Pregnancy Gingivitis Short Essay Question And Answers

Pregnancy Gingivitis Short Essays

Question 1. Gingival Changes in Pregnancy.

  • Time after first trimester

Gingival Changes in Pregnancy Changes:

Pregnancy Gingivitis Changes

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Gingival Changes in Pregnancy Cause:

  • Aggravation of previous inflammation
  • Altered tissue metabolism

Gingival Changes in Pregnancy Gingiva:

  • Color Bright red/magenta
  • Consistency Soft and friable
  • Bleeding on probing – Positive
  • Size – Increased
  • Surface texture – Stippling lost
  • Shape – Mushroom like flattened spherical

Pregnancy Gingivitis Viva Voce

  1. The microorganism associated with pregnancy gingivitis is P.intermedia
  2. A pregnancy tumour is a non-neoplastic gingival enlargement


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