Endodontic Emergencies Question And Answers

Endodontic Emergencies Short Essays

Question 1. Endodontic Emergency.

Endodontic Emergency Definition:

  • It is defined as pain and/or swelling caused by inflammation or infection of the pulp and/or periradicular tissues necessitating an emergency visit to the dentist for immediate treatment.

Endodontic Emergencies

Endodontic Emergency Classification:

Endodontic Emergency Before treatment:

  • Endodontic emergencies presenting with pain and/or swelling
    • Cracked tooth syndrome
    • Symptomatic reversible pulpitis
    • Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis
    • Phoenix abscess
    • Acute alveolar abscess
    • Celluitis
  • Traumatic injuries
    • Crown/root fracture
    • Luxation injuries
    • Tooth avulsion

Endodontic Emergency Treatment

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Endodontic Emergency During treatment:

  • Hot tooth
  • Endodontic flare-ups

Endodontic Emergency After treatment:

  • Postobturation pain
  • Vertical root fracture

Question 2. Vertical Root Fracture.

Vertical Root Fracture

  • These are longitudinal fractures that originate in the roots of teeth

Endodontic Emergency Treatment

Vertical Root Fracture Etiology:

  • Over instrumentation
  • Over filling
  • Persistent pain
  • Hyper occlusion
  • Poor coronal seal

Vertical Root Fracture Clinical Features:

  • Site – Faciolingual plane
  • Sign – Crunching sound
  • Symptom – Pain at the site

Endodontic Emergencies Vertical root fracture

Vertical Root Fracture Diagnosis:

  • Radiograph shows widening of PDL

Vertical Root Fracture Treatment:

  • Retreatment done
    • Repair
    • Root resection
    • Extraction

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