Periodontics Maintenance Phase Short Essay Question And Answers

Maintenance Phase Short Essays

Question 1. SPT (Supportive Periodontal Treatment).

SPT Rationale:

  • Prevent/minimize the recurrence of disease
  • Control etiological factors of disease

SPT Goals By Aap:

  • Prevent/minimize recurrence and progression of dis-ease
  • Prevent/reduce the incidence of tooth loss
  • Increase the probability and treating in a timely manner.

SPT Objectives:

  • Preservation of bone support
  • Maintenance of attachment
  • Oral hygiene maintenance

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SPT Procedure:

Maintenance Phase Procedure

Maintenance Phase Short Question And Answers

Question 1. Describe in short the important factors causing periodontal disease

Causes Of Recurrence Of Periodontal Diseases:

  • Inadequate or insufficient treatment that has failed to remove all the potential factors favoring plaque accumulation
  • Incomplete calculus removal in areas of difficult access is a common source of problems
  • Inadequate restorations placed after the periodontal treatment was completed
  • Failure of the patient to return for periodic check-ups
  • Presence of some systemic diseases that may affect host resistance to previously acceptable levels of plaque

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