Fever Symptoms And Types Of Fever

How To Find Out About The Type Of Fever

The chief, most notable thing about fever is that it is a very good friend. He comes in your body to burn down the toxins and clean the body system and so instead of fighting against him, he should be assisted in his work.

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The Best Way To assist A human being Is To

  1. Drink 3 to 4 glasses of lukewarm to hot, gold or silver or copper or iron-charged water reduced from 6 to 8 glasses, which will empower the battery of the body. Gold is a very efficient antibiotic, so further medicine of anti-biotics will not be necessary.
  2. If charged water is not possible, then drink only one glass of hot water every 1 hour.
  3. If possible, do fasting, i.e. abstain from food.
  4. Otherwise, drink green juices and fruit juices.
  5. If possible, take enema preferably of lukewarm water by adding 2 teaspoons of coffee powder + 1 tablespoon of castor oil and observe the amount of toxins that is thrown out of the body.
  6. If the temperature rises above 102 degrees, keep ice packs on the head and stomach.
  7. In the case of high fever crossing 103 degree :
  8. Cover-up the body with a wet bedsheet and then woolen blanket and allow perspiration to flow profusely. Then wipe it out and keep the body dry.
  9. Have complete bedrest.

In order to have further proper treatment, it is necessary to find out about the type of fever. So press different points on the palms or soles and if there is hurting on

How To Find Out About The Type Of Fever Different Points On The Palms Or SolesIts Symptoms

In any of these fevers, ask the patient not to worry, but to take proper treatment as mentioned in my book “Health in Your Hands.

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