Different Kinds Of Diseases And Symptoms In Adults

Childrens Problems

Acupressure is unique in the diagnosis of children because young children are incapable of speaking about their problems and many times, they cannot explain their problems.

  • Moreover, children should not be exposed to certain tests like X-rays, Sonography, etc. While examining a child, give a smile hold his or her palm in your hands, and lovingly, press it lightly. The child will then allow you to examine him or her.
  • First, look into the eyes. If they are found to be whitish, check for worms.

Childrens Problems First Look Into Childrens The Eyes If They Are Found To Be Whitish Check For Worm

In the case of any complaint about constipation, loose motion, pain in the stomach, etc. check up on the solar plexus as given in method (2) and correct it as given (for children below 8 years; otherwise as mentioned.

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For Constipation Or Loose Motion:

Check up If it is not paining then, the minor problem may be due to the shifting of the solar plexus. And so when you adjust it, the problem of constipation, pain around the stomach, or loose motion will get automatically corrected.

For Ear Infection :

Many breastfed children or those feeding on milk, generally get ear infections, which you can find out by pressing on the ears and the lymph glands.

Observe Flickering In The Eyes:

  • Afterwards, you can proceed as per the indications obvious to you or as may be hinted by the parents. Accordingly, press different points. In case of hurting or pain on the points you press, the child will immediately, withdraw his or her hands, or may even cry.
  • While pressing different points on the palm or sole of the child, always look into his or her eyes. Some children are stubborn and they resist, so you may not get any indication of pain when pressing the points.
  • But when you watch their eyes, you will observe a flicker of pain when they feel it. That gives you a clear indication of the problem.

For Heart:

  • In the case of any minor or major problem of the heart, such as a hole in the heart, or septal defect, you will observe pain in the heart.
  • For Diabetes that sets about in childhood (Juvenile Diabetes):
  • The Lymph gland and pancreas.


  • The child will be looking pale anemic. In case of any doubt, call the parents and check them also. You will get the root cause.
  • Those symptoms could be hereditary or due to HIV acquired from the mother so when you examine the parents and other brothers and sisters under 15 years, your doubt would be confirmed.

Different Kinds Of Diseases And Symptoms In Adults Common Disesases And Medical Conditions

Retardation And Hereditary Problems

In case there is serious damage to more than three endocrine glands including Pineal, i.e. Thyroid or Parathyroid, Adrenal, and Pineal or Pituitary endocrine gland.

  • It indicates that the child could be retarded and would develop into a patient of Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic disease causing paralysis, speech and visual defects, etc.
  • It is an accepted fact that this retardation is due to harm to the brain during pregnancy. Another accepted fact is that the brain goes on developing up to six to nine months after the birth of a child.
  • Now in the case of any harm to the brain of the child, it can be diagnosed at the earliest after the birth and immediate treatment can be started.
  • The result will be that there will be a better chance of curing such retardation, deafness, even Muscular Dystrophy. Every newborn child cannot be exposed to X-rays, Sonography and Catscanning. But an Acupressure test can be done without any harm.
  • Therefore, I earnestly urge all the parents and medical practitioners, especially the child specialists connected with maternity homes to carry out this Acupressure Test – to find out harm to the brain and the vital endocrine glands.

I have got wonderful results in problems with children under 10 years and over. Even in the case of Muscular Dystrophy, the results have been fantastic.

  • And so if such harm to the vital endocrine glands and the brain could be diagnosed within one to three months of the birth of a baby, we shall be able to control the mega problem of retarded children, Multiple Sclerosis, and Muscular Dystrophy.
  • In the case of children, do not hastily come to any conclusion on the first visit. Give guidance about treatment to be given at home. Ask the mother to reduce the quantity of milk or food.
  • Give the child 1 to 2 glasses of lukewarm charged water reduced from 2 to 4 glasses and call the patient after 3 to 5 days. In the next sitting, you will be able to make the correct diagnosis of the serious problem.

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