Endodontic Microbiology Question And Answers

Endodontic Microbiology Of Endodontics Important Notes

  • Persistent positive cultures occurs due to
    • Leakage between appointments due to faulty coronal temporary restorations
    • Undetected perforation
    • Contamination of canal

Endodontic Microbiology Of Endodontics Short Essays

Question 1. Endodontic microbiology. Add a note on cultural techniques.

Endodontic Microbiology:

  • Generally, all bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity can invade the pulp space during and after pulp necrosis to participate in the infection of the canal and to enter the periapical tissues leading to periapical periodontitis.

Anaerobic gram-negative bacteria

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  • Facultative gram-negative bacteria
    • Neisseria
    • Capnocytophaga
    • Haemophilus
  • Anaerobic gram positive bacteria
    • Actinomyces
    • Eubacterium
  • Facultative gram positive bacteria
    • Enterococcus
    • Streptococcus
    • Lactobacillus

Culture Techniques:

  • Cell Culture – Growth of cells occur, but does not organize into tissues
  • Tissue Culture – Growth of tissue, part/whole organ occurs
  • Anaerobic culture – In absence of oxygen
  • Pure culture – Contains single cell species
  • Primary Culture – Tissue sample taken directly from animals
  • Secondary Culture – Derive from primary
  • Plate Culture – Culture grown on agar media
  • Streak Culture – Media inoculated by drawing infected wire
  • Suspension Culture – Cells are suspended in media
  • Siant Culture – Culture made on titled tube

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