Enterobacteriaceae Question And Answers

Enterobacteriaceae Short Question And Answers

Question 1. Name four groups of E-coli causing diarrheal diseases.

Groups of E-coli causing diarrhoea:

1. Enteropathogenic E-coli [EPEC]

  • Affects infants.

2. Enterotoxigenic E-coli [ETEC]

  • Causes diarrhea in children.

3. Enteroinvasive E-coli [EIEC]

4. Enterohaemorrhage E-coli [EHEC]

  • Affects infants and young children.

5. Enteroaggregative E-coli [EAEC]

Question 2. Name bacteria causing urinary tract infection and what is significant bacteriuria.

Bacteria causing urinary tract infection:

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1. Gram negative bacilli.

  • E-coli.
  • Klebsiella sp.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

2. Gram positive cocci.

  • Enterococci.
  • St. Aureus.

3. Miscellaneous:

  • M. Tuberculosis.
  • Salmonellae.
  • St. Pyogenes.

Significant bacteriuria:

  • Kass gave a criterion for active bacteriuria.

Enterobacteriaceae Significant bacteriuria

Question 3. Enterotoxin.

They are produced by enterotoxigenic strains of E.coli.

They are:

  1. Heat labile toxin (LT)
  2. Heat-stable toxin (ST)

Enterobacteriaceae Toxin Features andfunctions

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