Endodontics Treatment Of Traumatized Teeth Question And Answers

Treatment Of Traumatized Teeth Long Essays

Question 1. An 18-year-old patient reports to the clinic with a fracture of maxillary central incisor involving dentin. The trauma happened one month back, discuss your treatment options.

Enamel-Dentin Fracture

Enamel-Dentin Fracture Definition:

  • A fracture confined to enamel and dentin with loss of tooth structure, but not exposing the pulp

Enamel-Dentin Fracture Clinical Features:

  • Not tender to percussion
  • Normal mobility
  • Positive pulp sensitivity

Enamel-Dentin Fracture Radiographic Appearance:

  • Visible enamel dentin loss

Enamel-Dentin Fracture Aims of Treatment:

  • Elimination of discomfort
  • Preservation of vital pulp
  • Restoration of fractured crown

Enamel-Dentin Fracture Treatment Options:

  • Restorative procedure composite resin restoration is preferred
  • Fractured segments can be approximated and bonded back by dentin bonding agents
  • The use of indirect veneer is done to achieve esthetics

Enamel-Dentin Fracture Follow-Up:

  • Clinical and radiographic control at 6-8 weeks and 1 year
  • The tooth should be periodically tested with an electric pulp tester

Treatment Of Traumatized Teeth Short Questions And Answers

Question 1. Hank’s balanced salt solution (HBSS).

Hank’s balanced salt solution (HBSS)

  • John H.Hank formulated it
  • It is a solution made to a physiological pH and salt concentration
  • It is a collective group of salts rich in bicarbonate ions
  • Used for washing tissues and cells
  • It provides the cells with water and inorganic ions while maintaining physiological pH and osmotic pressure

Question 2. Management of Avulsed Teeth.

Avulsed Teeth Storage Media:

  • Saliva for 2 hours:
    • Milk for upto 6 hours
    • Water/saline – ineffective
    • Hanks balanced salt solution upto 72 hours

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Roof Surface:

  • If clean-replant it:
    • If dirty-clean with tap water/wet sponge
      Periodontal Ligament:
  • If vital – Replant it:

Endodontics Treatment Of Traumatized Teeth If vital Replant it


  • Irrigate it
  • Do not curette the socket

Treatment Of Traumatized Teeth Viva Voce

  • Pulpal death is the most common cause of discoloration
  • Hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria combines with pigments and darkens the tooth
  • Microabrasion is a method used to remove surface stains or defects
  • Mc Inn’s solution is used for the removal of endemic fluorosis stains
  • Composites should be delayed for 2-3 weeks after bleaching to allow for dissipation of residual peroxides

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