Extractions In Orthodontics Question And Answers

Extractions Important Notes

Wilkinson’s extraction

  • It involves the extraction of all the four permanent molars between the age of 8 1/2 to 9 years
  • It is done to
    • Minimize arch crowding
    • Provide addition space for eruption of third molars
  • Basic is that the first permanent molars are highly susceptible to caries

Extractions Short Essays

Question 1. Second Premolar extraction for treatment purposes.

Indications Of Second Premolar Extraction:

  • To strengthened anchorage of anterior segment
  • For mesial movement of posterior teeth
  • Treat mild anterior crowding
  • When 4-5mm of anchorage loss is desired
  • Impacted 2nd premolars
  • In open bite – as it results in deepening of bite
  • In case of grossly carious/extensive restored teeth
  • Early loss of deciduous molars which leads to inadequate space for 2nd premolar to erupt
  • When arch length-tooth material discrepancy is 2.5-5 mm

Question 2. First premolar extractions.

Reasons Of First Premolar Extractions

  • To gain space to utilized for correction
  • Satisfactory contact between canine and 2nd premolar
  • Teeth posterior to it offers adequate anchorage

Indications Of First Premolar Extractions:

  • To relieve moderate – severe anterior crowding
  • For correction of class 2, division 1 and Class 1 bimaxillary protrusion
  • In case of > 5 mm arch length tooth material discrepancy

Orthodontics Extractions Extraction of First and Second Premolar

Question 3. Therapeutic Extractions.

Extractions carried out as a treatment procedure for gaining space are called therapeutic extractions

Need for Extraction:

  • Arch length – tooth material discrepancy
  • Correction of saggital interarch relationship
  • Abnormal tooth size and form
  • Skeletal jaw malrelation

Choice Of Teeth – Common Premolars:

Factors Of Therapeutic Extractions:

  • Arch length tooth material discrepancy
  • Direction and amount of jaw growth
  • Facial profile
  • Tooth position
  • Age of patient

Disadvantages Of Therapeutic Extractions:

  • Mesial migration of posterior teeth
  • De-crowding of lower anteriors – following extraction of lower 1st premolar

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  • Buccal non-occlusion
  • Non coincidence of mid lines

Prevented By:

  • Balaced extraction

Question 4. Wilkinson’s Extraction.

  • Advocated by Wilkinson
  • Teeth extracted – All permanent 1st molars
  • Age – 8 1/2-9 1/2 years

Benefits – Minimizes Crowding:

  • Provides space for the third molar eruption
  • Decreases risk of caries

Draw Backs:

  • Limited space to relieve crowding
  • Tipping of second premolar and 2nd molar
  • First molar unable for anchorage

Extractions Viva Voce

  • Maxillary first molar is the most commonly extracted teeth
  • Maxillary anterior are least extracted


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