Denture Insertion Question And Answers

Denture Insertion


Denture Insertion Important Notes

  1. Denture adhesives:
    • Vegetable gums – possess very little cohesive strength
    • Gum-based adhesives – highly water-soluble and washed out easily
    • Synthetic salts of Gontrez  display good ionic adherence
  2.  Soft liners:
    • They are denture-lining materials
    • Help in conditioning the traumatized tissues
    • It acts as a cushion between the hard plastic base of the denture and the oral tissues
    • Commonly used soft liners are
      • Poly ethyl methacrylate
      • Silicon soft liners
      • Heat activated silicones
  3. Denture cleansers:
    • The most commonly used denture cleansers are alkaline peroxides and hypochlorites
    • Alkaline peroxides
      • Provided in powder and tablet forms
      • It contains alkaline compounds.
      • Detergents, sodium perborate, and flavoring agents
      • When mixed with water, sodium perborate decomposes releasing peroxides which in turn decompose releasing oxygen
      •  Hypochlorite solutions are available only in solution form
  4. Problems in denture wearers:

Denture Insertion Problems In Denture Wearers

Denture Insertion Long Essays

Question 1. Discuss in detail about insertion, instructions, and aftercare of complete denture.
Instructions to complete denture patient.
Post-insertion instructions are to be given to a complete denture patient

Instruction For Insertion & Removal:

  • The patient is taught to insert & remove the denture along the path of insertion
  • In the presence of a unilateral undercut, the Denture should be inserted into the undercut first then rotate the prosthesis into the final position
  • If a denture is more retentive the patient is asked to blow with lips closed to break the peripheral seal

Maintenance of Prothesis:

  • Patients are taught to clean the dentures regularly
  • Cleansers used are:
    • Chemicals: Chlorhexidine
    • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Soaking & brushing the denture
  • Avoid hard brushing
  • Avoid excessive flossing

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Night Wear of Prosthesis:

  • Avoid nightwear of dentures
  • Allowed to wear only in brutes
  • Store the denture in water or any dilute medicinal solution at night
  • Report to the dentist if the denture causes any irrita- tion even after 24 hours
  • The patient is asked to read newspapers or novels loudly during 1st 24 hours to get adapt to the denture
  • Recall the patient after a week to check for tissue reaction Recall after every 3–6 months to determine the amount of residual ridge resorption

Denture Insertion Short Essays

Question 1. Write Recall Visit

Recall Visit:

  • Explain the patient the sequences of denture insertion like increased salivation, and difficulty in speech.
  • If it continues for more than 1 week, ask him to visit the dentist.
  • If an ulcer or any irritation is experienced by the patient, ask him to visit the dentist.

Denture Insertion Short Question And Answers

Question 1. Factors in denture design affecting speech.

  • Denture wearers have shallow pronunciation
  • In dentulous patient, rugae enhance speech
  • In a denture wearer speech is affected due to absence of rugae
  • The use of metal dentures improves speech
  • Injury to the external laryngeal nerve
  • Presence of tongue tie
  • Production of various sounds
    1. Bilabial – b, p, m
    2. Labiodental-f, v
    3. Linguodental-th
    4. Linguoalveolar- t, d, s, z, v, 1
    5. ‘s’ sound is controlled by the anterior part of the palatal plate of the denture base

Denture Insertion Position Of The Tongue In Relation To maxillary Anterior

Question 2. Torus palatinus.

It is exostosis/ overgrowth of cortical corticocancellous bone

Technique for excision of palatal torus:

Denture Insertion Technique For Excision Of Palatal Torus

Denture Insertion Viva Voce

1. Poor denture retention and excessive vertical dimension are the two common causes of clicking of complete dentures.

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