system, and as such one need not worry about this common cold.

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