Chronic Periodontitis Short And Long Essay Question And Answers

Chronic Periodontitis

Chronic Periodontitis Long Essay

Question 1. Chronic Periodontitis.

Chronic Periodontitis Definition:

  • An infectious disease resulting in inflammation within the supporting tissues of the teeth, progressive attachment loss, and bone loss.

Chronic Periodontitis Clinical Features:

  • Age-30-35 years
  • Distribution – Generalized
  • Gingiva
  • Color – pale red to magenta
  • Size – swollen
  • Surface texture-Loss of stippling
  • Margins- blunt or rolled
  • Papillae- flattened/cratered
  • Associated symptoms:
  • Spontaneous bleeding
  • Exudation from pockets
  • Plaque accumulation
  • Deep-seated, dull pain
  • Tooth mobility
  • Foul odor

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Chronic Periodontitis Micro-Organisms Involved:

  • P.gingivalis
  • P.intermedia
  • A.a. comitans
  • C.rectus
  • Capnocytophaga

Chronic Periodontitis Radiographic Features:

  • Infrabony pockets – Vertical bone loss
  • Suprabony pockets – Horizontal bone loss

Chronic Periodontitis Short Answers

Question 1. Classification of Chronic Periodontitis.

Chronic Periodontitis Classificaton of chronic periodontitis

Question 2. Models explaining Chronic Periodontitis.

1. Continuous Paradigm:

  • Implies slow, continuous, and progressive destruction of the periodontium

2. Random burst theory:

  • Progression of disease at short periods of active de- struction
  • Followed by periods of remission

3. Asynchronous multiple burst model:

  • Tissue destruction occurs at a definite period of time

Question 3. Risk factors of Chronic Periodontitis.

1. Chronic Periodontitis Local Factors:

  • Plaque and plaque retentive factors
  • Micro-organisms

2. Chronic Periodontitis Systemic Factors:

  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • Hypertension

3. Chronic Periodontitis Environmental/Behavioural factors:

  • Smoking
  • Emotional stress

4. Chronic Periodontitis Genetic factors:

  • Genetic predisposition

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