Cancer – Symptoms And Causes


Cancer is a dreaded disease. The main point of worry in the case of cancer is that when it is detected, it has already reached an advanced stage and the possibility of a complete cure is remote.

  • Moreover, the treatment is so costly that the patient and his relatives get financially and mentally exhausted. The immediate cause of cancer is the continuous neglect of the organs of the body by the patient.
  • For example, the lungs of a chain smoker are continuously irritated. The cancer of the mouth or vocal cords is due to the habit of chewing tobacco, drinking hot tea, etc.
  • In the case of cancer of the uterus, negligence about internal hygiene is the root cause. It has been observed that Jewish women who take great care of their internal organs do not normally get cancer of the uterus.
  • Cancer of the stomach and the intestines is due to overuse of refined flour and rice, coffee, sugar, and tea and the habit of excessive drinking of alcohol.

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It has been observed that laborers in the sugar factories in the West Indies use brown sugar molasses – jaggery so they are immune to cancer. Cancer of the colon is due to continuous constipation caused by wrong food habits and leading a sedentary life.

  • It has been observed that the people of Gujarat who are vegetarian and consume more milk and milk products like curds, buttermilk, etc. do not generally get this type of cancer.
  • Another reason is a wrongful approach towards the care of the body. The diseases are nothing but the signals given by the body that there is something wrong in that organ, for example, the tonsils.
  • Instead of removing the root cause of the disease, either the signal, (tonsils) is removed by operation, or the disease (like the common cold) is suppressed with powerful antibiotics.
  • The body is to be treated as a temple, a seat of God and each and every corner of this temple should be kept neat and clean. Instead, the body is treated like a dustbin.

Where useless things are dumped and instead of cleaning out the waste or toxins, they are suppressed so that they become a duct which after a time results in a malignant growth.

The Long-Term Cause Of Cancer Is The Imbalance Caused By Disturbing The Metabolism Of Our Body Through

  1. Eatables grown with the help of inorganic manure and pesticides,
  2. More and more use of canned foods, bottled pickles,
  3. Unwise use of fluoride,
  4. Working in unhygienic conditions, for example, working in an asbestos factory,
  5. Pollution of the environment by the excessive use of diesel, the cutting down of trees, etc.
  6. Polluting the water through chemical wastes, etc.
  7. Going farther and farther away from nature.

Since these root causes of cancer can be removed, cancer can be prevented. You will find that in the animal world, this dreaded disease is rarely found. The obvious reason is that they invariably observe the laws of nature.

How Cancer Develops

In our body, millions of new cells are formed every day and they replace the old worn-out cells. This process is carried out by the spleen and it is cleaned and controlled by the lymph glands.

  • When we neglect our body, the process of regeneration of new cells slows down while the process of decaying – destruction of cells – increases.
  • So more toxins gather in the body and the spleen and the lymph glands are overburdened. Slowly but steadily, there is a malignant growth in the body, but it is not easily noticed.
  • Meanwhile, these toxins wastes are gathered in the body in the part which is most damaged, For example, for a smoker, these toxins gather in the lungs or in the mouth.
  • When these toxins accumulate in large quantities, they form a duct and start developing fast. In the meantime, the weak lymph gland is greatly damaged and through it, other glands are damaged as well.
  • A stage is reached when these glands become tired and stop secreting the most vital hormones in the body. This is the time when malignancy grows at a very fast rate and the final signal is given by nature.
  • There is a change in metabolism, severe headache, loss of weight, change of voice, the color of the spots on the body changes, and there is constant fever. It is only then, that this disease is detected as cancer.

Acupressure Plays A Great Role In The Detection, Prevention, And Cure Of Cancer.

  • Any minor disturbance of any organ is reflected on the palms or soles.
  • When there is a continued complaint, the first gland to be disturbed is the Thyroid Parathyroid gland. The second gland to be disturbed in case of problems of degeneration leading to cancer is the Lymph gland.
  • As mentioned above, this important gland works to remove the toxins and the dead cells from the body. When the process of regeneration of the cells of the body slows down.
  • There is an increase in the activity of clearing the dead cells and preventing pus formation. This gland thus gives the alarm. If you touch on its hands and feet, these points will be found to be tender and when you press them, you will feel pain.

How To Detect Cancer In Different Parts Of The Body:

  • Another pointer for the detection is that the organ where cancer is developing is disturbed and there is pain in the corresponding point on the palms and soles.
  • For example, in the case of cancer of the breast, there is pain in the middle point on the back of the palm, or in the case of cancer in the colon, there is pain in the corresponding.
  • Now, if these signals are ignored, the declining process starts disturbing the other glands and reaches a dangerous point where these endocrine glands become tired and stop secreting hormones.
  • During that time, more and more toxins accumulate forming a duct and multiplying, and thus a fast malignant growth starts in that part of the body damaging the metabolism of the body.
  • Thus, you will observe that cancer can be detected at a very early stage, and it can be controlled very easily. Moreover, you will observe that if regular Acupressure treatment is taken daily or at least thrice a week.
  • The lethargic spleen or lymph gland can be reactivated, and factors leading to cancer can be checked. Thus Acupressure can prevent cancer.

How To Detect Cancer Of The Uterus:

  • The cancer of the uterus is more common in women who do not take proper care of personal hygiene. It is due to the continuous irregularity of menstruation, continuous leucorrhoea, etc. This type of cancer can be easily detected.
  • In case of any doubt, press on both the sides of the wrists of both hands. If there is a pain in pressing these points and also on point no. 16 of the lymph gland, it denotes degeneration.

Cancer Symptoms And Causes To Detect Cancer Of The Uterus

How To Detect Cancer Of The Breasts Mammography

Just press on the circle in the back of the right palm for the right breast and the left palm for the left breast. If there is NO PAIN when pressed, it means there is NO CANCER in the breasts.

  • Even if, there is pain on these points, but no pain on the Lymph gland at that time, it denotes that there is NO CANCER. And just by giving treatment on those points on the back of the palms.
  • Minor problems like accumulation of milk in the breast, etc. will be cured. Only pain in the circles on the back of the right palm and also the lymph gland; denotes cancer in the right breast.
  • In the same way, cancer in the left breast can be detected by pressing the circle on the back of the left palm and point no. 16 of the lymph glands.

Cancer Symptoms And Causes How To Detect Cancer Of Breasts

  • At that time, it is possible that when pressed, there will be pain in the sex glands. Severe pain on those points on the back side of the palms and when pressed, denotes that cancer has reached an advanced stage.
  • Even If Cancer Is Detected, Do Not Worry. It Is Easily Curable.

How To Detect Cancer Of The Breasts Mammography Cure:

Give Acupressure treatment for 2/2 minutes on each of the following points thrice a day:

  1. On the circles on the back of the palms, for the cancer of the breasts.
  2. On both the sides of the wrists for cancer of the uterus.
  3. On both hands.
  4. On points of all the endocrine glands.
  5. Take general Acupressure treatment on all the points twice a day. And on a last treatment.
  6. Drink black tea’ one black cup of in the early morning (without sugar and milk).
  7. The use of vaginal douche is a treatment of cancer of the uterus and the breast.
    • First, clean the douche with water containing antiseptic. Take about one liter of lukewarm water and add two to four drops of antiseptic liquid to it.
    • Then fill the douche with this water by pressing the ball, then keep the plastic part (2 inches) into the vagina and press the ball. Water will flow and clean the inside.
    • Repeat it two to four times. A vaginal douche is also useful when pus cells are found in the urine of a female.
  8. Make the necessary changes in diet as mentioned for the treatment of cancer.
  9. In case of more pain on the points on the back of the palms when lumps are found in the breasts, apply the north pole of a (low to medium power) magnet on the lumps only for 3/5 minutes two to three times a day.

Cancer Symptoms And Causes Vaginal Douche

“A woman of 50 years was found to have cancer in both breasts and was advised an operation. Instead, she took the above treatment and was completely cured within 45 days.”

  • “A 40-year-old woman – mother of 4 children, was found to have cancer of the uterus. The cancer was detected even in her left breast.
  • She started the above-mentioned Acupressure treatment and continued the same for 60 days. Later on, her husband came and thanked me saying that his wife felt 10 years younger. In the same way, several cases have been successfully treated.”
  • Recently, it was observed that in more than a dozen cases of kidney failure where dialysis was being done and when proper improvement was not found, these patients were advised to undergo kidney transplantation.
  • In all these cases, on examination, damage to the kidney was not more than 40 to 50% – and the root cause was found to be cancer of the uterus in the females and that of the prostate in the males.
  • Within 40 to 60 days of Acupressure treatment, all the patients were cured. It is, therefore, advisable before undergoing dialysis and kidney transplantation to check up about the possibility of cancer.
  • It has been agreed by the medical world that if cancer is detected at an early stage, it can be cured.

Cure For All Types Of Cancer

To cure all types of cancer, the whole body is to be treated, the important organs of regeneration, for example, the liver, gall bladder, spleen, and kidneys, and all the endocrine glands are to be reactivated.

Acupressure treatment assists the patient in the process and accelerates recovery by bringing the metabolism of the body in order. The following treatment is suggested:

  1. Check up the solar plexus and put it in order.
  2. Banish salt and spices from the diet. Stop eating cooked food, bread, etc.
  3. Every day take an enema of water boiled with coffee at least two times. That helps to open up the ducts and remove the toxins from the body.
  4. Take vapor treatment on the ducts and cold packs treatment in the case of cancer of the stomach and the uterus. Also, apply the north pole of a magnet on the ducts for three minutes twice a day. It will dissolve the duct.
  5. Take concentrated lukewarm water of iron, copper, silver, and gold, three to four glasses, during the day. Boil 20 glasses of water and reduce it to 4 glasses.
  6. Have 3 to 5 cups of fresh green juice as mentioned. While preparing such green juice add sprouted cereals, beetroot, carrot, and cabbage. Also take plenty of fruits like grapes, apples, pomegranates, papayas, mangoes, etc.
  7. Take Acupressure treatment on all the points twice a day. Also, give the special extra treatment of two minutes on each point of the endocrine glands (in the case of children). After the treatment is taken, take the treatment of kidneys also.
  8. Practice Pranayam regularly as often as possible.
  9. Take sunbathing and if it is not possible, take blue light on the affected part of the body for eight to ten minutes.
  10. In case of cancer of the mouth, throat, or stomach, first cure pyorrhoea if it is there. If the teeth are in a bad condition, have them extracted.
  11. For the first 10 days, drink pineapple juice as shown below:
  12. Take a ripe pineapple, cut it into two halves vertically, squeeze the juice of the half and drink it first thing in the morning, and drink the juice of the balance half in the evening before sunset. If desired, honey can be added to the juice.
  13. Drink the extract of the following the first thing in the morning (even before you take the pineapple juice):
    • 21 leaves of bitter ‘neem’ with stalk.
    • 21 leaves of ‘tulsi’ with stalk.
    • 21 leaves of ‘bilipatra’ (7 x 3) with stalk.

This is a MUST in case of cancer of the blood, bones, and brain and wherever to be used as a blood purifier.

(Only if such leaves are not available, tincture of the same is available at Homoeopathic shops. Mix them in a bottle. Take five drops in half a cup of lukewarm water in the morning and evening.)

  • After 12 to 15 days or when the patient gets very hungry (it is a good sign of recovery), give the patient three to four ounces of fresh curds, prepared in the following manner :
  • In the boiled warm milk (preferably cow’s or goat’s milk) add 12/15 leaves of ‘tulsi’ and prepare the curds. If the patient is of ‘pitta prakruti’, give him these curds, adding a little powdered crystal sugar.
  • For all other types of patients, these curds can be eaten with a little rock salt or black salt in them. Such cards can be had three to four times. a day, but before sunset.
  • Eat roasted bitter gourd ‘karela’. Treatment mentioned especially in 11 to 14 has been found effective even in blood cancer.

Give the following combination of biochemical powder pills :

  • Calc. Phos. – 30 x 1 oz
  • Kali Phos. – 30 x 1 oz
  • Kali Mur – 30 x 1 oz
  • Ferrum Phos. – 30 x 1 oz
  • Kali Iodide – 30 x 1 oz

(If Kali Iodide is not available in powder pills, add its tincture in other pills or powder.) Give 2 grains of powder or 6 pills thrice a day. After taking this medicine, do not take anything for 10/15 minutes.

  • In case of severe damage to any of the endocrine glands, For example, hypothyroid, the same treatment as mentioned above for cancer is to be taken.
  • We should not forget that cancer is the last warning of nature. Go back to nature and within a short period, you will be able to control and cure this dreaded disease.
  • It is likely that during the first 8 to 12 days, the patient may have nausea, vomiting, or severe headache. He may refuse to take an enema, etc.
  • But continue the treatment. Improvement will be observed within 15 to 20 days, and a complete cure is assured within 45 to 90 days depending upon the stage of cancer when this treatment is started.
  • Even if the cancer is in a terminal stage and cannot be cured, this treatment will reduce the unbearable pain the patient is suffering and the pain will subside.
  • After recovery, take a balanced diet consisting of 50 to 60% whole wheat and cereals, plus vegetables and milk products. Avoid salt. If desired, use rock salt or black salt.

It has been noticed that people in Gujarat who have this type of diet do not get cancer of the stomach or intestine.

  • This dreaded disease results from utter neglect and undue harassment of the body. Accept the result calmly, forgive all, pray to God, and take a vow to do only good deeds, to be of some help to others after recovery.
  • Please note that prayers have more power than drugs. And last but not least, have self-confidence and be cheerful.
  • Get rid of bad habits as mentioned in “Health in Your Hands”.
  • If Allopathic drugs are taken, take Thuja 200-4 pills for 3 days. If rays and chemotherapy are taken, take treatment to remove excess heat as mentioned. The following are forbidden :
  • Processed and canned foods, salted pickles, frozen, jarred, bleached, or refined foods, also coffee, black tea, tobacco, alcohol, spices, salt, hair dyes, pain relieving agents, and drugs.
  • Chlorinated water and toothpaste, and temporarily (till the liver starts functioning well), cheese, eggs, fish, meat, and milk. To eradicate cancer from this world, its root causes namely, pollution of air, pollution of wheat, rice, barley, maize, etc.

Staple food – through inorganic manure and overuse of insecticides, excessive use of preservatives in canned and bottled fruits and food products, excessive use of tobacco, alcohol, sugar and coffee, meat, etc.

  • Must be avoided. People can take care of themselves and prevent these root causes in their own interest, and with the help of Acupressure can give up their bad habits, and thus prevent cancer.
  • All types of cancer, including that of blood, have been successfully treated. Even patients, considered as incurable, were eventually cured with the above-mentioned treatment, given to them by their relatives in their homes and that too without any costs.

Several such cases can be quoted; viz.

1. Mr. “A” was discharged from the hospital as his cancer of throat was considered incurable. He was in such agony that painkiller injections had to be given thrice a day.

  • On the fifth day of treatment, painkiller injections were no more required.
  • On the sixteenth day, he started recovering his appetite and within 45 days, he was totally cured and resumed normal duties.

2. Mrs “M”, the wife of an M.D., tried several therapies for her loss of weight and failing stamina. At last, an acupressurist was consulted.

  • He diagnosed the problem as cancer of the stomach. Treatment was started at home with her husband’s permission.
  • Within 60 days, she was cured and gained weight and stamina. Now, she sincerely advocates Acupressure treatment.

3. A college student, 19 years old disturbed by his problem that he committed suicide. An acupressurist was consulted. He diagnosed it as a case of cancer of the prostate.

  • Without knowledge of any previous history of the case, he told the young man that he had been in the practice of masturbation for a long time. With a treatment of only 40 days, the boy was cured.
  • Now, he intends to be a professor. He himself has become an ardent acupressurist and successfully treats patients.
  • According to this therapy, cancer is one of the easiest diseases to be cured. The patients and their relatives need not worry. They only have to take the above-mentioned treatment.
  • Even when cancer has spread over 85-90% and the patient is in agony, this treatment will make his condition comfortable. The patient cannot be saved. But he will meet a peaceful death.

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