Cataract Of Eyes And Eye Diseases Of Human


Getting cataracts is a common thing in anybody’s life. And due to the aging process, anybody of 55 years or more can get a cataract. Previously, the life expectancy in underdeveloped countries like India was less than 50 years.

  • But now this has gone up and so the chances of more people getting cataracts are on the rise. Once a cataract sets in, the eyes become opaque and unless this cataract is removed, one becomes blind.
  • From the facts given below, one would realize how such a small matter has become a dreaded problem. “Dr. Allen Jones, Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (U.K.) has informed.
  • In his address in Mumbai on 24-4-84 that at present there are about 4.9 million blind people in India and every year there is a further addition of 1.3 million blind people.
  • Out of these 1.3 million blind, hardly 2,00,000 are blind by birth or due to infection at the time of birth. About 1 million people become blind due to cataracts only.
  • And the others, about 1,00,000 people become blind due to the diseases of the eyes and/or by accidents. This way within 4 to 5 years, there will be over 10 million blind people in India”.
  • This is alarming. Now the population has increased and so in India alone, it is feared that about 2.5 million people get cataracts. And even when 50% of people are operated on to remove the cataracts, about 1.25 million people become blind due to cataracts.

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It is not true that this problem of cataracts exists only in India or similar underdeveloped countries. Even in rich countries like the U.S.A., there are about 20% to 25% of people.

  • Those who get cataracts because they are not insured and so cannot afford such an operation to remove cataracts, they become blind. Thus, it is quite possible that every year, about 9 to 10 million people get cataracts out of whom about 2.5 million people become blind.
  • However, this dreaded problem of cataracts can be tackled. If one eye specialist does five such operations daily to remove cataracts, he can do about 1,500 operations in a year (300 days).
  • And to operate on 9 to 10 million cataract patients, it would require about 6,500 eye specialists. The total number of eye specialists in the world is over 15,000.
  • Unfortunately, most of them live in big cities so the villagers have few chances of being cured of their cataracts. If we can harness the services of all the eye specialists and if they do only 20 operations of cataracts per day in a year.
  • Over 10 million operations for cataracts can be performed and just within 4 to 5 years, all the cataract patients can be cured and not a single person will become blind due to cataracts.
  • Additionally, if the drive for eye donations is given priority, eye specialists can even perform more and more eye transplantations, and thus blindness can be reduced.

Donation of eyes:

  • Social workers and religious preachers all over the world should make concerted efforts to persuade people to donate their eyes after their death. When anyone dies, the body is either cremated or buried.
  • Whatever the custom, the valuable eyes are destroyed. These eyes do not help the dead person.
  • Then, why not donate valuable eyes and earn the satisfaction of giving eyesight to two blind people? Such a donation is more precious than even a donation of a million rupees.
  • Indeed, prejudices die hard. But the educated people should reconsider. I appeal to all the progressive people of the world to donate their eyes after death and persuade others to follow their noble example.

Eradication of cataracts:

  • Such a major problem can be tackled if only we can prevent cataracts. The American Association of Eye Specialists has admitted that “approximately two-thirds of blindness from cataract is of the over 55 years type, for which no cause has been proved.
  • This has been labeled the senile type – a term that unfortunately implies helplessness. More and more people are living long enough to have “senile” cataracts.
  • Despite a great deal of experimental work, the basic causes of senile cataracts in humans are still not clearly understood”. According to the Eye Association of the most advanced nation prevention of cataracts is not possible.
  • However, nature’s health science of Acupressure is capable of tackling the problem of cataracts and blindness.


Now to understand cataracts, we must know about our eyes. The great role played by Arjun in Mahabharat is played by our eyes in our lives. Arjun, a great Archer, had a bow called “Gandiv”. Nature has provided all of us with this type of bow.

Cataract Eyes

If perspiration goes into the eyes, it can irritate the eyes. So to prevent such perspiration from the forehead from entering the eyes, nature has grown brows over the eyes. Please study carefully the following figure of the eye.

Cataract Perspiration From The Forehead From Entering The Eyes, Nature Has Grown Brows Over The Eyes

Cataract Working Of Our Eyes

Cataract The Muscles Of The Eyes Expand Or Contract To Allow Proper Light Inside

The working of our eyes is not like an ordinary camera but more like the most sophisticated electronic automatic camera. To adjust the focus, the pupils of the eyes open up.

  • Accordingly, the muscles of the eyes expand or contract to allow proper light inside. Colors are identified and the proper picture develops in our mind. All these processes are automatic.
  • Now, in all electronic cameras, there is a battery so that all the working of the camera becomes automatic. the battery becomes weak, the recharging of the flashlight becomes slower, and when the battery becomes very weak.
  • All the functions stop and so we have to replace the battery. Now, such a battery is created in our body at the time. of conception.
  • The electricity created by this battery gives power to all the organs and also to the eyes so that they work automatically.
  • Now, if for any reason, the flow of electricity to the eyes is disturbed, the functioning of the eye will also slow down. Further, in our brain, the cerebrospinal fluid is extracted from the blood.

This cerebrospinal fluid rotates in most vital organs through the central nervous system. Such nutrition is supplied to the eyes through the optic nerves.

  • Now if for any reason excess heat is created in our body, it can shrink the optic nerve and so there will be less flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the eyes. Consequently, there can be damage to the eyes.
  • Moreover, the function of this optic nerve is controlled by our most important endocrine gland – the Pituitary gland.
  • Now, in case of malfunctioning of this Pituitary gland, there will be damage to the optic nerve through which the transparent liquid in the eyes gets nutrition.
  • Due to the use of eyes, carbon-toxin is created in them and this carbon is cleared from our eyes by the lymph gland.
  • Now, when this lymph gland has to overwork to remove the toxins, that are created in our body due to other serious diseases, its function slows down. Similarly, even the process of removing the carbon from the eyes also slows down.

Root Causes Of Cataract

Thus, the root causes of cataract are:

  1. Lesser supply of electricity to the eyes.
  2. Damage in the optic nerve, or to the Pituitary gland, when the eyes do not get enough nutrition and
  3. Slower function of the lymph gland, the removal of the toxins – carbons from the eyes becoming lesser and lesser.
  4. When Diabetes continues for a long time, there is a deficiency of glucose in the cerebrospinal fluid so the eyes do not get enough glucose to work efficiently and throw out the carbon.

So, when there is an increase of carbon in the transparent liquid of the eyes, the vision is reduced, i.e. becomes hazy. This is the beginning of a cataract.

  • Now, because of the internal pressure, the carbon starts gathering around the lens of the eyes – diminishing its transparency.
  • Later on, when more carbon is pressed – gathered behind the lenses, the transparency is blocked – and the lenses become opaque. An operation of the cataract is performed and a brownish jelly-like substance – carbon is removed.

Cataract How To Cataract Is Formed

Cataract Cataract In The Eye

Cataract Jelly Like Cataract After Removal

  1. If our Pituitary gland can be controlled to function properly and
  2. If the eyes get proper nutrition through the optic nerve and if diabetes is cured or controlled.
  3. If the lymph gland is made to function normally, all the carbon from the eyes is properly removed and
  4. The eyes get a proper flow of electricity.

Then there will not be any formation of cataracts. It is possible to remove the root causes of cataracts in the following manner:

Prevention of cataracts:

1. To empower the battery of the body:

So the eyes get a proper supply of electricity: If one glass of charged water (gold or silver or copper or iron charged) is prepared from 2 glasses of water and drunk daily, the inner battery of the body is empowered.

  • This charged water is the best tonic. If a pregnant woman drinks such water throughout pregnancy, the possibility of the child becoming blind becomes very remote.
  • Moreover, if the fetus develops properly – physically and mentally; the possibility of the child becoming retarded, getting polio, deafness, muscular dystrophy, and even hereditary diseases is greatly reduced.
  • Thus after the age of 50, drinking such water is advised. That will keep the battery powerful and eyes will get enough supply of electricity.
  • Moreover, all the organs of the body will also be reactivated and with the daily treatment of Acupressure, even the aging process can be slowed to a great extent.

2. You will observe that it shows the points of all the working organs and endocrine glands on the front palms and the back shows nerves, the spinal cord, and the optic nerve.

Cataract The Working Organs And Endocrine Glands On The Front Palms And On The Back

  • Now, if the palms are pressed on both sides for five to six minutes once daily, all the organs are reactivated, and all the endocrine glands are controlled.
  • and when the point of the optic nerve is also pressed, it is activated and so it supplies nutrition from the brain to the eyes properly.

3. Moreover, when excess heat H+ is created in the body, this important optic nerve shrinks and its working is impaired. To remove such H+.

  • The body mixes two atoms of hydrogen with one atom of oxygen and so H2O (water) is formed and this water is thrown out of the body in the form of Common cold.
  • As we are not aware that this Common cold is beneficial to our body, we suppress it with powerful drugs – painkillers and antibiotics. Consequently, instead of excess heat being removed from the body, more heat is created in the body damaging the optic nerve.
  • Moreover, the function of the liver/gall bladder is not properly understood. They work in our body like a radiator in a car.
  • If they do not function properly, acidity increases in the body thereby excess heat is generated and consequently eyes are damaged. Thus, you will observe that there is a direct relation between the liver and the eyes.

So, to remove this excess heat from the body, one must treat the liver or gall bladder and also do the following:

  • Take first thing in the morning one teaspoon of Haritki powder (uf- Powder of Terminalia chebula Retz, an Ayurvedic medicine) + 1 teaspoon of sugar for eight to ten days continuously, then thrice a week. This will also keep the bowels clean.
  • Take Powder of 15 black pepper and two teaspoons of crystal sugar. Soak them in 11 glasses of water overnight. In the morning blend them and sip the sherbat first thing in the morning for 10 days.
  • Then add five almonds to the soaking and blending and drink it for a further 10 days. This drink is also very useful in jaundice, psoriasis, and sunstroke, and for removing excess heat due to chemotherapy, etc.
  • Take 5 black peppers 10/12 black raisins +1 teaspoon of saunf. Soak them in a glass of water overnight. The next day, blend them and drink them in the afternoon. It is a useful drink in summer.
  • Take an equal quantity of cumin seeds, black pepper, saunf, Amla powder, crystal sugar, and ginger powder. Grind them into powder and keep them in a bottle. Take one teaspoon of this powder with water in the morning and evening.
  • Moreover, in the analysis of the transparent liquid of the eyes, it has been found that it contains a large quantity of vitamin C and glucose, a small quantity of vitamin B complex, and very little quantity of phosphorus.

For this important liquid of the eyes to get proper nutrition, one is advised to do as under:

  • Take sprouted Chinese green peas + green leafy vegetables like spinach, ‘sandal’, fenugreek + cabbage + carrot + green coriander leaves any leafy vegetables or non-poisonous leaves – crush them or blend them.
  • And in one cup of such juice add one teaspoon of health powder (i.e. a mixture of 300 grams of amla powder + 100 grams of ginger powder) + one tablespoon of honey and drink it twice a day.

4. To activate the lymph gland, give Acupressure treatment on its point no. 16 for a minute in the morning and evening.

  • Take proper treatment for any serious diseases, like cancer, venereal diseases, and HIV or AIDS infection.
  • And if this lymph gland starts working properly, it will be able to clear the carbon from the eyes. Consequently, the possibility of getting cataract will become remote.

5. Moreover, if diabetes continues for a long time, the percentage of glucose required in the cerebrospinal fluid becomes less and so there is a considerable reduction in the amount of glucose supplied to the eyes that causes damage to the eyes and the retina.

  • This Diabetes can be cured as under:
  • Drink two glasses of gold or silver or copper or iron-charged water reduced from four glasses.
  • Drink a cup of fresh juice of green coriander leaves as the first thing in the morning for 35/40 days. After 10 days, check the glucose content in the blood.
  • When it is found to be reduced, stop the medicine for the diabetes slowly for five to ten days. Within 35 to 40 days, this diabetes will be brought under control.
  • Chew the food thoroughly.
  • Take Acupressure treatment and activate the endocrine glands – including the Pancreas.

If such proper care is taken, not only cataracts but even the possibility of one’s getting glaucoma will be greatly reduced.

Cataract Of Eyes And Eye Diseases Of Human flow Illustrate Diagnostic Steps For Congential And Develpoment contract


Now in case one has already got glaucoma, or damage to the retina, when pressed you will find pain on the points of the optic nerve and those of the eyes. At that time, the above-mentioned treatment will be able to cure this disease.

Cure for the beginning of cataract:

  • When cataract starts forming in the eyes, first the vision becomes hazy. At that time, it is advised to do as mentioned earlier and that will cure this beginning of cataract.
  • Moreover, healthy urine (which does not contain either sugar or pus) – should be collected in the morning and allowed to cool down. Then fill it in an eyeglass and wash the eyes by opening and closing – by blinking the eyes in the urine.
  • This experiment of self-urine was tried by India’s former Prime Minister Shri Morarjibhai Desai at the age of 67 when cataracts had just begun forming in his eyes. So for a further 25 years, he could avert the operation to remove his cataract.
  • Rub one black pepper with water on a clean stone and apply it to the eyes. There will be a burning sensation – water will come out of the eyes. And along with it the carbon in the eyes will get diluted and removed in 40/45 days.

Put the lemon drops in the eyes twice a day and observe the improvement.

  • Thus, one can prevent and even cure the beginning of the cataract at a very low cost and one can do it himself. Consequently, the eyesight can be preserved throughout life. The above-mentioned care can also prevent color blindness and night blindness.
  • Now, that we have understood how to prevent and even cure cataracts even if it is set at about 25 to 30%, let us understand about eyecare and how to do away with spectacles and eradicate blindness.

Eradication Of Blindness

The problem of blindness has grown to a mega size and with each passing day, it is becoming bigger. However, Acupressure can play a great role in defeating this dreaded dragon, and that too without any cost. Let us examine how it can be done.

Causes of Blindness:

  1. A child can become blind in the mother’s womb.
  2. At the time of delivery, the baby’s eyes catch the germs from the vagina – if the mother has an infection there and is not treated immediately, the baby loses eyesight.
  3. Due to diseases of the eye, the eyesight is lost.
  4. Due to cataracts, one can become blind.
  5. Due to accidents.

1. Blindness in the mother’s womb: The fetus develops eyes in the third month. And if at that time, there is neglect and lack of proper nutrition, the child’s eyes do not develop properly and so the child becomes blind from birth.

  • Now, as mentioned earlier, if the expectant mother, in the second month, starts pressing her two palms – both palms 5 minutes each daily.
  • She will be able to prevent any disease, her health will remain good and there will be proper development of the child in the womb.
  • Moreover, she should drink copper silver gold, or iron-charged water at least one glass reduced from two glasses every day; or at least two cups of green juice.
  • Just by doing these two things, there will be proper development of the child and so the possibility of blindness or even mental retardation, polio, muscular dystrophy, and hereditary diseases will be greatly reduced.
  • And thus, the birth rate of blind children can be reduced to a great extent. Later on, there will be the possibility of giving eyesight to this small number of blind children with eye transplantations.
  • Shri G. S. Sharma, an Ayurvedacharya reports, “A lady in Kolkata, twice gave birth to sightless children. The third time, when she was pregnant, she started taking charged water from the second month till delivery.
  • She gave birth to a healthy child with perfect vision.”

2. Due to infection: The expectant mother should have a medical examination before delivery and should take treatment for vaginal infection or venereal diseases.

  • And immediately after the birth of the child, treatment should be given to the child’s eyes, so that it does not lose eyesight due to the mother’s infection.
  • The nurses and midwives in the rural areas should be trained for this treatment. It is unpardonable that a child with fully developed eyes should lose eyesight only because of such an infection.
  • The total responsibility for this is of the father and mother. With proper care before and after the delivery, we can prevent blindness due to this factor.

3. Eye Diseases: If proper care is not taken for the eye diseases that appear mild or the wrong treatment is given, there is a possibility of losing eyesight. Moreover, if regular treatment is taken, the possibility of getting diseases of the eyes like watering and reddishness, etc. will be very low.

4. cataracts: About 80% of blindness is due to cataracts. In this chapter, this matter is discussed at length by how we can prevent cataracts and which will enhance the chances of operations of cataracts of those unfortunate blind people.

At this stage, it is the bounden duty of the Governments of all the nations to prohibit all eatables and drinks which damage the eyes, for example, vegetable hydrogenated oil, margarine, etc.

  • While manufacturing these items, the manufacturers add hydrogen in a faulty way and it has been found from the experiments on rats, that they become blind in the 3rd to 5th generation.
  • In the same way, humans also can suffer from blindness within five generations. Thus, in all other cases except blindness caused by accidents, blindness can be prevented.

Very few people will remain blind. If more people donate eyes, these few blind persons can also be given sight with eye transplantation. Now, that cataracts can be cured and blindness can be eradicated, let us see how to take proper care of our precious eyes. Just do the following:

1. Splash cold water on closed eyes three to four times a day. If possible, keep the eyes in eyeglasses filled with cold. water and blink the eyes for two minutes three to four times a day.

Cataract Splash Cold Water On Closed Eyes Three To Four Times A Day

  • Apply a little saliva in both eyes when you get up in the morning.
  • Before retiring in the night, apply ghee made of the milk of a black cow, if available.
  • Add a grain of alum to 8 oz. of rose water, shake it well, and put these drops in the eyes.
  • Give Acupressure treatment on point no. 35 of the eyes and that of the optic nerves along with the treatment of all the endocrine glands. This will activate the eyes and prevent and cure any disease of the eyes.
  • Make a regular practice of blinking the eyes. And never watch the cinema or TV at a stretch, without blinking your eyes.
  • Do palming for a few minutes of the eyes two to four times a day.
  • Never read in poor or excessively bright light. And wear sunglasses when going out in bright sunlight.
  • Drink at least one to two cups of green juice adding 1 teaspoon of health powder and 1 tablespoon of honey in it.
  • In case of redness in the eyes, put a pack of cold milk on them.
  • Put the drops of extract of green coriander leaves.
  • Drops of cooled self-urine can be put in the eyes. Or the morning self-urine, when cooled can be filled in the eyeglasses and eyes should be blinked in it for two minutes. This also cures the cataract if it is in the beginning stage.
  • Cure problems of liver and acidity and also that of excess heat in the body.
  • Take proper care of teeth: In case one gets pyorrhoea, the toxin from the mouth goes into the stomach with the saliva and upsets the stomach.
  • Not only that, but it damages the transparent fluid in the eyes. In case of pyorrhoea (getting a bad smell from the mouth) you may immediately do the following:

Cataract Do Palming For A Few Minutes Of The Eyes Two To Four Times A day

Eradication Of Blindness Cure:

Fill up the mouth with morning’s first urine and wobble for 5 minutes. Then gargle with lukewarm water. To a good toothpowder add 10% alum + 10% fine salt + 10% Mahasudarshan powder and use it as a toothpowder, thrice a day (after each meal and in the morning).

  • Then massage castor oil (otherwise coconut oil or any edible oil) on the gums. After every meal, take a little salt and chew it, then gargle. It is more beneficial to add lemon in water for gargling.
  • That gives freshness to the mouth. Within 30/45 days, this problem can be overcome.
  • Give pressure treatment around the eyes shown here for two to three minutes on each eye thrice a day. Pressure is to be given on the bones
    around the eyes and not on the eyeball.
  • Also, give pressure treatment on the points of optic nerves and pituitary and pineal glands and This will help reduce the optical number of spectacles.

Cataract Pressure Treatment Around The Eyes

Make a mixture of 300 grams of amla powder + 100 grams of ginger powder + 200 grams of pure honey. And eat one tablespoon of it every morning followed by one cup of hot milk and repeat the same in the evening.

Do some exercises for the eyes as follows:

Up to 30 minutes of sunrise or 15/20 minutes before sunset, let the sunrays fall directly on the eyes. At that time roll your eyes in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

Cataract Sunrays Fall Directly On The Eyes

Up to 90 minutes before sunrise or 60 minutes before sunset, let the sun’s rays fall on the closed eyes. Then do palming of the eyes for a few minutes.

  • During the moon nights of the 8th to 23rd moon days, lie down on your back and while blinking, see the moon for 10 to 15 minutes. The eyes will get great relief.
  • Close the eyelids in such a way that there is pressure on the eyes. Keep in this position for 15/20 seconds, then remove this pressure and keep the eyes closed for 15/20 seconds. Repeat thrice.

Cataract Close The Eyelids n Such A way That There Is Pressure On The Eyes

Do the lion’s pose as given here for 30/40 seconds.

Cataract Do The Lions Pose

If these instructions are followed properly, one would not get spectacles, and even if anybody has got spectacles up to 4 (minus four number); they will be able to get rid of the spectacles in a few months.


When the eyes do not get a proper supply of electricity, the muscles in the upper corner of the eyes or the end of the passage let out the transparent liquid of the eyes. Get contracted and so the pressure in the liquid inside the eyes goes on increasing abnormally leading to severe headaches and redness in the eyes.

  • The vision is blurred and then the retina is damaged.
  • Now, if care to cure the eyes mentioned above is taken, the possibility of getting Glaucoma is greatly reduced. And there are several instances in which this Glaucoma is cured.
  • If Acupressure is properly propagated, more people will become healthy. The eye problems can be greatly reduced, and so services of more doctors can be diverted to do operations of cataracts and transplantations of the eyes.
  • These eye problems of cataracts and blindness can be tackled within five to ten years. The tiny cost-free lamp of Acupressure can thus remove the darkness of blindness and give sight and happiness.

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