Reishi History and Its Medicinal Uses

Reishi Nature’s Gift

From time immemorial ever since man was born, a constant fight has been going on between man and bacteria and viruses.

  • To undertake this fight on behalf of man nature has gifted him a natural doctor right from his birth.
  • This doctor alone keeps him alive longer without any disease.
  • The name of this Doctor in man is “Immunity”. This doctor was born with the man and dies with him.
  • If Immunity is strong, the body can fight effectively diseases caused by bacteria or viruses.

However, when immunity goes weak, the invading bacteria penetrate the cells of the body.

  • Having successfully penetrated cells they release toxins (poison) that cause diseases.
  • Thus when the doctor in us loses his power of resistance, we go weak and contract diseases in various organs, of the body.
  • Diseases are caused due to toxins and body imbalance.
  • Pollution may spread due to water, organic, Volatile substances, air, smoking or alcohol, etc.

Bacteria or viruses may invade cells through these pollutions and release their toxins (poison) in the cells and create diseases.

Reishi History and Its Medicinal Uses Red Reishi Mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum,Lingzhi

  • Some diseases are due to nutritional deficiencies.
  • So the fundamental entity of a living organism is the cell.
  • If cells are healthy, we will also be healthy.
  • If cells are affected, we get diseases.
  • Falling ill means that the organs of the body become inactive.

Reishi Ganoderma A Natural Treatment

Reishi Gano

  • The Heaven’s Gift to the Earth’s man.
  • A higher-order fungus.

Reishi Different

All green plants produce their nutrients by photosynthesis.

From Other Plants

  • Mushrooms need no sunlight.
  • Mushrooms get nutrients from dead organic matter or soil.

Like Human Beings

  • Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.
  • Mushrooms inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide like human beings.
  • Hence when we take mushrooms we get a good quantity of pure oxygen.

Rare Capacity

  • The mycelium secures enzymes oozing from its roots and allows it to digest and absorb the nutrients in the waste material of trees, plants, and animals.
  • Hence mushrooms can absorb anything that comes in contact with them.
  • So edible mushrooms contain things that provide a lot of nutrition when consumed.

Reishi History

The efforts undertaken by many to make easily available the Reishi Ganoderma so that all the people of the world could get remedies for diseases and lead a healthy long life using this Reishi.

The Reishi Ganoderma, the King Herb, which was not easily available to us hitherto, was started to be introduced commercially for the first time by the Japanese.

  • In 1970, both Chinese and Japanese succeeded in cultivating Ganoderma by isolating the spores.
  • In 1975, the Japanese started cultivating it commercially.
  • In 1980, cultivation of Ganoderma on a commercial basis in Thailand was also started.
  • In 1993 Cultivation of Ganoderma on a commercial basis was started in Malaysia and valuable service has been done since then successfully in many countries of the world.

Technology Background

The weakness in the system of cultivation through spores lies in the inconsistency prevailing in supervising the selection of model spores.

Cultivation Through Tissue Culture Method :

Cultivation is properly done from the original plant. The quality of the product cultivated through this method is superior.

Cultivation By Organic Method

  1. Cent percent successful cultivation could be made through the Organic method.
  2. Chemicals, pesticides hormones, or other components are not used in this method of cultivation.
  3. The method of this type of cultivation with nutrients is used in other plantations such as rice and wheat.


  1. Superior therapeutic components are available in Red Ganoderma.
  2. Several varieties are available in Red Ganoderma and these are called the Gano family.
  3. There are more than 200 varieties of Red Ganoderma.
  4. Out of these, six have superior therapeutic value.
  5. Reishi Ganoderma is cultivated using the basic components of the above six varieties through the tissue culture method.

Strategy For A Healthy Life

Health means developing the resistance power and power of function of the body against diseases.

  • Health means improved resistance power through which the duration of the disease is shortened.
  • Health is a sense of well-being of body mind and soul.
  • One can achieve a healthy life only if the food, clothes, shelter, and environment are kept clean.
  • These are all the sources for Prosperous, disease-free, healthy life.

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